Descendants of Magic

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chapter 19


Rashell looked at his burned wrists. His arms still weren’t healing as quickly as usual, thanks to the Unseelie King using pure iron. Rashell turned and studied the siren’s unconscious form, feeling a bit guilty, despite the man’s own violation of his mind.

Treasure had been kind to the fairy, and the siren looked as fair as the god Apollo himself, with his gently falling curls, the bow mouth which seemed to smile easily, eyes that although dark in appearance always seemed to look forward to a bright future. Muscles that although were well defined weren’t large enough to appear intimidating. The fact he had the confidence to laugh at himself, just added to the appeal.

Sighing Rashell turned. “I’m a dolt for a handsome face, and I haven’t laughed in awhile so...” Rashell shrugged. “Just don’t tell anyone, I have a reputation ta keep.” The fairy winked at the unconscious siren. Then he caught sight of Reaper’s form and scowled his hand itching to reach for his knife. “It would be so easy ta kill ya, but that would mean admitting ya scared me.”

He heard the rattling of a pipe. “If you’re done monologuing I could use some assistance,” the human who was tied to the pipe said.

“Oh, sorry.” Rashell picked up Reapers knife and cut the man’s bonds easily. The man rubbed his wrists where the rope burns were and straightened his crumpled suit. “Makulu Sahib, Senator of the US Congress.” The man looked a bit nervous.

“Relax I’m not gonna eat ya,” the Leanansidhe said.

“I think I’ve asked this about twenty times today, but what the hell?” the man demanded.

“No time. We have ta move now.” Rashell said. He hurried out the door and up the stairs, Makulu panting after him. The Leanansidhe saw a bunch of junk from the Unseelie Court lying there in two huge piles. Near it on his pillow lay Dagda’s Minotaur snoring loudly. Apparently, Reaper decided to dump the rest of his spoils. Makulu froze and eyed the beast nervously. Rashell tiptoed toward the pile and rummaged through it where it was finally he found his white lace parcel and picked it up. He selected a sparkly bag made of weird material with the picture of an adorable kittens cuddling on the front. There was also a black one with a skull on it. However, Rashell felt the kitty one had more charm. Feeling drawn to it he started shoving anything that resembled a weapon that would fit into the strange nap sack. Goddess, it seemed Reaper had been stockpiling for the whole court.

“Here.” He shoved a dagger at the human.

“I can’t fight!” he replied.

“Ya want ta live, don’t ya?” Rashell asked rhetorically.

“We need a quick escape route,” the human responded, taking the dagger quickly.

Rashell’s eyes fell on the Minotaur which was still snoring. “Quick, ya say?” he asked innocently.

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