“The Fallen” book 1

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“Im.. im not human.” It goes quiet for a second. “What do you mean?” Susie asks worriedly. “Okay so- you guys know how we have souls, right?-” We nod. “-How I explain it, is that my soul isn't human, but it's trapped in this human body. I'm not human.” She explains. ‘That sounds like..how I feel sometimes.’ I think to myself. “So- basically like you're trans but not with gender?” Susie asks confusingly. “Yeah, basically.” “Oh. Okay then.”

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1: A Rocky Road

It was the same old stuff that always happened, customers come in and out, they order, I take it, and I deliver. It was my break right now, I sat in a booth by the window, turning my head to the window and stare out for a while. The sky’s so pretty. The sun’s shining. I look at the potted flowers outside.

They were all randomized, courtesy of me, of course. I started working in this little cafe when it first opened, the boss was wondering how we could liven things up. After the refusal of my amazing cat and dog cafe idea, I offered a couple of potted plants outside. The boss agreed to it as long as I took care of the plants outside. ‘Looks like the Morning Glories are having a bad day today, I better look to see if their vibe is off when my shift is over.’ I look down at the now cold coffee in front of me and sigh.

‘I wish I could just make money off of doing nothing.’ I look up and my best friend, Susie is jumping onto the seat in front of me. “Yo yo, homie bro.” She awkwardly makes gun fingers at me and I laugh. “Dude, that’s cringey.” I say half-jokingly. Susie smiles.

“I know. Now, I say you better get back to the register before the boss finds out you’re late for your second shift. You know how he gets.” I stand up from my seat. “Yeah, I know. I’ll talk to you more at the apartment.”

Susie stands as well. “Alright, take care dude, see you later.” I wave at her and she finger guns at me. I chuckle and hop over the counter and Susie leaves. As I hop over a nervous voice breaks through. “Melania!

How many times do I have to tell you to stop jumping over the counter?! If the boss saw you-” Great, the manager. “Relax, my dude. The boss isn’t even here right now.” I hear her grumble but not say anything else.

Soon the little bell connected to the door dings. I put on the best smile I can fake and ask “Welcome! What would you like today?” I look at the customer. ‘She seems kinda familiar. Has she been here before?’.

As the customer is giving her order I’m stuck wondering where I’ve seen her. “Okay, and will there be a name for this meal?”

“Uh yeah, Samantha-” ‘THATS WHERE!’

“Wait!!! Samantha Aircroft?! From mixed choir back in Sophomore year?!” Please remember me- please remember me- please remember me- She laughs. “Yeah, Freshman for me, but yes. I can’t believe you recognized me. I was hoping you’d say something.” She says as she rubs her neck awkwardly. “Dude! I’m so sorry I didn’t recognize you earlier! It’s been a while, how’ve you been?” I tell her I’ll be right back and give her order to one of the kitchen staff and quickly come back to her. “I’ve been okay, to say the least. I was able to move out, so I’ve got that going for me.” I lean on the counter. “Oh, right, your mom was like, hella religious. I’m glad you’re at least doing okay. Are you studying anything?”

Samantha sits on one of the chairs by the counter and continues talking. “Yeah, I’m studying. I actually go to an art school that’s around here.” I smile softly. “That’s great, Susies taking community college. It’s the one down 34th.”

“Oh, that one. It looks pretty nice to be a community college.”

“I know, right? That’s what I told Susie when I first walked her to the school. You remember Susie, right?”

Samantha chuckles lightly. “Duh, how could I forget her? You guys were literally the ultimate dynamic duo in all of school!” I laugh. “Really? I always thought people found us, I don’t know- kinda annoying.”

Samantha fully turns her head to me. “Well, yeah, people said that but I feel like they’re just jealous of what you two have. I mean, c’mon. Three years out of high school and you two are still together. Anyone would be jealous to have something like that.”

I nod. One of the waiters walks by and serves Samantha her meal. I look at the door and see more people coming. “Let’s talk later, more customers are coming.” Samantha nods and takes a bite of her grilled cheese sandwich. I continue with my job and then finally it’s time to get off my shift.

I clock out and go out to the flowers. I look at them. ‘They seem better now, I wonder if someone came and watered them..’ I stand back up and I start walking to the bus stop.


I flop onto the couch. “Oh my God! Finally back to the most comfiest couch in the world!” I can hear Susie laugh from the kitchen. “I’d rather sleep in a bed, but you do you, boo.” I sigh in content and close my eyes.

After a while of silence, I sat up. “Oh, yeah! Guess who I saw at work today?”

“Did you see Bruno Mars?” I scoff. “You know that if I saw him I’d faint so no. I saw Samantha Aircroft! You remember her, right?”

Susie walks to the couch. “Dude, for real?” I make room on the couch for her. “Dude! It’s been so long since I’ve seen her.”

“Yeah, I know. Did you guys talk? Or did she not recognize you?”

“We talked for a bit, you know, the usual catching up.”

“Does she still live with her mom?”

“Not anymore, she said she moved out once high school ended. I wasn’t able to get her number, though.” Susie smiles.

“That’s fine, you can get it tomorrow.”

“True. Anyway, how was your shift? Ooo- wait have you met anyone online?” Susie sighs. “I wish, dude! Every guy I meet ends up using me and none of the girls I like find me attractive.”

“Nah, I’m sure they find you attractive. I mean, c’mon! You’re literally fucking gorgeous!” Susie laughs softly.

“Thanks dude.”

“Of course bro, you’re my bro, I gotta hype you up.” I hug her and she pats my head.

Susie stands up. “I’m gonna head to bed, what about you?” I lay back down on the couch.

“In a bit.” Susie ruffles my hair. “You better not be up too late, dude! It’s literally midnight.” I groan. “Alright! Alright! Now stop doing that!” She giggles and goes to her room. I sit up and I try brushing my hair out with my fingers. That was a complete fail.

My hair got more tangled. I stand up from the very, extremely comfy couch and walk to the bathroom, I grab my hair brush and brush my hair out. ‘I’m already up, guess I’ll go to my room.’ I put the hair brush back, grab my phone and walk to my room. I hum a small tune and I look at the full sized mirror in the front of the door. I look at myself in my work clothes.

