Descendants of Magic

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Rayanna found herself on her behind in a human park on the other side...what? Wait, where was she and where was Rashell? She did what any sane person would do: run away from the park as fast as she could. Reaper materialized right in front of her. “Hey, beautiful…Where do you think you-Oooooooww!” Rayanna kicked him in the groin he dropped to the ground clutching himself with both hands. “Ugh!”

Rayanna pressed the scythe to his neck. “Tell me where Rashell and Fox are,” she ordered.

“You think your weakness is mine?” Reaper asked.

“I’ve got nothing ta lose,” the Leanansidhe stated coldly.

“I really don’t like it when the girl’s on top,” he commented, Rayanna pressed down on his fingers with her shoe. “Ouch! Bitch!” he swore. “You think you can survive this? Even if it’s not me someone is going to bring your pretty little ass in.” Rayanna slammed on his fingers again. “Okay, okay…Your twin, yes, Dagda has him, Fox straight up abandoned you.”.Raynna raised the scythe and swung at his head, Reaper vanished from beneath her. Rayanna whirled around heart racing nervously

“Don’t lose control, don’t lose control,” she muttered trying to stay calm just as Reaper rematerialized and grabbed onto her from behind and used his magic to transport them away toward only the goddess knew where.

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