Daughter of the sea: A hidden world

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Nerthus thought that she was just a normal girl. But everything is soon to change when she finds out that there is a whole different world outside the one that she has known. And what makes matters worse she is to be the daughter of a great king and queen who once ruled the world. Will she able to survive this world or fail as everyone expects her too. As she battles dark creatures and tries to have a normal school life a this new world.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Welcome to my first book on Inkitt. I really hope you enjoy it. Please don't forget to vote and leave comments I would love to hear what you guys are thinking. Alright that's all for now. Let's begin.


The sound of my wife's screams echoed through my Kingdom walls drowning out the sound of the roaring storm outside. I have waited for this day for as long as I could remember. Today was the day I would meet my child, my daughter. For more than hundred years my wife and I have attempted to conceive a child but have been unsuccessful, but today this child will change everything.

This moment would be perfect if only this was not taking forever. Every minute we spend in this city we lose the only opportunity of an escape. I have been planning this day ever since I found out that we were pregnant, but I did not expect the childbirth ceremony to take this long. I paced up and down focusing my attention on the sounds of my shoe on the marble floor of the throne room.

"Pacing will not help her at all my king and it will most certainly not speed things up." My commander who stood firmly next to the throne spoke up.

"Its taking too long."

I continued to pace ignoring the presence of my Commander. The night sky gave the throne room a beautiful glow as it did every night, but unlike all the other nights were I would come to watch the moon and allow myself to feel content with my surrounding, tonight I feared what will come in the night the longer I stay here. If someone does not tell me if they are okay, I will budge into the labour rooms myself. We are already running out of time.

Before I was about to give in one of the maidens came running in. Not waiting for her to speak I ran in the direction she came from, my commander hot on my tail.

By the gods, please let them be okay. When we got to her cambers, I looked at the doors that separated me from my wife and daughter.

"Stay here." I said to my commander. He nodded his head at me at stood guard against the wall.

I pushed the doors open and saw my wife laying in bed, sweat present on her forehead. And in her arms, she held a beautiful baby. I closed the door and slowly made my way to them.

She smiled at me before looking down at our daughter. Her tiny hands were in a little fist against her face. She had long beautiful eyelashes and a faint blush on her cheeks. She took the family's brown curly hair.

"Do you want to hold her?" She whispered to me tears of joy shining in her eyes.

Not waiting for my answer, she gently handed me my daughter. Her whines made me smile but also made a tear on pain run down my face. If only I could savour this moment.

It felt so foreign to have a baby in my arms. I have been dreaming about this day for as long as I could remember. To be a father. To love someone else apart from my family, my wife, my kingdom.

"You know what we have to do." I whispered breaking the silence.

"I do. But I had hoped that if you saw her you would change your mind," she spoke tears streaming down her face. "She is our daughter Neptune, no one can protect her like us, you know that." She choked out fighting back her soft sobs.

"We are protecting her Catelyn. If our bloodline lives power will remain in our house. But she cannot know this world, at least not yet but right now it is far too dangerous for her to be here."

Catelyn closed her eyes holding back her tears. She knows that this is the only way to truly save her. I grabbed the back of her neck and brought her forehead to rest against mine.

"Please my love. We have to do this, it's the only way that she lives."

"Okay. I'll do it." She whispered out.

"We leave to night."

"So soon. I thought we would at least have a day with her." Catelyn spoke in shock.

"The longer she stays her the more difficult it will be to take her out." I handed her back to Catelyn who rocked her back and forth.

"I already connected the Keeper. She gave me her word that she will look after her. The camp leaders know about her and when the time comes each of them will know what to do."

I grabbed her black cloak and gently helped her to her feet. Once I was sure that she could stand I placed her cloak around her. Her eyes never left our child.

"I'm so sorry my love. But this is the only way." I whispered out. Catelyn gave me a sad smile before nodding.

I rushed over to the door and stuck my head out. My commander was still standing firm outside.

"Commander." I call out. He bowed in response never losing his tense stand.

"It's time."

Realization took over his face and he nodded looking slightly nervous. "I understand my King."

He bowed one last time before taking off into a dark corridor. I shut the door and returned to my wife and daughter. I pulled on my own dark cloak and covered my face as well as hers before picking her up. Thankfully, the Castle has so many secrets tunnels and one of them just happened to be in our chambers, so we do not need to leave through the main hall.

As soon as we entered the underground tunnel the fire laps erupted providing lights in the cold dark tunnel. I walked as fast as I could following the direction in which the tunnel was going. A long straight path.

Once we where successfully out of palace. I moved her on my horse and made sure that she and our daughter were safe and secured before I myself straddled the horse.

We galloped through the woods outside our territory zooming past the forest trees and into the human world. We moved as fast as lightning until we made our way to the edge of the tree line and we watched human city lights shined bright through the night sky.

Never in a million years did I think I would be condemning my only child to a life of lies. A life away from her true home.

"Where is she?" Asked Catelyn's tucking our baby closer to her body. I groaned looking towards the only dirt road to the cliff we were stood on. Before I could start to complain a small car drove up to us. I jump of the horse and helped Catelyn to her feet.

A young woman got out of her car and made her way to us. "Your majesty's." She bowed in respect.

"I'm trusting you Keeper." Was all I said to her. There was no time for formality or small talk this would be the last time we would see each other so there was no need to play nice. The keeper nodded her head in understanding and did not say anything else.

"It's time." I turned back to my wife.

"Please let me say goodbye to her." She cried out. I sighed and looked towards the darkness of the forest. I turned back to her and nodded my head allowing her to say her goodbyes. She exhaled sharply and looked down at the baby before brushing her small head.

"I love you so much my baby and never forget that. I wished that things could be different but one day we will be together again. And no one will try to take you away from us. I promise my darling daughter." She whispered before laying soft kisses on her.

Gently she placed her in my arms and kissed her on last time. I immediately walked over to the Keeper and handed my daughter to her.

"From this day onwards, she will come to know you as her mother. But there where will come a day when she must be told the truth. That she is the daughter of King Neptune and Queen Catelyn. That she is destined for so much greater then she will ever know."

The Keeper nodded her head and remained silent. I kissed my daughter on the forehead and watched as the Keeper swayed her in attempt to keep her from waking up.

"What is her name?" Asked the Keeper.

I looked down at my daughter, my heart and soul. Her name. "Her name is Princess Nerthus Neptunium."

And with that I walked back to my wife and together we watched the keeper drive off with our only child. But even through this pain and anger of losing my child I felt hope. Maybe we have not lost our way after all. One day she will unite all the people in the world and save us from this darkness. She will be better than us, she will do better than us. I would expect no less after all she is my daughter. She is the daughter of the sea.

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