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I thought he was harmless but I was wrong.......,. no woman could resist man can fight him. He was born with incredible power and was the master of manipulation... He was ruthless, brutal, cruel, and cold but everything changed after her arrival......... _________________________________________ The story contains a lot of mature language and scenes. This is my first book so please vote and support. I am always open to ideas. If you have something better you can tell me but please do not post any negative comment...

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

I never knew I will be caught in such a big turmoil. Just a year later, I was a happy and cheerful girl who brought a smile on different faces but now, well, I don't have words to define how dirty and disgusted I feel for myself. He did this to me. He broke every inch of my soul. He shattered me in pieces and why he will not. This is his goddamn work cause he is none other than the devil himself.lucifer.

I am Sabrina Hart. I am sixteen years old witch who is now the head Mistress of the most dangerous person alive. Yes, the world has changed. Hell rose above all and now Lucifer is invincible. Let me tell you one thing about him, he is worse than the worst nightmare of any of us alive. His one glance can turn you into a puddle of blood. He is ruthless, cruel, manipulative, and definition of sexiness. Now, the best part, he is obsessed with me which is why he swore to break me in every way possible and mold me into his perfect little sex doll to make me not leave him. And he kinda accomplished in his deed. He broke me.

I still remember every single incident of the day he took me. That was the last day of my happy life. He destroyed everything. He killed every one of them. I saw my home town burning into ashes. He made me see things which none of you can imagine, just to break me. And he did that. That day has left permanent scars, unlike others on my body which heal with time.

Right now I'm laying on my stomach, complete bare with one hand dangling from the bed. My body was stinging with pain due to the brutal intercourse between Lucifer's friends and me. Yes, he shared me with his friends. It was a win-win situation for him. He shared me to strengthen his allies with other important rulers and by doing so he could also discipline me.

Right now, he is taking a shower. After making my life miserable he is taking a fucking shower! I tried to get up but the pain is making it impossible. I can't take this anymore. The pain, the humiliation, and the self-pity are making it difficult to breathe. I have decided to give up, finally. I will completely submit myself to him. This is actually my survival instinct. I heard the shower stop and a small noise of the door opening. Tears brimmed my eyes which has actually become a habit of my orbs whenever I see him for the last one year. There he stood with all his glory. Towel hanging really low to his waist proudly showing up his angelic appearance. He strode straight inside the closet without sparing me a single glance.

After a few minutes, he came out dressed in a luxurious black suit. He came to the drawer located beside the large bed. My eyes were following his every movement. I was so drained out of energy that it was practically impossible for me to utter a single word. I continuously opened and closed my mouth in a hope that maybe I would be able to make a feeble noise but no. Nothing came out from my throat. I closed my eyes and let silent tears wet my pale cheeks.

That caught his attention. I didn't need to open my eyes to see him crouching down in front of my face. His perfect face was mere inches away from my bruised one. Slowly I opened my eyes to see his knowing devilish smirk on his face. He moved the strand of hair which was sticking to my forehead and licked my tears.

You should save them. They are gonna help you a lot in your upcoming future.

His words made me sob silently. I mustered all my courage and energy to say that one last sentence before I meet my ultimate destruction.

I submit to you!

His smirk was replaced by a big grin.

I appreciate your decision. If you would have said that earlier, no trouble would have come to you.

He said while patting my head like I am his pet. Well, maybe I am far worse than that. I closed my eyes but no tears fell down. They were also tired of coming out. They needed rest. So, they left me too at the mercy of this heartless monster. Somehow my thoughts seem to catch his attention. I opened my eyes. He made a slight pout and titled his head to the right. Then suddenly he gripped my jaw and brought his face closer to mine.

I hope this is not another dirty trick of yours. Cause if it is so then you better be prepared for the consequences. Do you understand?

I nodded my head in approval and he let go of my chin. I wanted to cry and scream but it was of no use. He got up from his crouching position and slightly fixed his pants. The hard budge is clearly visible.

You just never fail to turn me on. This is why I haven't disposed of you yet. As much as I want to fuck you right now, I got some work. You have been a good girl today and will definitely have your reward. But later. For now, you go back to sleep.

The moment he told me to go back to sleep my eyes became heavy and my vision got blurry. This is the effect of Lucifer on me. He was like a lullaby who is surely lulling me to sleep. I heard the door open and close. With the door closing everything in front of my eyes became black.

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