Descendants of Magic

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chapter 20


Arssaya sat at the driver’s wheel of her car as she zoomed out of the school parking lot.

“You’re going over the speed limit. Oh god, oh god.” Nick kept muttering to himself and running his hands through his dark brown hair distractedly.

“We shouldn’t have left our school behind,” Lanika said guiltily.

“The spell wasn’t permanent; they should be waking up naked on the ground right about now,” Rayanna laughed.

“You think this is funny?” Arssaya snapped, glaring at Rayanna.

“Everyone is going ta be bare arsed screaming ‘where’s me clothes’, it’s hysterical!” she cackled.

“Damn, I left my spellbook and sewing kit inside!” Nick realized, the stitched socks still on his hands, he twisted the soft fabric nervously.

“Want to go back? Be my guest.” Lanika said.

Nick gulped. “No, that’s okay; I have a spare kit at home anyway. What I don’t understand is why you couldn’t turn Reaper into a lizard, instead of getting your ass kicked.” He said looking at Rayanna through the rearview mirror. The raven-haired girl was sitting on Lanika’s lap, her eyes looked heavy.

“Me kind can’t use magic against each other. Fairie magic doesn’t work on other full-blooded fairies. Now, there are exceptions for some of us with more mixed bloodlines, but it’s rare.” Rayanna explained in a sleepy voice.

“Ha, knew it! Well okay, suspected it.” the witch boy admitted.

“ can’t be a fairy, fairies are cute and miniature and non-violent, why are you laughing? Stop laughing at me!” Arssaya ordered as Rayanna rolled on the seat howling while a jostled Lanika looked utterly annoyed.

“Bueno o le fate si arriva,” Nick said flatly.

“English, dork, we’re not all bilingual,” Lanika smirked in response, Arssaya looked more irritated.

“It’s something grandma used to say, it translates to ‘be good or the fairies will get you’,” the witch teen explained.

“Sounds...ha-ha like your grandma was smart.” Rayanna wiped her eyes.

“Yeah, she was.” Nick felt a wave of sadness wash over him.

“I did not mean ta bring up unpleasant memories.” The fairies’ humor faded as she studied his face.

“It’s fine, so where do we go? School is technically still in session.” The boy observed.

“I vote we throw her out.” Lanika raised her hand.

“Excuse me? Yer the only one who didn’t actually do anything,” the fairie pointed out.

“Well, I wouldn’t have to do anything, if you’d kept your magic to yourself,” the half-genie retorted.

“It was a crowded room and all of ya looked hostile!” Rayanna shot back. The two magic girls broke out into a heated argument.

“Hey, children! Quiet back there.” Nick joked.

“Why can’t someone else can’t put her in their lap?” Lanika groused.

“I’m driving and my legally blind ass needs to focus on the road” Arssaya reminded her.

Nick cleared his throat awkwardly. “I can’t have a pretty fairy girl in my lap, for obvious hormonal reasons.” There was an awkward silence as the implications sunk in.

“So that being said, you’re our only option,” Arssaya added.

“Ugh! Fine what’s our plan?” she asked.

“We go to my house and try to figure things out,” Nick said.

“Fine,” Lanika huffed.

“Why aren’t people happier? I mean, we just escaped death by this much.” Arssaya pointed out.

The rest of the trip was spent in silence. Suddenly, the smell of something burning came through his window. “Ugh! Mr. Johnson really needs to stop burning...” Then Nick caught something out of the corner of his eye and looked out the window. His eyes were filled with horror.

“Nick, what’s wrong, Nick?”

He could barely breathe.

“Stop the car!” he ordered.

“What?” Arssaya looked out the window and gasped. There was black smoke filling the sky. Nick wrenched open the door and ran as fast as he could toward the smell and smoke, what he saw shattered him. Fire trucks were parked in front of his neighborhood, and a crowd gathered looking dazzled and shocked at the sight of the whole trailer park blazing. Nick couldn’t move, he couldn’t breathe, and he just stood there watching as his childhood home slowly burned to the ground.

“Nick!” a voice shouted. He turned to see women with dark hair.
“Mom!” He flung himself into her arms as if he were five years old again, taking comfort in the smell of her cheap lilac perfume. He soon found himself pulled into a bear hug by his father as well. His relatives also soon swarmed him, questions on their lips.

“Let me through please,” called a voice as a thirtyish-year-old blond man pushed his way to the front of the crowd. A beautiful red-haired woman followed him her face tight with worry.

“Mr. Whitney?” he asked with little surprise. Of course his parent’s friend from college would be there.

“Nick, shouldn’t you be in school? Did something happen? Is Arssaya all right?” Mr. Whitney asked urgently.

“The power went out, the generator got busted, so they sent us home,” Nick lied quickly. “Arssaya is with me, she’s fine.”

Relief appeared on both faces. He turned back to his mom. “What happened here?” he asked quietly.

Her face took on a dazed look “There was a blue light, and they came out of nowhere.” His mother’s face held childlike awe.

“What, what came?” the boy demanded impatiently jostling her arm.

“The dragons,” she whispered. The witch felt his breath catch in his throat. “But that’s impossible, dragons were hunted to extinction during the Dark Ages.”

“Well, boy, we saw them,” his grandfather said gruffly. “Nearly got barbecued by them.”

“Where are they?” he asked numbly.

“They flew off, God only knows where,” his Father said.

Nick scanned the crowd. “So the whole family is here.”

“I alerted them of the situation,” said a crisp Italian voice. He turned and saw a beautiful woman standing there, wearing black shades. The women was gorgeous, she had slightly wavy hair that was as black as the night sky and skin as pale as cream, she wore tinted sunglasses and a black sun hat, a white cream-colored blouse with a long black skirt and black boots to match. She came closer, Nick backed up confused.

“Aunt Bia?” the witch breathed in stunned disbelief.

“Hello Nickolas, I think it’s about time for a family reunion,” his very old great aunt greeted him, giving him a friendly smile and flashing her sharp fangs.

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