The Book of Creation

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It's the birth of the new world. Gods walk among this young planet with one purpose... To create. To build mountains, oceans, trees and animals. To create life and everything in this new world was good. All the Gods have ever known is good. Knowledge has yet to reach evils inevitable existence. But how long can that really last?

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This story starts in the beginning. In the first second, a breathe. In the following second, everything else. No Big Bang. No rapid expansion of solar systems traveling at light speed, filling the void of nothingness.


From nothingness to everything in a unmeasurable instance. Faster than any known being could comprehend. It was willed and then it existed in that same moment. Planets of infinite measure and uniqueness, stars and moons.

At this point time itself has aged it's first minute and Consciousness had opened its eyes as one would when first waking up in the mourning. Knowing not what it was or where it had come from, Consciousness's first decision, the first decision ever decided on, was to divide itself. A collection of "conscious", each part of the greater whole, Consciousness. The collective mind of the universe. Each individual conscious has its own individuality and uniqueness. Extremely subtle indifferences. So subtle that not even they could see difference in one another. Conscious as they were, they knew of nothing except one thing. They were put here to "create" and that is exactly what they did.

This collection of conscious could move freely amongst the universe at any given time. Not like teleportation but similarly to the way a mind can jump from one thought to the next. They moved in packs chosen at random and flocked to the planets provided. They spread all over this unknown universe to breathe their life and create amongst their new homes. The planet where our story begins has come to be known as Prin.

Prin was very dull. A simple rock in fact. Brown, lifeless, and in a gravitational pull barely reaching out from a burning star. This star was far out in distance from Rin that in broad daylight when looking out at it from the planets surface was merely the same size as Prin's furthest moon. The planet had three moons of its own gravitational pull and even more interestingly, it had 2 rings of some form of energy that rapidly spung around the outside layer of it's atmosphere. These rings ran parallel to each other and separated by a gap of only a few hundred miles.

Precisely seventy-nine individual conscious had arrived on this foreign and quiet rock. Upon arriving they quickly divided themselves into the first "beings" this new world of Prin would come to know. Inhabiting a population count of now two hundred and thirty-seven. These "beings" are known as the Gods. With this next stage of the division of Consciousness, there were now more noticeably different changes amongst each other. Greater uniqueness. Some formed into men while the others became woman. Other than some mild variation in height, the men looked the same as the other men and the women were no exception to this either. Every god was deprived of their own individuality.

Each god was a holder of incredible power. Power that could not be comprehended by any life created after them. Though as powerful as these gods are, they are not immune to the tolls of time. Each god had a shared life expectancy of exactly one-thousand years. Plenty of time to complete the task at hand.

They began their work on this dull planet of Rin. Elevating the rock in some areas to form mountains and submerging other areas to create oceans. Trees begin to sprout from the surface and begin to provide this young planet with oxygen. After very little time has past, the once uninhabitable planet of Rin, is now vibrant in color and nearing the proper conditions to birth it's own walks of life.

But not yet. Though it may seem that Rin was ready to contain it's first generation of humankind, it was not. Everything created on this planet was good. For good is the only thing these gods have been born with. Evil was unknown and incomprehensible to them. They had nothing to compare to.

This would all begin to change.

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