Blue Moon Territories- Book 1

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Mason and Gem were raised as normal kids, until one night when a group of wolves runs off after taking a whiff of Mason. He confronts his mother about it, and learns his mother used to be a future Luna, but when the pack, who didn't have very good pasts with humans, found out her mate was a human, they gave her a choice to either reject him, or leave the pack forever and go with her human mate, or so she thought. On a road trip with her kids, she accidentally crosses into a very good allie of Blue Moon, and she was forced to meet up with her pack again. Once she figures out the truth of what happened 17 years ago, what will she do?

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Just a Curious Teen


I was almost falling asleep until I heard some strange noises coming from somewhere in my backyard. I thought maybe it was mom or Gem doing something, but when I took a glance at the clock that said it was 2:48 a.m, I knew none of them would be awake at this hour. I tried to shake it off and go back to sleep, it was probably racoons, but it just got louder and louder.

After half an hour, I decided to get up and deal with whatever this thing was. I put on a coat, even though it was almost summer, it still got really cold during the nights. I walked down the wooden steps, noticing how each one squeaked and bellowed. Our house was pretty basically antique, but I still loved it. I passed through the kitchen, grabbing a broom just in case whatever it was bites.

I unlocked the backdoor, and carefully and quietly made my way to the light switch, a few feet away. When I turned on the light, I looked around before dropping the broom in shock and fright. There was a whole gang of massive wolves digging in the trash bags, and as much I wish I didn't, I screamed like a girl, but hey, it's not like you see a huge group of wolves in your backyard everyday.

They were already looking at me, but when I screamed, they backed off a little. I was frozen in fright and panicking about my options.

I could either A. run and hope I make it out alive, or B. stand still and hope I'm boring enough for me to sneak back in. I've read that wolves dont like sudden motion, so A was out of the question. But I've also read that wolves are really curious, so B was also out. Either way, I was probably gonna die. For some reason, I had a really strong instinct to pet them.

Great. My body is also trying to kill me. But then the biggest wolf out of the gang steps closer to me and sniffs me, but once he does, his ears go back, his tail dropped between his legs, and he backed off quickly, which caused the other wolves to follow his lead, running into the forest behind my house.

I was there stunned in silence, and then my mom opens the back door, obviously panicking, and asked me what happened. She told me to come inside, and I follow her, terror and confusion probably still on my face.

We sit down at the counter and she makes some warm tea for both of us. I take a few sips before taking in what happened and telling her the whole story, how they just suddenly ran off, how big they were, and how there was a whole gang of them.

She also looked confused for a second, before she goes pale and silently murmurs "Shit.."

Now I was even more confused. What did she know about these wolves and how did she know about them?

When I asked, she just said "Get some sleep honey." without even looking at me.

"How can you expect me to go to sleep after all that?! And what do you know about all of this?!" I screamed at her. I admit I was a bit harsh, but she can't just expect me to go to sleep after that!

"I-I'll explain tomorrow, I promise." she replied to my little outburst. She gave me a small smile, but I could see worry in her eyes.

I walked back to my room, and shut the door, sitting in the middle of my bed, thinking about what had happened. After a while, I decided to text my best friend, Jordan. He would know how to calm me down.

Me: Hey Jordan

J: Hey man whats up and uh what are you doing up this late?

Me: I could ask you the same

J: Well I was having a video game tournament.

Me: Pftt, typical Jj.

J: Hey its not my fault, my brother was the one who suggested it.

Me: Sureee

J: So whats up? you dont usually stay up this late..

Me: There was this gang of wolves in my backyard and they just ran off when they smelled me.. what do I do??

J: Umm.. maybe check the news? It's probably to keep down the rabbit and deer population or something.

Me: You're probably right.. gosh I was so worried for a second. anyways ima try to fall asleep, hang out tomorrow at the usual?

J: Yeah yeah, you should get some sleep. we wanna enjoy our last days before you move for the summer right?

Me: Yep anyways see you tomorrow!

J: See ya

And with that I took of my coat, turned off my lamp, and tucked myself in bed.

Oh I really hope Jordan is right... ugh I should stop worrying, it's probably nothing...

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