“Ugh, I didn’t know that this work outfit showed a bit of my chub.” I groan softly. “Oh well, whatever. I’ll just flex in.” I say to no one at all. I go to my closet, open it up, and I take out my pajamas. It’s just an oversized sweater I thrifted and some sweatpants.

I change into them and take off the literal contraptions holding my chest up. The only enemy to women besides men. A bra. I sigh in content and throw that piece of crap to the corner of my room. I lay on my bed and looked through my phone for a bit. I decided to do what any petty and bored person would do, look up my ex best friends instagram pages and make fun of them by myself.

“Oh my God, Lila literally glowed down after high school. Her art’s still great though, but seriously?” I say judgmentally as I see all the posts she’s made of different types of drugs. I turn off my phone and cover myself in my covers. Time for dream land. Where I’m completely happy.


I wake up to my alarm. I turn it off and look at the time. 12:38 PM. Wow, I slept in for like 10 minutes. That’s a new record for how early my alarm can wake me up. I sit up and stretch.

Today is a new day. I stand up and walk to the bathroom. Susie already left for work two hours ago. I got an hour to spare. I grab my toothbrush and start doing the necessary things I need to do to start my day. I walk out of the bathroom when I’m finished and check the time.

12:56 PM. ‘Alright, time for brunch.’ I walk to the kitchen and put some cereal in a bowl with milk. Remember, cereal first and then the milk. Very important. I sit down at the table with my cereal and start eating it.

‘I wonder if I’ll see Samantha again. I mean it was a one time thing, right? Or is she going to come back?’ I wonder for a while as I finish my cereal. Once finished, I put my bowl in the sink and wash it. After, I walk to my room again and start to get changed.

I put some music on before-hand so it’s not so quiet. My work outfit was pretty standard attire for cafes. A white undershirt and a black vest with some dress pants or a black skirt if I’m feeling extra fancy. I slip on the outfit and check myself out in the full body mirror. I have a bit of chubbiness to my body, but it’s never bothered me that much. I grab a hair tie and tie my hair in a small ponytail since my hair is around shoulder length.

I kind of envied people with long hair. They look so good! I brush off some lint on my vest and walk out my room. I grab the spare key, just in case, and I leave the apartment, making sure to lock the door behind me. We don’t have many valuable things, mostly dumb shit, but if anyone dares to steal our dumb shit, I’ll kick their asses. I walk to the bus stop and wait for my bus to arrive.


I sit bored. It’s my break, finally. I’m hoping Samantha comes by around my break today, I want to get to know her better. We fell off during my Junior year, because I became friends with a bunch of snotty, upstuck popular kids. Now, I don’t think negatively of popular people, but in the small town we used to live in, there were so many kids who just became rude and did the dumbest stuff for attention. Sadly, a lot of them were popular in the town we used to live in, and sadly, I almost became one.

I look out the window and I see Samantha walking towards the cafe. ‘Perfect!!!’ I wave at her through the window and she waves back. She enters, orders her meal and sits in front of me. “Hey! I was scared I wasn’t gonna see you.” I tell her.

Samantha smiles. “Nah, I’m gonna start coming here more often, the foods delicious.” I nod. “I’ll tell the chef you liked it.” I laugh. “So how’ve you been, Sam?”

“Since yesterday, I’ve been good, what about you?”

I’m glad. “Same here. Oh! I also forgot yesterday to ask for your number.”

“Oh, right. Here.”

She takes out her phone and pulls up her number, she hands her phone to me and I take out my phone and type it down into my contacts. “And...done! Here’s mine.” I hand her my phone and she types down the number.

“We really should hang out more. I regret falling out with you.”

I look up at her expectantly.

“Same here. I’m free on weekends.” I think for a bit. “I have days off on Fridays, Saturdays, and Wednesdays. Do you think we could hang out this Saturday?” Samantha smiles.

“Hell yeah! I’m down for that.”

“Alright, then it’s settled. I’ll see if Susie can come too.” Samantha nods and we continue talking for a bit. Her food gets served and Susie comes over.

“Woah, don’t steal, my best friend now.” Susie jokes as she puts her arm around my shoulders.

“Don’t worry, dude. You’ll always be my number one, we have been through thick and thin together after all.” I stand up. “Well, time for my next shift.”

Susie nods. “I’ll take your spot then.” she turns to Samantha. “It’s been a while, Sam.” I start walking to the cash register as they start talking. I do my job and Samantha and Susie both leave an hour into their conversation.

I smile at them. It’s good that Susie’s trying to get out and talk to other people now. Especially after all that happened in our Senior year. I look at the time and sigh. ‘Only three more hours.’


I flop on the couch again. “Hey, Susie! What’d you and Sam talk about?” I yell at her from the couch. “The usual getting to know each other thing. We also planned that little hangout yall decided on.” She yells from her room.

“Oh yeah, I was so tired, I forgot to tell you.”

A bit of silence. “It’s cool, dude.” Another bit of silence. “So..what’d y’all plan?”

“Where we should meet, I wanted to go to the movies but then we agreed to go to the mall.”

“Dude alright!

I’m glad you’re trying to talk to other people.” I hear a little ‘mhmm’ from her room and then nothing. I sigh quietly and check my phone. I see one notification from an unknown number and I sit up. I open my messages and I see the message.

Unknown number:Mel???

Me: Sammy?

Unknown number: Yeah!! Okay, good we got the right numbers.

Me: Hecc yeah!!

You changed unknown numbers name to “Sammy”

Me: Why you still up tho? It’s midnight?

Sammy: Oh haha..nothing

Me: what do you mean nothing???

Me: Is something up??????

Me: Did something happen???

Sammy: No no, I just couldn’t sleep.

Me: ohhh okay

Sammy: wbu???

Me: Just got home from work -v-

Me: Im super tired.

Sammy: Oh then go get sleep, Ill text you tomorrow then.

Me: Oki, gn

Sammy: Goodnight.

I put my phone back in my pocket and I stand from the couch. “Yo, Susie! I’m gonna go to sleep now, night!”

“Night, dude!” I walk to my room and close the door. I change from my work clothes to my pajamas and once again, I go to sleep.


