Descendants of Magic

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chapter 15


Arssya’s morning was going downhill fast. One minute she had been chatting with Lanika, Liza and Misty. Then before she knew it Nick went weird, well weirder than usual, and a crummy building which looked like the set piece for a medieval drama crashed into the auditorium. It was literally a cottage made of wood and stone. The resident geek witch was standing in front of it with his mouth open which made Arssaya want to facepalm because if Mr. Expert in all things supernatural was clueless, things were about to get really confusing.

Then, as if the universe heard her thoughts, another weird thing happened: a girl literally appeared inside the auditorium with a guy holding onto her. He was clutching a scythe, like something out of a horror movie. Everyone stopped panicking and stared at them in shock.

“What are you looking at?” snarled the scythe-wielding boy. Arssaya gaped, he was the most gorgeous boy she had ever seen, a lean yet muscular build his skin seemed as if it was carved from pure marble, he was tall with light brown hair which fell across his face elegantly, and the most intense grey eyes she had ever seen. He wore long white robes, the front which was opened to display his chest. She held her breath enamored at the sight of the beautiful creature. Then he turned and she saw the left side of his face was nothing but bones. Horrified gasps filled the auditorium at the sight of it.

The girl in his arms thrashed, he grabbed her wrist with a gloved hand. “Nuh-uh, Rayanna,” he chided.

The principal walked up to him. “Maybe we should put our rivalry aside for the moment,” Rayanna suggested.

“Don’t forget you’re still my prey.” The boy released her, she rubbed her wrists. The blond couldn’t help but think of the antique dolls she used to see in the windows of the downtown shop that closed down years ago. But Arssaya had to really concentrate to understand what she was saying because of her thick accent.

“How did you get here, young lady?” the principal asked sternly.

“Sorry fer coming in like this, rather rude of us.” Rayanna curtsied, smiling at them. It was the kind of smile that said “Who me? A threat?” Arssaya suddenly got a really bad feeling in her gut.

Then the security officer spoke, “Drop your weapon and put your hands on the ground!” he commanded, pointing a gun at them. Reaper launched himself at the security officer then he fired two shots directly at him.

The boy screamed as electricity ran through his body, turns out it wasn’t a gun but a Taser. At that exact moment, Rayanna blasted the officer with energy coming from her hands. To Arssaya’s horror, the cop started to scream as something long protruded from his backside and his body started to shrink. The other kids and teachers completely lost it and started running desperately for the exit. But Rayanna started pointing her finger at people firing off sparks like she was shooting a gun.

Arssaya watched in horror as her classmates and teachers dropped and started to transform like the officer. Then a beam hit her and she cried out in agony as something protruded from her behind; it was like period cramps times ten! Then the pain stopped, she looked down in horror at the lizard tail she now sported.

“AHHHHHHHH!” she screamed. Nick had his jacket in front of himself like a shield and Lanika had the sense to duck behind Nick. Everyone else was a lizard. The magical girl stood there, trying to control her slightly heavy breathing.

“Why didn’t that work?” she asked the scythe boy, not taking her eyes from Arssaya and the other survivors.

“Lizards.” The boy looked amused. Rayanna flushed. “I just panicked…did that first thing that popped into me head.”

Arssaya grabbed her tail. “Fix this!” she shouted.

“All the others turned ta lizards except the one ducked and the other who shielded, this should be a full transformation!” the girl sounded baffled.

“Well.” He ripped his gloves off with his teeth and Arssaya gasped seeing the bony, skeletal hands. “I’ll have to do this the old fashioned way.” He smirked rushing toward her and then without thinking Arssaya whacked him in his out of focus face with her newly found tail. Rayanna laughed at the sight.

“Did you just hit me with your tail?” Skeleton boy asked.

“Um, maybe,” Arssaya responded.

“Well, that’s a new one,” he commented then he lunged for her again, she dodged

“Hey, don’t let him touch ya he has a death touch!” Rayanna shouted.

“Whose side are you on?” Skeleton boy demanded as Arssaya took the chance to slap him with her tail again. She saw Nick pull off his jacket, which had a large circle like shape stitched into the fabric of the front and toss it to the ground, apparently, he had a plan. Rayanna rushed toward the exit doors scythe still in hand.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Lanika blocked the other girl’s path.

Rayanna brandished the scythe. “Last warning, ya let me though or get chopped ta pieces.”

