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Elena Dulera self-proclaimed human has been living inside human society for years ever since humans saw her abilities: earth bending, healing, and lots more. She has been using her powers to become wealthy within the Mortal Realm, by thinking living as an affluent within the Mortal Realm is better than being a regular Fairy in the Mystical Realm, she stayed there without the knowledge of the war happening inside her home realm. --------------------------- The six supernatural creatures are losing the war against the Shape-Shifter, due to their lack of alliance with the fairies. The fairies currently are without a ruler, and without a ruler, they believe they could do whatever they want. All the Fairies want was harmony within the Fairies’ Forest, meaning avoiding the war. Now the six supernaturals are desperately trying to find the Fairy Queen wherever she is. All of them are hoping she would join and end the war with them.

Fantasy / Romance
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Within the Moon Goddess's castle sat six powerful supernaturals. They all show different emotions. The Witch Queen was smiling suggestively to the Demon Lord while stroking her familiar, the Elf King's face was currently scrunching up more as time goes by while fretting for the worse, the Demon Lord had an amused smirk aiming at everyone, the Angel Deity had a somber look on her face, the Vampire Lord had a grim expression, and the Moon Goddess had an exhausted demeanor.

"Selene, what do you think we should do?" The Elf King questioned, he then added: "our realm can't survive without her."

"I don't know Aragorn, " the Moon Goddess sighed. "But one thing I know is that we shouldn't send him to find the Fairy Queen, he's too dangerous."

"We don't have much time left, " the Vampire Lord reasoned, he then added, "he would be the quickest way to solve this!"

"It's been years since the tree has her as the next Fairy Queen!" The Witch Queen added. "Without her ruling in the Fairies' Forest, we can't win the war!"

"Let's send out more of our troops to find her, wherever she is." The Elf King suggested.

"If it didn't work before, then it won't work now." The Witch Queen objected. "We can't do the same thing over and over again."

"Then what else can we do." The Elf King said annoyingly.

The four supernaturals continued to argue. The Demon Lord looked at them amused, clearly entertained by their constant bickering. Toward his left, the Angel Deity, Laila, looked at the Witch Queen's Crystal Ball, feeling uneasy. Within the Crystal Ball, the image of the Fairies' sacred tree started to glow, looking as if it's ready to explode.

"Um... Guys, there's something–" She was interrupted by the tree's loud swaying as if it was ready to collapse.

"Oh my... The tree's going to explode!" The Witch Queen exclaimed.

The Demon Lord rolled his eyes, "We can see that Allegra."

"This isn't a time to act childishly, Lucas!" The Elf King yelled, glaring at the Demon Lord.

"I'll stop acting 'childishly' if you stop acting like a dick." The Demon Lord mocked.

"Guys, let's just calm down." The Angel Deity tried to reason softly.

"Laila's right, stop fighting we have to end this meeting," the Vampire Lord then added, "I think we should use him."

"Are you crazy, he's too dangerous, Alex!" The Elf King yelled.

"No, I think Alex is right, it's time for a new plan," The Witch Queen then added, "Caledon may be dangerous, but he never fails a mission."

The Elf King sighed, "Who agrees with Alex?"

Four supernaturals raised their hands.

"This should be interesting, it's been a while since I last saw Caledon in action, " the Demon Lord said, an amused grin dancing on his face.

"The faster the war ends, the better." The Vampire Lord reasoned.

"As I said before, we can't do the same thing over and over." The Queen explained.

The Angel Deity's aura completely changed, from her being uneasy to being empowered.

"He never failed a mission, " she paused to look around the room, "those odds outmatched the troop's."

The Moon Goddess signed, "I guess that's it, we're going to send Caledon out to find the Fairy Queen...Whoever she is."

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