A couple days go by and it’s finally Saturday. Susie and I both woke up at around 10 AM to start getting ready, we all agreed that at 12 PM was a time to meet at the mall. It doesn’t take me too long to get ready, it’s mostly the outfit stage that takes me at least the longest time if I don’t have an idea, already. It takes Susie almost an hour and a half to get completely ready. I Stand up from sitting on my bed and I open my closet. ’Am I feeling a bit grunge today?

Or do I feel more soft girl today?’.After a while of thinking, I chose a faded pink sweater and a black skater skirt. I quickly put on the outfit and tuck in the sweater to the waistband of the skirt. I open up one of my drawers and take out some cat stockings. It’s completely past what I was going for with the whole soft girl approach, but I couldn’t help myself. I felt so cute in this outfit! I slip on the stockings and I sit by my desk.

I grab my concealer and a beauty blender. I just put on concealer, some eyeshadow, and blush. I apply a winged eyeliner and some mascara and I’m done. I put on some chapstick and I walked out of my room. I go towards the shoe stand near the front door and grab my black flats.

I put them on and head to the bathroom where I brush my teeth and hair. I put my hair in two low pigtails and look in the mirror. I look a bit like a child now. I laugh quietly at myself and put my hair up in a ponytail instead. I feel behind my neck a bit. There’s scarring there.

I take my hand away from the back of my neck as soon as I feel it and I sigh. ‘Let’s not delve in the past, now, Melania. You’re past that.’ I smile once again at the mirror and I walk out of the bathroom. Walking out of the bathroom, I head to Susies room and knock on the door. “Come in.”

I open the door and sit on her bed that’s by her desk; where she’s sitting and doing her makeup. She’s still in her pajamas but her makeup is half done. “That’s a cute outfit.” she tells me as she concentrates on filling in her eyebrows. “Thanks, dude. I feel cute in it.

Do you have your outfit picked out yet?” She finishes her second eyebrow and takes out her eyeshadow palette. “Duh. I wouldn’t be doing my makeup unless I had my outfit already picked.” I nod. “M’kay, good!”

I watch her dip her eyeshadow brush into a neon green color. She puts it on her eyelid and blends it out on the ends. She puts a bit of her concealer on the tip of a flat eyeshadow brush and starts applying it on her crease. She cuts out her crease with the concealer and grabs a different brush. This time she dips into a black and applies it on the areas with concealer. She puts on a winged eyeliner and curls her eyelashes.

She puts on fake eyelashes and applies a bit of mascara to them. “You gonna keep staring?” She smiles playfully at me. “Sorry, I just find it satisfying when watching you put on makeup.” I smile softly at her and blush lightly. She’s extremely pretty, with or without makeup.

My feelings on her have been really confusing lately. For two years now I’ve been feeling this way. It’s not like I don’t like being friends with her, but there’s a part of me that wants to grow this relationship we have. I look away from her as she applies some dark red lipstick on her full lips. My face heats up a bit and I reach out for my phone, only to feel nothing. “Oh crap, I forgot my phone in my room, be right back.”

I stand from her bed and walk to my room. I grab my phone which was on my desk and take my small purse from the hanger near my door. I walk back to Susies room and sit back down on her bed. “Got it!” I say happily. “Want me to put on music?”

“Oh hell yeah. Put on some Nirvana.” I nod, humming at the same time. I put on some Nirvana songs on Spotify and set my phone down. As Susie continued on putting the rest of her makeup and putting on her outfit, we sang along to some songs and I scrolled through social media. After a while I hear her soft-ish voice, “Does this look good?”

I look up from my phone at her and I feel my face heat up a bit. She was wearing a Linkin park overshirt with a black and white striped undershirt. The long sleeves of the undershirt could be seen popping out of the short sleeved overshirt. She tucked those shirts into high-waist black, ripped jeans with fishnets underneath and a black double holed belt around her waist. It was tight on her. She has a studded choker on.

She put her long dark hair into a messy bun. Her bangs were brushed in front of her eyes. I like it when she puts it in a bun. I smile widely at her. “You look amazing!!” I say in amazement.

“I wish I could pull off outfits like that.” I say and stand up. She smiles shyly. “Thanks!” I nod and we both walk out, I take off the music on my phone and I check the time. 11:42 AM.

“We better hurry, the bus comes at 11:50 and it’s already 42.” I say and hurry and grab some supplies, just in case. I put the supplies in my purse as Susie puts on her doc martens. I wait by the door for her. Susie comes And we both hurry out. I lock the door behind us and we start walking to the bus stop.

As we walk we talk about random things. I like how her laugh sounds, so I always try to make her laugh. After a while we both go silent. It’s a very comfortable silence. She walks next to me. I look at her from my peripheral vision.

Her dark skin goes well with her grunge-like style. She switches it up from grunge, to e-girl, to emo quite often. Her wardrobe is full of dark colors. As much as light skinned people look good in those styles, dark skinned people just make it look better. It’s weird. We made it to the bus stop, and in good timing.

The bus is close by and is about to stop by the time we arrive. There were already three or four other people waiting. We both pay and go onto the bus and sit. Now we wait.


After a couple minutes we finally made it to the mall we agreed on meeting up in. I text Samantha.

Me: Where are you??

Sammy: I’m inside, near the middle entrance.

Me: Okay, we’ll be right there.

Sammy: Ok.

We both head in through the middle entrance and we see her leaning against the wall. She had a floral button up on and some high-waist light blue jeans with a brown belt around the waist. “Yo! Sammy!” I yell out to her. She looks up from her phone to see us walking towards her and she smiles.

“Hey, guys.” Susie waves as we come closer to her. We do the usual shopping and goofing around in stores. It’s all fun until 5 PM rolls around. Susie took an extra shift today since one of the employees decided to quit earlier that morning. “I’ll see you guys later, don’t stay out too late!” Susie tells us as she hurries back to our apartment. Sammy and I both wave goodbye to her and then we start heading to the food court. “So, have you started dating?” I ask Sammy as we wait in line for corn dogs. “Yeah, actually. I’ve been dating this guy for a while, now. You know, he was gay until he met me.”

I gasp, “dude for real?” She nods. We get our corn dogs and we sit down on a booth near an isolated area of the mall. “Who’s the lucky guy though?” I ask with mischief.

