Descendants of Magic

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chapter 14


Nick sat in the auditorium, glaring with some resentment at the sign on the stage which read “Say no to bullying.” He was in a bad mood because Lanika wouldn’t stop pestering him. Also, he felt an unexplainable feeling of unease, as if there was something had changed. There was something about a power outage downtown, but Nick hadn’t really had time to watch the news, because of his shift at the diner.

Allen caught Nick looking at the sign. “Disgusting, isn’t it? This has been in effect for five years,” he remarked pushing up his glasses. “I’m still getting punched in the back of the head by Marcus daily.” he added venomously.

But according to the administration, there’s not enough evidence, Nick thought rolling his eyes. Remembering how in middle school due to his lack of interest in dating he had gained the attention of a nasty boy named Jonathan who had made grossly inaccurate assumptions about his sexual orientation and even managed to slip a pair of girl’s underwear into his gym locker. The girls were convinced he was a pervert, and the guys intervened on their behalf. The result; he was terrified to come to school. His friend George had confessed that he had revealed his combination under threats of violence. He admitted that although he felt regret, George refused to testify on Nicks’s behalf.

As a result, the administration insisted there was no proof and Jonathan went unpunished. Still hurt from his first friend’s betrayal and angry, Nick had coolly cut all ties with the other boy and avoided him until he finally moved away.

“I made the mistake of wearing a pro-guns tee-shirt and suddenly found myself the target of harassment.” Brady threw in his two cents.

“It didn’t fit the dress code, anyway,” Allen reminded him.

“This was at the mall,” Nick interjected. “Why didn’t you complain?

“I’m a five foot five guy being bullied by a group of cheerleaders,” he responded.

They turned and looked at Nick expectantly, the witch responded, “I’ve gotten some harassment because some girl caught me reading a spellbook.” It was true but being called a bad Christian by stuck up little Suzanne Palmer was hardly the worst bullying he’d endured.

“You’re hiding something like always,” Bradly remarked.

“Hiding? I’m an open book.” the witch answered.

“Whatever, Nickolas, keep your secrets since they make you so feel important.” Allen sniffed.

“Not everyone is as open as you. Allen.” Bradly pointed out gently.

Then the principal cleared his throat. “Testing! Hello, today we’re going to be talking about a very important issue.”

Please don’t be a powerpoint, Nick pleaded. The principal reached for his cue cards when suddenly, Nick felt a change in the air, something big was coming something that pulsed with magical energy. Without thinking, Nick jumped to his feet, ignoring his classmates cries of shock or “What are you doing freak?” Or even the teachers, “Get back in your seat young man!”

He launched himself out the audience and ran to the stage screaming. “Mr. Radford, look out! ” The principal angry hurried off the stage mike still in hand, coming at him. The other kids snickered and some watched gleefully. Their expressions ranged from amused, disgusted to just plain board.

“Mr. Silver! Is this some kind of prank? Because I do not find this kind of behavior...” Then a building smashed its way through the wall and tore its way through the stage, right where Mr. Radford had been. The entire student body started freaking out; it was not a pretty sight. Teachers tried without much success to calm down the screaming hordes of teenagers while Nick gazed at the dwelling which had just squashed his principal flat in amazement.

This is impossible. he thought, gaping at the building if one could call it that, he’d seen one before in videogames and in the illustrations of his medieval picture books; it was a freaking blacksmith shop which had dropped right in the auditorium of Mary Martin High.

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