My Mates

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Chapter 3: What Am I?

Verena's POV:

Cia and Lo were both looking at me patiently as I paced back and forth Suddenly Cia spoke, "I know you're probably freaking out and we understand but you have to realize you need to know this. Your mother wanted you to know." I sighed and sat down, "So your telling me people can shift into these predators? Is that what this town is? My mother mentioned a shifter town in the letter."

Lo spoke this time," Yes this whole town is populated by shifters there's a protective circle around it that only allows in shifter, vampires, and other creatures humans don't know about." I brought my hands to my face and rubbed it, "So your telling me. I would not have been able to enter if I wasn't one of those things." they both nodded, "So what am I?"

Cia answered this one, "Well if you're a type of shifter you would have shifted when you were sixteen and you're about to be eighteen so I'm guessing you may be a vampire, a witch, or you might just have gifts.", "Gifts?" Lo nodded, " The moon goddess gives you a name not your parents. It may represent who you are, what you are, your powers, or what your personality relates to Although your name doesn't help us too much with that one."

I sighed, "Okay so on my eighteenth birthday I'll find out?" they both nodded as Lo continued, " You will also be eligible to find your mate." I rose my eyebrow, "Mate? my mother mentioned that too saying it was her and my father?" Cia nodded sadly, "A mate is what humans know to be as soulmates the moon goddess picks the perfect one for you or in your mothers case she picked the one that would bring us the next important leader of our kind. Mates have and unbreakable bond and you may remember but in the stories there was a queen formed by a man name John and a beautiful woman named Kesarra."

I nodded, "Yeah my fathers name is John but I couldn't be queen my mothers name is." I gasped. I don't know it. Lo smiled at my realization, "Your mothers name was kesarra. She went through what she had to with your human father to create our next queen." I was biting my nails, "So what does that mean for me what do I have to do." Cia smiled, "Well in the legend the queen will find her mates they're said to be four brothers all with different gifts. When the queen bears their children and they grow older they will take over the kingdom."

I groaned, " I have four mates? I'm suddenly not feeling well." Lo laughed, "You will love them all dearly don't worry my love." I looked up at them, "Are you guys mates?" They nodded and Lo spoke, "We are also your bodyguards and godparents." I sighed, "So everyone knows I'm the queen?" Cia shook her head, "Not exactly they knew that their queen had finally entered the land but they couldn't see you, that bag you brought. Your mother casted a spell over it to hide your scent so you wouldn't be in any danger while I tried to find you." I nodded slowly thinking of the purple bag. As they explained everything needed.

It's been a month I have been practicing combat with Lo, and Cia two cover my scent for my protection. My birthday had passed so I'm eligible to find my mates but I have yet to find out my powers. I'm not a vampire but I have a chance at being a witch. From what I understand the moon goddess picks your name and what you are Lo and Cia figured I could go out in town today and see if I could find my mates they know I'm ready although I can't say I'm not nervous.

Even if I wasn't looking for my mates I had to go into a couple shops. As I arrived there was shifters of all kinds and vampires I could smell them.
I walked into a bright shop that sold women clothing and the girl smiled widely at me I smiled back as she spoke, "Hello my name is Lilura welcome's to my boutique." I smiled, "My name is Verena nice to meet you." As she touched my hand her eye's glossed over and she froze up, "Lilura are you alright?" she suddenly came back to me and spoke in a quiet voice, "My queen." I groaned, "Well shit I was trying to hide that." She laughed at me and quickly pulled me to the back.
In the back there were racks of beautiful clothing. I gasped and spoke to her, "Did you make these? They're beautiful." She smiled, "Thank you my queen, and yes I did they are actually for you. Once I felt you enter the territory I got to work hoping you'd stop by, and you did."
I smiled and shook my head, "You can call me Verena and how did you know it was me?" She smirked, "Well for one you are absolutely beutiful and when I touched you I had a vision of you and your mates although their faces were blurred out you were in one of my dress with a tiara." I smiled shaking my head, " I knew there was something special about you. I mean your name means Enchanted." She nodded, "That's another reason. Only the queen knows what your name means without telling her."
I shook my head happily and spoke, " Well I Stopped by to pick up some clothes I talked to the council and they said I have to move into the castle as soon as possible." Lilura grinned, "That's what I'm here for. I was hoping you would choose me to be your cloth maker." she blush lightly and I giggled, "well after seeing what you can make I really want you to be if you could. I know your probably busy with the shop but I love-" I was cut off by her hugging me and squealing as I laughed.
"Of course I will! I'll pack you up some bad ass clothes to wear and some dresses for any special events." I smiled and nodded as she got to packing.
By the Time she was done I had a bunch of bags, "Your all set. now." she smile widely as I responded, "Thank you so much here give me your number we should hangout soon your the first person my age that I've made friends with." she laughed, "Of course I'm open anytime for you Verena. You will make a great queen." I blushed at her comment as she laughed.
I tried to pay her for everything but she said no so as she was going to write down her number I put a bunch of cash in the register hoping she doesn't notice.
After we exchanged numbers we said our goodbyes as I tried to carry out all my bags. As I was struggling to walk I almost fell over. I closed my eyes waiting for impact but I felt a pair of big arms wrap around my waist. They smelt like the forrest I smiled at this scent and was turned to look at a beautiful being his skin was tan his jaw strong and if I wasn't so attracted to him I would be scared his black hair was calling to me to touch it, and as we were staring at each other another man similar to the one that was holding me came around the corner with two other.
They were all so attractive I could barley keep it together. I didn't realize it but he was still holding me. The other three were also staring at me his touch was begging me to lean into it more. I lightly released my scent seeing how they would react. The boys quickly surrounded me and smelt my neck. Their touch radiated on my skin and I couldn't help but lean into the one That was holding me. I gasped as they all growled out one word. Mate......


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June 13, 2020

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