I wanna know who he is and I wanna meet him. He better be able to treat her right or I’m going to fight him. “His name is Ben. Don’t worry, he’s treating me well.”

“Awww c’mon Sammy tell me more!!” The person in front of us moves out of the line with their food and we take their previous spot.

We ordered two corn dogs and two lemonades. As we wait for our food I keep being persistent on her. “Alright, he’s a gamer.” Oh no. “Uhm what? No no no. Last time a friend of mine got into a relationship with a gamer her trust was broken multiple times by him.”

Sammy rolls her eyes. “He’s not like that. He’s actually really clingy. I like it.” I look at her suspiciously and hum. “Fine. If you say so. But he does anything to you and I will fight him.” Sammy stifles a little laugh and our corn dogs get handed to us along with our drinks.

I thank the server and we head to sit on a booth in the back of the food court. “What about you, Mel? Have you found anyone?” I sigh and spread myself across the table dramatically, being cautious of the food and drinks on the table. I dramatically say, “Sadly, I have not found anyone who makes my heart race like horror movies do.” I make sure to make a dramatic pose as I say that. Sammy laughs.

“You’ll find someone, soon. I know you will.” I stop being dramatic and sit normally, again. “I hope so, I mean- I kinda have an ItsybitsylittlecrushonSusie-” I say the last part quickly and quietly. Sammy gasps.

“What? Really? Oh my goodness, that’s so cute!” She coos as I cover my face in my sleeves and my face becomes extremely hot. “You can’t tell her anything, though. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want me as a girlfriend, I mean- half the time she just talks about how much she wants a boyfriend instead..” I say the word sarcastically. It’s true, she only talks about wanting a boyfriend.

I get that boys are attractive as well, but it makes me sad how she doesn’t even talk about wanting a girlfriend. I’m even better than her ex boyfriends have ever been, I just don’t understand. “Well, if she doesn’t even see you in front of her then she doesn’t really deserve you.” I sigh, “I guess you’re right.” Sammy hums as she eats a piece of her corndog. I eat a piece and I feel a bit better.

Of course, I feel better after eating food.


After a while It started getting late. We were both outside and I was about to say my goodbyes until Sammy interrupted me before I got to say them. “We should all three of us hang out again on your guys’ next off day.”

“Yeah! Totally!” Sammy seems like she has something to tell me. After a bit of silence between us she just tells me. “Alright, well...bye then!” I nod and wave at her. I hurry to the bus stop.


A month flew by after our first hangout with Sammy, we hung out multiple times after. Once again we were planning to hang out and all three of us decided to go to a carnival that was going to stop by today. Once again I woke up at around 10 AM and we were once again meeting at 12 PM. I get dressed in an off the shoulder, white shirt and put a black, spaghetti strapped dress over it. I put on grey ankle high socks and some combat boots. I sit on my table and begin my light makeup.

This time I just glue on some false lashes, eyeliner, and fill in my eyebrows. I put on some pink lipgloss and I’m all set. I get up and go to Susies room. I open the door and she’s getting changed, She turns her head to me. “Oh, morning.” She says as she puts on a black and white checkered turtleneck shirt.

“Oh, sorry, I should’ve knocked, right?” I say, closing the door a bit and covering my heating up face. “Nah, it’s fine. We are best friends after all.” She smiles softly and rolls her eyes. I laugh softly.

“Hah, yeah...best friends..” I say the last part quietly. “Is it chill if I sit in here?” Susie nods and I sit on her bed. We start a conversation with each other as she gets ready. By the end of her getting ready, she’s dressed in a black and white checkered turtleneck undershirt, a Led Zeppelin overshirt, tucked into a black skater skirt, with a black studded belt around the waist.

Her makeup is the Usual, heavy type stuff. Her eyeshadow is a black smokey eye with a red cut crease. She became really good at cutting creases after I showed her how to do a proper one. I’m so proud of her! She put on a black lipstick and her Doc. Martins and we were ready to go. “Alright! It’s 11:25 AM. Just enough time to walk to the bus stop and get dropped off.”

I say as I check my phone. Susie nods. “Right, so we should get going now!” She said as she moved quickly towards the door. I ran after her.


We make it to the Carnival and we wait for Sammy, we buy three lemonades, one for me, one for Susie, and one for Sammy. We finally see Sammy coming through the entrance and we go up to her. “Sammy! Hi!!” I wave to her excitedly. Susie laughs and waves at Sammy.

She waves back at us and sprints to us. “Hey guys!” Sammy says happily. Susie smiles. “We bought you a drink while we waited.” She says while handing Sammy her lemonade. “Oh thanks, guys!”

Sammy says as she takes a sip from her lemonade. “So, what should we do first?” I asked excitedly. Susie shrugs and Sammy suggests we go walk around and maybe go on rides. We all agree and start walking around, we go on some rides and then finally the night comes. We decided to have a sleepover at our place.

Sammy drives us to our apartment and we all flop on the floor or couch in the living room. I sigh, still dizzy from one of the rides. We all lay there for a bit until I got up. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to take off my makeup.” I say as I stand up and start walking to the bathroom. As I wash off my makeup and wash my face, I can hear them laughing and talking in the living room.

I smile to myself. I’m happy they’re getting along. I dry off my face with a towel and quickly get back to the living room. I sit by Sammy and I listen to their conversation. They’re talking about old phases they’ve been through. “Oh my gosh.

I used to be super into Little pony. It was so cringey!” I cringe at the memory of me having tons of pony dolls and drawing original characters I made of them. “Dude, same.” Sammy says. “I had a spooky spaghetti phase.” Susie says.

Both me and Sammy gasp loudly. “Dude same!”

“Oh my god, same!” Both of us say at the same time accidentally. All three of us laugh. We start recalling the things we used to do while in that phase.

“I tried summoning one of them in my closet with an old friend.” I say in between giggles. Sammy gasps. “Dude, what?” Susie just laughs. “I’m guessing it didn’t work!”

“No it didn’t.” I laugh softly. “That’s crazy, oh my gosh.” Sammy between giggles. The night stayed that way for a while. We start watching some movies, all of us now in our pajamas.

