My Mates

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Chapter 2: Something New

The women Daciana was bringing Verena back to her house. The walk had been silent neither of them knowing what to say. Verena looked at her and spoke up, " So you know the meaning of my name, what's the meaning of yours because it doesn't sound to normal either." Daciana laughed at this before responding, "It means wolf you'll understand it more once I explain some things."

Verena nodded as Daciana continued, "You can call me Cia. That's what your mother always used to call me." Verena heard the smile in her voice and looked at her, "What was she like. My mother" Cia couldn't help but gleam with joy talking about her old best friend.

Cia missed her dearly but knew she was okay. Cia looked at Verena and spoke softly, "Well she looked just like you almost a mirror image people were always jealous of her beauty." Verena smiled at this and looked to Cia to continue, "She was strong and independent and didn't take shit from anyone. That how we became friends. She stuck up for me when I couldn't. Your mother was always there for me. Like a sister." Verena nodded still smiling as Cia slowed.

Verena hadn't noticed but they had gone a way into the forest and were in front of a beautiful wood cabin it looked to be two stories but still small. Cia looked at her and smiled, "This is my home I live in it with my husband. We never had kids because of all the risk with me. I've had a couple accidents, But we do have an extra room decorated just for you." Verena looked at her in shock, "You knew I'd be coming?" Cia smiled at her again, "Your mother and I have been planning this since she figured out she wouldn't make it through your birth. Don't worry my love your father doesn't know anything." Verena let out the breath she was holding in and nodded back at Cia while giving a small smile.

As the girls walked into the house Verena heard big footsteps coming from the hallway. She looked up to see a man he looked like he could break her but instead he smiled at her and Cia spoke, "Verena this is my husband Cirillo you can call him Lo" Lo smiled and spoke in his deep yet calming voice, "Verena we have prepared for you and also Cirillo means Lord." Verena nodded giving him a bright smile as Cia continued, "How about we get you settled in a bit and then we can answer everything we need to." They all nodded as they both led her up the stairs and down a hallway to the last door.

When she opened it Verena gasped. It was better than anything she had every gotten. The bed was a king with purple sheets and there were bookshelf's with lots of things on them it also looked as though she had a balcony and a bathroom just in her room. She returned around with wide eyes to look at a smiling Cia and Lo. Verena gave them a hug as Cia spoke, "When you're ready we will be downstairs if you need anything just come see us." Verena nodded as they exited closing the door behind them.

Verena sighed as she laid her bags on the bed still in awe. This was her room.

Verena's POV:

It has been awhile but I unpacked my bag at least the one with all my stuff. I hadn't touch the duffle bag. I think I'm scared in a way because I can feel that, that bag had secrets and I don't know if I'm ready to unlock them. I rubbed my face and shook my head before making my way downstairs to finally talk with Lo and Cia.

They were both sitting on a leather couch near the front door watching a quite big TV. I touched my foot on the wood flooring at the bottom of the stairs and they turned around hearing me. They smiled at me as I sat across from them and Cia spoke, "Did you happen to read those old tails on werwolves and other people who could supposably shift into animals." I rose my eyebrow in confusion but nodded, "They all were mostly predators such as wolves, bears, and big cats." Lo nodded at this while Cia continued, "Now did you read about all those other stories on witches, fairies, powers, and a bunch of other stuff?"

I moved a bit, "Yes I did but what does that have to do with anything about me or my mother?" Cia sighed and looked at Lo then back at me before continuing, "What if I told you all those stories were true and you're a big part in all of it." I laughed loudly shaking my head, "Okay and what's next you guys are werewolves?" they looked at each other and I rolled my eyes, "How do you expect me to believe this?" Lo sighed and spoke before Cia, "What about your hearing? Your vision?" I shook my head, "Their normal like every other HUMAN."

Cia shook her head and spoke, "Close your eyes listen to your surroundings, What do you hear Verena?" I sighed as I closed them and took in a breath, "An owl is hooting as the wind is making it shake out it's feathers." I was surprised by my own description and opened my eyes to see them smiling as Cia responded, "The owl is outside. Exactly 500ft from the house." I groaned and shook my head, "Its just not possible." Cia groaned and stood up, "I didn't want to have to do this but I suppose there is no other options."

I stared at her in confusion but before anyone else could move I hear popping I winced as I saw Cia move with it. I was concerned for her as hair starting sprouting from her back before I knew it I was staring at a wild animal. I let out a scream and looked at Lo he was looking at me with bored look as what used to be Cia started to walk towards me. I scooted back and the wolf whined. Suddenly I looked into its blue ocean eyes. Just like Cia's. I gasped, "Cia?" the wolf nodded. I shook my head and stood up pacing.


A/N: Hello everyone I tried to find a good way to break it to her but it's harder than it looks. :) I hope everyone enjoyed and I'll see y'all next chapter.🌹

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June 10, 2020


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