My Mates

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Verena is a quit girl she had secrets like most. What will happen when the truth comes out and she finally finds out what she is. What she can do. Will she accept this life? Will she accept her mates.

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Chapter 1: Freedom

Verena west (ver-in-ah) was to be heard and respected or at least that's what her name meant. Verena was strong minded, beautiful, and a warrior but she kept to herself. She always did. She never really liked people even when she was young. She rather have played in the forest more than with other kids.

Verena was an only child and after her mother past after birth her father took rein over her. She was scarred and forgotten. Although she kept that hidden she didn’t share with anyone her thoughts. She could barely believe herself. Her long silky black hair showed responsibility, with her high cheek bones came beauty along with her beating heart although it had been crushed for many years.

Her father could barely look her in the eye. She was used to being lonely. Maybe that’s why she is so okay with being alone.

Verena let out a long sigh as her father slammed the house door shut. She was told to clean the house and have dinner ready in the oven when he got home. She also couldn’t eat with her father that was one of many rules he held for her.

Verena’s rule bestowed by her father:

*Wake up early

*Make all my meals and have them ready for me

* You may not sit with me at any meals

*House needs to be thoroughly cleaned everyday

*Don’t go out in public

*Don’t go to school

*Don’t look me in the eye

*Don’t talk to me

*Don’t come out when anyone is over


Verena always wonders about the last one. Why could she not even get close to the attic? What was he hiding?

Her father would always hurt her to get his anger out. Always in different ways. She has scars of the past. Her story is shown on her skin, And she can’t do anything about it.

Verena looked around the house and let out a quiet sigh. These days she barely spoke. She had been planning her escape for a while now but before she left she NEEDED to check the attic she needs to know what he was hiding. Her bags were packed and already on the back porch.

Verena slowly walked up the staircase to the attic door. It was old and kind of creepy with a smell of lavender. She reached her shaky hand toward the attic and opened it which she was surprised it was even unlocked. Verena shrugged and looked at the attic there was so many of her mothers things. She smiled at this but before she could continue a duffle bag caught her attention.

It was a dark purple color and as if her hand had a string attached to it she walked to opened the bag. Inside there was a letter with her name on it in her mothers handwriting. Although before she could even read the first letter an alarm rang through the house. Thoughts flooded her mind the first one being shit he had an alarm on it. Verena quickly zipped the bag up and stood to her feet running out of the house. She grabbed the other bag with her little belongings and ran. She ran into the beautiful forest hoping no one would ever find her.

Verena's POV:
It's been a couple hours. I think I've gotten far enough into the forest to take a small break. I sighed sitting down and pulling out that letter that I saw with my mothers handwriting on it.
Dear Verena,
My beautiful daughter, My warrior. I trust that you must have found this hidden somewhere. Your father will not be happy losing his mate, and I'm guessing he hasn't even explained to you what that is or what you are. Don't worry my darling all will be explained. At the bottom of the letter there is coordinates to a shifter town once again you don't know what that is but you will. Once you get there you need to keep low don't talk to anyone except for the person with this phone number at the bottom. Once she has answered to the three code words those being, " I have arrived." She will find you and explain everything. I trust her like my sister and She will protect you with her life. I will always be with you. Never give up my love for you have some special creature or creatures waiting for you because your special. My princess.
( phone number) Sincerely
(coordinates) - Your loving mother

I felt liquid fall down my face. I was crying. She wanted to keep me safe because she knew he would do this. She knew he would destroy me.
I shook my head and put the letter back I figured I would look at everything else once I get to wherever she is sending me. I had some money and a small phone that could help me get there. When I typed the coordinates in my phone I saw a was about an hour away and I figured I had been running for a while so I'm almost there. As I was thinking I came upon a small stream it was blue, and bright almost clear.
Third person POV:
Verena looked in the water. She saw a girl with those high cheekbones and that beautiful long silky black hair. She saw her mother in her reflection. She felt a small smile creep onto her face and she held her hand to her heart. Verena decided to drink some water and eat a small snack she brought so she wouldn't be to tired. It was still pretty early in the day so she could get to this town before nightfall. Verena decided it was time to continue her journey, and find this women that her mother loved so much.

Verena was almost to the small town the forest had opened a little and she heard people and dinging of shop doors. She smiled as she crept out of the forest and a new feeling washed over her. She felt warm and welcomed. She quickly walked into town trying to blend in and pulled out her phone. After she dialed the number it rang twice before and older female picked up, "Hello this is Daciana how may I help you?" Verena spoke quickly but somehow the women still heard her, "I have arrived." She heard the Daciana women gasp in response, "Verena, I'm on my way darling stay were you are." The women hung up before she could answer and Verena walked into the small coffee shop next to her. She pulled her hood down so she wouldn't be too suspicious.
Before she knew it a women approached her table and sat down, "Verena. To fear. To respect." Verena looked at her in shock, "Daciana?" The women nodded and gave her a smile before continuing, "Your mothers best friend, and your god mother."
Verena had a look of shock on her face. Along with no words to speak.

A/N: Hello everyone I hope you enjoyed this chapter! This is my first time writing on Inkitt but I have written on Wattpad so I wanted to try this out. :) Make sure to give me feedback it definitely helps!
June 10, 2020
1241 Words
- Sapphire 🖤

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