I noticed that Sammy was looking at her phone a lot. I don’t pay much attention to it, until she asks to pause the movie. We do and she gestures us to sit in a circle. We do exactly that and then she glances to her side. Weirdly enough, I felt like someone was watching us. “So, I’ve been keeping something from you two.” She says seriously.

I look at her with a questioning stare. “This is going to sound really weird, but..” She trails off and takes a deep breath in, then out. “I’m.. I’m not human.” It goes quiet for a second. “What do you mean?” Susie asks worriedly.

“Okay so- you guys know how we have souls, right?-” We nod. “-How I explain it, is that my soul isn’t human, but it’s trapped in this human body. I’m not human.” She explains. ‘That sounds like..how I feel sometimes.’ I think to myself.

“So- basically like you’re trans but not with gender?” Susie asks confusingly. “Yeah, basically.”

“Oh. Okay then.”

“You’re not weirded out?”

“You can identify as anything you want. I honestly don’t care.” Susie says. It’s obvious she doesn’t believe it that much. “Wait, so how’d you find out?” I ask curiously.

“That’s kind of a long story-” Susie cuts her off. “Well then you can tell me in the morning.” She yawns. “I’m going to sleep. Lets go, Mel.” She says as she stands up.

“Actually, i’m not tired, yet.” I look up at her. She looks at me- her eyes look at me as if I betrayed her. “Uh- I’ll go to sleep in a while, I’m just not tired yet.” I try to get her to understand. She nods.

“Well, then goodnight.” She says as she walks away to her room. “Night!” I yell after her. Once her door closes I turn to Sammy. “She doesn’t believe me, does she?”

I shake my head. “Do you?” She asks me. I look into her eyes. Her eyes tell me she’s telling the truth. She begs through her gaze for me to believe her.

‘She must really believe it. I’ve never seen that look in Lilas eyes when she told me the same thing..’ I think to myself. “I believe you.” She inaudibly sighs. “To answer your question.

I kind of- well..when I sleep I kind of get taken to this other realm. In fact, that’s where my boyfriend lives.”“What do you mean? Is he not human either?” I ask. “Well- no he isn’t. He’s actually a ghost.”

“A ghost?” Sammy nods. “He’s what I like to call a materialized ghost.”

“I’ve heard of those.” She nods.

“My best friend lives over there, too. Their name is Lynn. I could introduce you to them, if you want.”

“Wait, really?”

“Mhm. They have hangouts.”

“Ohh- I kinda wanna meet them.”

“I feel like you two would get along well, you two have similar humor.” I gasp. “Really?” Sammy nods. For the rest of the night, Sammy told me of stories of what happened to her and her best friend in the other realm. She told me how normal, everyday things happened, how she met her boyfriend, and of adventurous stories they’ve been through.

It was all so fascinating, and the look in her eyes never faded away. She looked like she was remembering fondly of the memories. Her eyes told me she was telling every ounce of truth. I quietly listened to her stories until it was late into the night. We both fell asleep on the couch.


I woke up quickly because something was thrown at me. “Wake up sleepy head!” Susies voice was heard loudly. I pick up the pillow that was thrown at me and I throw it back at her, mumbling to myself. “C’mon, help us make breakfast!” I hear Sammys voice.

I groan. “You can make the pancakes.” Susie tells me. “Ugh, fine.” I sit up and yawn. Sammy and Susie both cheer and I smile tiredly.

“You guys are dorks.” I laugh softly. “Yes, but that’s why you love us!” Susie says with a big smile. I blush lightly at her smile. I loved it when she smiled, it really was different from her usual RBF.

I get up from the couch and I start walking to the kitchen to help Susie and Sammy. Sammy is making bacon and eggs, Susie is making some fresh orange juice, that leaves me to make pancakes. I whip out the pancakes mix and get to mixing.


As we ate, Sammy and I explained to Susie about what we talked about last night. She tried understanding it, but it was obvious she didn’t believe much of it. I didn’t mind. It is hard to believe, but I’ll see if I can talk to Lynn. Before Sammy left, we exchanged emails. I sat on the couch and Susie plopped down next to me.

“Man, can you believe Samantha?” Susie says mockingly. I hesitated answering it. “I don’t know..when I looked into her eyes she looked like she was telling the truth.” Susie scoffs. “I can tell when people lie, remember?”

“Uh..yeah..” Susie has told me multiple times before that she knows when people are lying, but I don’t believe it much. She told me once that she believed her parents were lying about loving her, but every time I was with her and her parents, they seemed very loving. I’ve met parents who weren’t that loving, and her parents aren’t it. I can tell they love her so much.

I mean, they wouldn’t have gotten her a therapist if they didn’t care or love her, right? We sit in silence for a couple seconds. “Well, I need fresh air. I’m going to go for a walk.” Susie says as she stands up. ”Alright, be careful out there.” I tell her.

She nods and puts on her slippers. She walks out. I sigh to myself. My sulking was quickly interrupted with a vibration of my phone. I pull out my phone from my pocket and see a notification from hangouts. I opened it.

Sammycat: Mel??

Mel.loyello: Sammy?

Sammycat: Yeah! Hey

Mel.loyello: Yo dude

Sammycat: How are you?

Mel.loyello: Tbh im not that good rn. Wbu?

Sammycat: whats wrong?? ):

Mel.loyello: Just something wit Susie.

Mel.loyello: *with

Sammycat: Oh- well anyway, do you want to meet Lynn?

Mel.loyello: Yeah sure.

Sammycat: Mkay.

A moment passed, when I got another notification that Sammy created a group.

Sammycat created the group

Sammycat named the group “A meeting”

Dollyface: Yo yo???

Mel.loyello: Oh hi. You’re Lynn?

Dollyface: Yep!! Youre this “Mel” I’ve been hearing about?

Mel.loyello: Yep thats me. One and only

Sammycat: Lynn, i told Mel about deviltown.

Mel.loyello: Thats what its called??

Dollyface: OOOOO!! Ok!!

Dollyface: So you already know we arent human??

Mel.loyello: Yeah. Sammy told me she was a demon. But she didnt tell me what you were.

Dollyface: Oh, i am one too!

Mel.loyello: Oh epic

Sammycat: Just so you know, sometimes some of the others use Lynns account to communicate.

Mel.loyello: Ohh okay. Good to know.