Arssaya felt her throat dry up, and then her body gave way to a familiar icy tingling feeling, as the sudden rush of energy filled her body. “Chop this!” she snapped letting loose, numerous, cold, icy...snowflakes? Arssaya looked in shock as the soft snowflakes fluttered from her fingers and onto the other girl’s hair.

“Ouch, I’m in so much pain from the snowdrift.” Rayanna deadpanned.

Reaper shrieked with laughter at the sight. “Damnit, I hate this stupid power!” Arssaya screamed, wanting to crawl into a hole and die of embarrassment. She put her hand’s out again trying to draw on the same energy she used to freeze Misty. Rayanna swung her scythe nearly missing Arssaya’s shoes.

“Nick, now!” Lanika shouted. The circle on Nick’s jacket sleeve started to glow. Then an invisible force grabbed the two kids and pulled them into the center of the jacket.

“Yes, we did it!” Arssaya and Lanika exclaimed.

“We?” Nick asked.

“I did, um, snowflakes,” the blond explained awkwardly.

“Next time just summon Frosty the Snowman to kick her butt,” he scoffed.

“Has anyone ever told you, you’re kind of an ass?” Arssaya folded her arms.

“Wait a minute, where did the scary skeleton boy go?” Lanika asked seeing they only got Rayanna in their trap.

Said skeleton boy reappeared. “Oh, and this is mine!” He snatched the scythe

“Crap I didn’t get him!” Nick exclaimed. Then the scythe boy lunged and Nick waved his hand a thread shot out of the jacket lying on the ground and shot toward his target.

He vanished and reappeared two steps away. “You know this is kind of fun!” Another thread shot out, Reaper smirked “Over here!” he called before reappearing again.

“He’s a frigging teleporter!” Arssaya yelled.

“Yohoo, humans!” Reaper taunted.

Nick shot a thread out from the jacket Reaper vanished, “Count to five!” the witch ordered. “One, two three, four,” He shot another thread two steps to the left.

“Five!” Lanika exclaimed as Reaper was snagged by the thread.

“Yes!” The three of them exchanged high fives. Then the boy pressed his hand to the thread and it shriveled leading all the way down to the jacket which disintegrated causing Rayanna to be thrown to the ground. Reaper hauled her to her feet.

“You help me and I’ll give you a fifteen-minute head start,” he promised. Rayanna nodded and waved her hand and attacked again, Lanika ran for the door she didn’t get far only a stone statue remained. Then Arssaya felt her own body get blasted by Rayanna’s magic only to feel a sensation of nothing in her foot she looked down and saw her whole leg was made of stone.

“You call yourself a fairie, you useless little bitch?” Reaper sneered.

“It’s her, I can’t curse her all the way,” Rayanna protested backing up. “Ya promised so ya have ta let me go.”

Reaper grabbed her by the face roughly. “You’ll go when I say you can go!”

Arssaya scowled. “Hey asshole, leave her alone!” she shouted.

“Arssaya, be quiet!” Nick hissed.

The skeleton boy turned. “What did you say?” he demanded.

“You heard me, you think you’re some big man pushing around girls, what’s the matter, overcompensating? Carry around that big scythe to make up for your tiny little di—” She was cut off by him grabbing her roughly.

“It’s not smart to antagonize those who are stronger than you.” Reaper stated.

“Hey, leave her alone!” Nick shouted. “What is there a sign sticking of your head with the words space for rent?” he taunted.

“If I hate anything more than a mouthy dame it’s a white knight,” he commented, letting go of Arssaya and grabbing Nick roughly and dragging him forward. Arssaya begged her foot to move, but the stone didn’t move, that was the problem.

“I owe you for trapping me.” Reaper picked up his scythe off the floor. “Leg or arm?” he questioned aloud. The boy’s lips moved and he started praying something about a confession and Holly Berry was all Arssaya heard. Useless nonsense, there was no God, the fact Nick was about to be slaughtered just proved what she had suspected all along.

“Wait can I da it?” Rayanna asked. “You bitch, you...” The girl waved her hand and Arssaya suddenly couldn’t move her tongue.

“Nice. You know? Shutting up stupid bitches is almost worth keeping you around.” Reaper commented.

“Ya didn’t answer me question.” Rayanna draped her arms around him loosely.

“Having the very girl he was trying to save hurt him, yes.” Reaper shoved her off of him lightly. He handed her the scythe.

She swung it and sliced off Reaper’s leg. Rayanna uncursed Nick, took him by the hand, and the two of them raced out of the auditorium through the exit doors.

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