We continue texting for a while. Lynn tells me they can bring me to Deviltown as well, if I wanted to. Of course, I say yes, but they both also explain that I won’t be able to remember anything at all when I wake up. Lynn explained that it was mostly because the forest surrounding Deviltown protects them from normal humans coming in, and that if anyone enters their memories stay there when they get out. Susie comes back, but she ignores me for a while. I go into my room and I get into a call with Sammy.

She explains to me how things work over there, from what she remembers. “So how does it feel before you get there?” I ask. “Well, for me it feels like I’m going through a portal. You’ll know you were there when you don’t have any dreams and it feels like you need to remember something.” I nod.

“Okay. So then how do we get there?” I ask. “Well, we get there through spirit. Basically, someone comes into where we’re sleeping and they take our soul into the realm. Once there, the forest makes a doppelganger of our bodies for our souls to be there during our time visiting.”

“That’s really interesting.”

“It is. I can’t wait to show you everyone and everything over there.”

“So, you told me there are multiple mansions housing multiple people there, right? How many people are over there?”

“A lot. I’m going to introduce you to the ones I know.”

“Ah. Okay, sounds like a plan.” I heard Sammy hum. We continued talking for a while, until we both decided it was getting a bit late. After we hung up I just laid on my bed.

I heard a knock at my door, I hum and the door opens. “I’m going to be going out for a bit. Won’t be back till later..” I heard Susies voice. “Oh..okay..see ya, then..” Instead of her leaving she stood there.

“Are you going to keep ignoring me?” She asked with her arms crossed. “What do you mean?-” She cut me off before I could finish. “You’re ignoring me, Mel! I was just stating facts and I guess you didn’t like me talking bad about your new best friend, huh?!”

She raised her voice. I flinch a bit and sit up. “Susie, you’re the one ignoring me-” She cut me off again. “No, I’m not, Mel! You’re the one ignoring me!”

“Susie, you were saying that earlier because I could tell you wanted to talk crap about someone! You know I don’t like doing those things unless it’s someone who has hurt you or me!”

I plead for her to understand. Susie scoffs. “Yeah, whatever. She technically hurt me.”

“When? All I remember from when we ever hung out with her was her being extremely nice to both of us.

She hasn’t done anything wrong-”

“I’m always the one who ends up getting hurt from everyone! Even you, Mel!” She yelled that at me with tears in her eyes. I pause, I feel the sting of tears welling up in my eyes, as well. For a split second her eyes looked guilty, until the anger came back and she slammed the door shut behind her as she angrily walked outside.

I stifle a sob. It’s been a while since she’s said anything like that. I know she doesn’t mean it whenever she says anything like that, but it still hurts.


Night came, so did Susie. She arrived back after an hour of her coming back. We were sitting by each other in the kitchen. “Susie..you know I never meant to hurt you-”

“Yeah, well sometimes you do. You think you’re so fucking perfect, don’t you? It’s pretty obvious you put yourself in a high stool, I bet you lie about how you got your scars or any-” Now it was my turn to cut her off.

“Susie! You know how bad my anxiety used to be! You were there when everyone hated both of us! I can’t believe you would say stuff like that!”

“Mel, you’ve always hurt me. I can’t be confident without you making me feel terrible! Where’s your sorry for that, huh?!” She yelled at me once again. “Susie, all I ever do is-”

“What?! Lie to my face?! I know you’re ashamed of me! I know you think I’m disgusting!”

“Susie I don’t-”

“Don’t even say you don’t! I can tell when people lie, remember?!”

She stands up quickly and leaves to her room. I sigh. I walk quietly to my room and sit on my bed. I guess I have to apologize, right?

I make her feel that way for a reason. It’s my fault she still doesn’t think she’s good enough. After a while of thinking, I stood up and headed to her room. I knock on her door and am met with silence. I take a breath in. “Susie...I’m sorry..”

I don’t really know what I did, but I don’t want us to be like this. “I forgive you..” Susie says through her door. I smile softly. “Night..”

“Night.” With that, I head back to my room.

I check my phone: 10:23 PM. I lay down on my bed and I closed my eyes. Time to see if I head to Deviltown or not..


I woke up on the couch. Hazily I looked around the apartment until I realized. ‘This isn’t my apartment?’ I quickly sit up and see someone in a white hoodie next to me. “Who are you?!” I yell.

The guy next to me looked at me startled. From the background I heard Sammys voice go “She’s awake!” Along with two pairs of footsteps run down what seems to sound like stairs. I move as far away from the person next to me as I can and suddenly I see Sammy running towards me. She looks somewhat different, though mostly the same. On top of her head there are small yellow horns and on her back there are pale yellow wings.

They almost look like they aren’t real since they seem to fade into a smoke. Next to her was a small, feminine looking person. They had short, ginger hair. It was cut into a pixie cut, their hair was really curly. They also adorned horns, but the horns were bigger and black, they also had wings, though they were smaller than Sammys as well as red. They were very pale with bright, blue eyes.

Their face had freckles. As to what they were wearing, in my opinion, was an adorable outfit. They had a string bikini top on, denim, high waist shorts, and a leather jacket on. they wore black, leather boots that went up to their ankles. Sammy on the other hand, wore a square necked shirt tucked into high waist, mom pants. I stare at the both of them for a second.

“You- you both have wings?!” I exclaim. Sammy laughs. “You do too, you know.” I look at her questioningly. “I’ll show you later. This lovely person next to me, is Lynn.”

“Oh! It’s nice to meet you!” Lynn smiles widely. “Same with you, dude!” After a while of just talking and hanging out, we go outside.

“Wow...This place is super pretty..” I say as I look at the forest surrounding us. It was all lush and green. Looking closely, I could see silhouettes of different looking animals. I take in the surroundings around me. “Yeah, that’s how I reacted when I first saw this place, too.”

I heard Sammys voice say from behind me. “Oh, so about the whole I also have wings, thing?” I turn my whole body to Sammy. “Oh, right!” She turned to Lynn. “Can I borrow your phone, real quick?”

Lynn hands her their phone and I see Sammy take a photo of me. She moves towards me and turns the phones screen to me. Surely enough, that was a photo of me with wings. They didn’t look like Sammys or Lynns, though. “Angel wings?” I asked confusingly.

I turn my head to my left side and surely enough, I’m met with black feathers. I turn to my right and there’s white feathers. That just makes me have more questions. I turn to them and Lynn bursts out laughing. They take a photo of me. “Your face!!!

Oh my goodness!! It’s hilarious!!” They say in between laughs. Sammy stifles a laugh. “From what I’m guessing, you’re a fallen angel. If you were a normal angel, you’d still be up in heaven.”

Sammy explains as Lynn is still laughing. I nod. Lynn finally stops and turns to me. “Yeah, you’re like, hella rare dude.”I look at her questioningly again. “What do you mean?”

Lynn looks at me as if I’m crazy. “What? You didn’t know? Fallen angels are really rare. Hell, I don’t even think William or Alexander have ever met one in all their life spans.”

“William? Alexander?”

“Oh!! Right!!” Lynn exclaims. “Will is the owner of the mansion we just came out of; And Alexander was the previous owner. He’s in the void, now.”

I look at them with even MORE questions.

They sigh. “You have a lot to learn.” I nod.


I woke up from my sleep. I feel like I was just thinking of something at least semi-important. I sit up from my bed and stretch. Another day, another dollar. I check my phone: 11:58 AM. Huh.

Now that broke my record. I decided to go on my phone a bit before work. After a while of scrolling, Lynn texts the group chat.

Dollyface: Yo, Mel whered you go?

Mel.loyello: wdym???

Dollyface: You just kinda disappeared.

Dollyface: I got worried.

Mel.loyello: Wait, so i was over there???

Dollyface: Oh so youre back over there

Dollyface: Yeah, we were having a fun time and then you kinda disappeared after going to the bathroom.

Mel.loyello: Ohhhhh

Mel.loyello: Okay, kinda makes sense ig.

Dollyface: Yeah.

After that conversation, I decided to get ready for work. Susie already left, so I got the apartment alone for a while. I put some music on and jammed out as I did my makeup. I put on my outfit and shoes and then I moved to the kitchen. I checked my phone: 12:19 PM. I pour myself some cereal and milk.

In that order. I ate, once I was done I quickly washed the used bowl and checked my phone again: 12:28 PM. I stay seated and decide to watch YouTube videos until the clock turns 12:40 PM.


Another day gone, like that. I walk into the apartment and see Susie on the couch watching some type of documentary. “Yo.” I say and she turns to me with a smile. “Hey.”

“Dude, so apparently I went to the other realm that Sammy goes to, last night.”

I tell her excitedly. “Oh, really? Do you remember anything?” She asks. “Sadly, I don’t. But Lynn texted me when I woke up-”

“Lynn?” She turned when I said that name. “Sammys best friend.”


Susie turned back to the TV. “Anyway, she texted me when I woke up asking where I went. She then told me I was over there.”

“Oh, that’s interesting.”

“And get this! Lynn told me that I wasn’t human either! She told me I was a fallen angel!”

“Wow, that sounds really epic.” My smile faltered a little, she sounded super disinterested in all of this.

“Hey, what’s your email, again?”

“Why do you want to know?” Susie glances at me. “Because I want to add you to the group chat Sammy made. I feel like you’d like Lynn.” She hums.

I see her grab a piece of paper from a notebook near her and a pen. She writes something down. “Here.” She handed me the piece of paper. It had her email address written on it. I gladly take it from her and I type in her email into the group chat.

Mel.loyello added Go7hic g0rl

Dollyface: ?? Who dis???

Sammycat: Is that Susie??

Mel.loyello: Yep!

Go7hic g0rl: Yo.

Go7hic g0rl: Im Mels best friend.

Mel.loyello: Yep!

Sammycat: Hey Susie

Dollyface: Oooooo a new person!

Go7hic g0rl: Your Lynn??

Dollyface: Yep!!

Go7hic g0rl: Sooo

Go7hic g0rl: Whats this about a whole other realm thing?

Dollyface: Oh! I live in another realm. We call it deviltown.

Dollyface: We also aint human so :p

Go7hic g0rl: Oh. cool

Dollyface: Ye!!!

I stopped texting, but I helped explain some things when I could. I walk to my room and I sit on my bed. I turn off my phone and put it on my table as I change out of my work clothes into my PJs. I check my phone again and it seems like Lynn and Susie are getting along fine. They’re sending memes to each other. I smile to myself as I walk to the bathroom to take off my makeup.

I go back into my room and lay down on my bed. Lynn is now suggesting to take Susie to Deviltown and obviously, I fully agree that she should. After a while Susie and I both head to sleep.


It’s been almost a month since I first went to Deviltown. My doubt of it not existing has gotten down, a lot of them can visit this world. I’ve mostly seen Ben and Lynn, though. Ben is just an inch taller than Sammy. He has blonde hair and he’s very pale, which makes sense. Ben is almost always around Sammy and Lynn visits us as well as Sammy often.

In fact, Ben was next to her when she told us she wasn’t human. When I first met Lynn, it was like an instant connection between us two. Something just clicked between us and we got along very well. What I really don’t like, though, is that Susie has been acting very distant lately. She’s been out more and ignoring me a lot. I try talking to her, but whenever I do try either she lashes out and tells me to leave her alone, or she just responds with one word after each attempt.

She doesn’t even speak to me much during work. I’ve tried talking to her about it multiple times but she ignores me. The only time she even does talk to me is when we’re texting in the groupchat, and even then she ignores anything I bring up about how she’s acting. It’s gotten really irritating, but I’ll let her talk to me when she wants to. It was Wednesday which means I have no work. Yay!

Susie was on her break and everyone was texting in the groupchat. Currently we are in the topic of lovers. I haven’t told Lynn, from what I remember, at least, about my crush on Susie. Lately my feelings for her have kind of been faltering. With the way she’s been acting, lately, it hurts me more than making me love her.

Dollyface: So we know that Sammy and i have boyfriends

Dollyface: What about you guys????

Go7hic g0rl: All the guys ive met havent really treated me right

Go7hic g0rl: So thats a definite no

Mel.loyello: No guy or girl find me attractive but thats fine. Lol.

Dollyface: Then theyre all dumb >:(

Dollyface: If you guys want, i could try hooking you guys up with people over here.

Dollyface: A lot of them arent much talkative, but once you get to know them, a lot of them are really nice.

Mel.loyello: ooo okay im down.

Go7hic g0rl: Same ig

Dollyface: Perfect! Both of you tell me your types or what you want in a partner and ill suggest some dudes.

Dollyface: Or gals.

Mel.loyello: Oh! Okay.

Go7hic g0rl: I want a guy who will be with me even when im going through my worse. I want a guy who will laugh with me and also cry with me or cheer me up whenever i am crying. I want a guy who will make me feel like im the only girl in his life and that i am his first priority.

Go7hic girl: That was kind of long..sorry

Dollyface: No, no thats fine.

Dollyface: The first two people who come into my mind is Toby and Jackson

Dollyface: Maybe even Vincent, but mostly those two.

Go7hic g0rl: Oh, okay

Dollyface: Ill tell you more about them in PM.

Go7hic g0rl: mkay

Mel.loyello: I mostly just want a guy who will laugh with me, protect me, and treat me right.

Mel.loyello: Lmao my answer is short and Susies is all long and complex

Dollyface: Lol

Go7hic g0rl: lol

Dollyface: The two people i think of is Helen and Sam.

Mel.loyello: Who dat?

Dollyface: Ill tell you in Pm.

Mel.loyello: Oki

Go7hic g0rl: gtg. Break is over

Mel.loyello: Okay, goodluck.

I sit upside down on the couch and yawn. I’m tired. After texting I’m probably going to take a nap in my room. I stand up and head to my room. I go under my covers and put the phone to my face. I got a notification that Lynn texted me privately.

I open the conversation.

Dollyface: So

Dollyface: Helen is a painter over here

Dollyface: He doesnt talk much, but i think you guys would like each other

Dollyface: And Sam is a death god

Dollyface: Hes really sweet and really nice.

Dollyface: Actually i feel like youd be the one to like Sam more

Mel.loyello: Oh okay lol

Mel.loyello: Im down

Dollyface: Want to text him?

Mel.loyello: Yeah sure.

Dollyface: Alright!!

Once that conversation was done I waited for a while, another notification popped up that Lynn created a separate conversation.

Dollyface started a new conversation.

Dollyface: Heres where yall will text

Dollyface: Its on his phone so i just have to delete the convo from my phone

Dollyface: Good luck yall XD

Mel.loyello: Oh okay lol

Dollyface: Hello.

Mel.loyello: Hi

Dollyface: Im Sam.

Mel.loyello: Nice to meet you, Sam

Mel.loyello: Im Mel

We texted for a while. He seemed really nice. Our conversation was short but it was really nice. He told me he was going to text me after he’s done with whatever he’s doing. I didn’t ask much besides the whole usual get to know him questions, since I didn’t want to seem rude. After he ended the conversation for now, I decided to take a nap. I turned off my phone, set it on my desk and covered myself completely with the blanket.

I closed my eyes, It’s now time to go off to dreamland for a while.


It’s been a week or two later. Sam and I are getting really well acquainted and from what Lynn has told me, we started officially dating a while ago. This is all just crazy, but I like it. Susie has been really distant ever since that conversation in the groupchat. She stopped talking to me altogether and we live in the same apartment. I’ve noticed that she’s been packing some of her stuff.

I tried asking her about it but she ignored me completely, it makes me pretty upset, but if I need to give her space, I’ll do so. I was sitting in the kitchen with my PJs on, just watching some videos on my phone, when Susie came in. I look up at her and she’s just staring at me. I pause the video and after a bit of silence she finally speaks up. “I’m sick and tired of you ignoring me constantly. You’re extremely toxic.”

I look at her puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“Mel, every time I feel good about myself you have to come in and make me feel like shit. I know you’re lying to me every time you say you’re hyping me up. You mock me constantly and I’m sick of it. Not to mention you’ve fallen for a completely fake person.”

She crossed her arms.

“Fake person?”

“This “Sam” you talk about constantly. You know he’s not real, right?”

“What do you mean? Do you have evidence?”

“No, but I can tell he isn’t.”

“Well then if Sams fake then you’ve fallen for someone who isn’t real too.” Susie scoffs.

“I have not. You have.”

“Don’t pretend like I don’t know that you and Jackson sext each other almost constantly.” Susies face heats up.

“Oh so now you’re sneaking onto my phone?!”

“What?! No! You do know that putting the phone up to your face with me in back of you isn’t hiding anything, right?” Susie scoffs louder. “Whatever!

You still make me feel like shit all the time! You literally think you’re so perfect!”

“Susie, you know I hate how I look half the time!”

“No you don’t! You’re lying!”

“What, you can tell by how you feel?!

We both know that’s bullshit.” Susie screams after what I said. “I’ve never fucking loved you in any way. I’m leaving tonight and I’m never coming back.” She said sternly. I go quiet for a bit.

“...Fine, act as if I never put you above everything.” I quickly stand up and start heading for the door. “You never have!” and with that I walked out the front door. By the time the door closes fully, I’m full on sobbing. The tears just fall. I ball up my fist and I start walking.

I don’t know where, but right now I don’t care. I’m done with her. She’s been acting like this for a while and I’m sick of it, she always seems to make me apologize. I pull out my phone and I call Lynn. When they pick up I’m sitting on a bench near a park.

I hear Lynns voice through my earphones. I don’t talk because I know that if I do, I’ll sob into the mic. I sniffle. “Mel? What’s wrong?” I whine softly.

“Hold on, I’m on my way!” With that, Lynn hangs up. I’m alone with my thoughts for a while. ‘Wait, how do they know where I am?’ as I think that, I see Lynns small form running my way. As they come closer they yell out my name.

“Mel!!!!!!” I wait for them to come to me and when they do, They’re panting for a bit. “Who hurt you?!” They ask me and sit next to me. I sob quietly. “Susie..”

I say quietly and the tears start coming out again. “What happened?!”

“She just-” I wasn’t able to continue talking, I just started hyperventilating and crying even more. Lynn rubs my back. “You know what, lets go to Sammys house.” I nod.

After I calmed down a bit they stood up with their hand still on my back, I stood up too and we started walking in the direction of Sammys house.

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