Descendants of Magic

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chapter 23


Jenny was crying buckets. “Oh, for Cod’s sake, Jenny, pull yourself together!” Sealiea snapped. Jenny had been crying ever since a nervous blue nixie with reeds in its hair had informed them that according to Reaper, Dagda was dead. Sealiea had been in an anxious mood ever since she went down to the basement and found her husband unconscious. Frantically, she had shaken him awake, he was fine, but she sensed there was something he was keeping from her.

Although seeing Reaper’s unconscious form and the burns which marred his face had lifted her spirits considerably Jenny tried unsuccessfully to muffle her choked sobs. She watched her husband rub soothing circles on Jenny’s back, as she snotted all over his toga. Treasure glared at her. “Stop being so mean,” he said.

Sealiea sighed, she felt for Jenny she really did, losing someone you cared about, well, there were no words to describe the sensation. However, comfort had never been her strong suit, other people’s grief made her feel awkward. What was she supposed to say? She had to be firm; they were in a bad situation. Crying wasn’t going to get them out of it. “Yes, well, I don’t mean to be heartless, but can’t you grieve later? We’ve got a court to keep busy, a throne to secure and a prisoner to recapture...” Then two Unseelie guards rushed downstairs into the basement shaking and glancing at their feet. Jenny quickly jolted upward and wiped her eyes to hide the evidence. “What?” Sealiea demanded.

The two fairies looked at each other shuffled and nudged each other going, “You tell her, no you tell her.” back and forth.

“Someone tell me now, or one of you will be cleaning up blood off the floor,” the siren threatened.

“What my wife is saying is ‘please go on’,” Treasure interjected.

“No, I meant what I said,” she corrected.

Treasure leaned down and whispered into her ear, “As of five minutes ago, we’re not untouchable.”

“All the more reason to show them we’re still cutthroat,” she replied. Her husband nodded and Sealiea made a ‘continue’ motion.

They exchanged looks and one replied, “The prisoner has...”

She held up a hand. “Has slipped by your oh so watchful eyes,” the siren drawled.

“I believe your husband was on watch,” one of the bolder one’s shot back coldly. Treasure squirmed in place only deepening her suspicions. Sealiea scowled.

“Treasure was wounded trying to stop the pest,” she added slyly. “Funny how none of you have so much as a scratch.” The guards looked embarrassed.

“He took the minotaur!“another one protested.

“Cheeky little bugger waved at us!” added another.

“Mental lad rode that bucking beast right past us,” another said sounding awed.

“Took our tithe offering.” The siren snatched the club from across his back, then before they could act, she charged whacking the fool across the face. The dark fairie fell to the ground crying out in pain. The other ran toward the door only to be grabbed by Jenny.

She wagged a green webbed finger in his face “Ah, ah, ah,” her friend chided. Sealiea smirked feeling a bit happier as she raised her club again.

“Sealiea, no!” Treasure put himself in-between her and her prey.

“Get out of my way darling,” she warned.

“Let’s discuss this like rational beings,” he begged hopefully putting his arm out to shield her victim, his broken one hung at his side like an accusation.

“They let the prisoner escape, I’m punishing them,” she justified herself.

“Well, then you might as well take a swing at me too,” Treasure stated firmly.

“You didn’t let him go intentionally.” She scoffed, surely he wouldn’t be that dense. His dark eyes were filled with guilt. “Did you? You did.” she realized out loud.

She backed up and glared at him. “Why the shell did you do it?” the siren girl demanded.

“I saw his wrists...I couldn’t.” he said quietly his curly hair slumped forward.

“Cod, you are such a bleeding heart!” she screamed angrily. Did he have any clue what he did? What he had put her through? That dark muse could have killed him!

Sealiea curled her other fist tempted to let lose but catching a glimpse of Treasure’s smooth olive cheek gave her pause. He wouldn’t look good with a swollen eye she decided before uncurling her fingers.

“He looked so small and helpless,” Treasure defended.

“Like the old man you protected from the queen’s guards, by hiding him in our home. How did that creep thank you? Oh, yes, by robbing us blind!” Sealiea reminded him.

“That was one time,” her husband protested.

“And you obviously haven’t learned a clam thing!” she shouted. “If he’s not stopped we’re done for, do you understand? Done for!”

“I know! Okay, I know!” her husband snapped. “It was a stupid thing to do, I’m a dolt.”

“Stop it, the both of you! This isn’t helping.” Jenny sounded on the verge of tears.

“Jenny?” Sealiea questioned. The water fairie took a few deep breaths her body shook. The siren girl was at her friend’s side in minutes patting her shoulder awkwardly. Treasure cleared his throat.

“She’s right, help me get him onto his back.” Treasure put his hand to Reaper’s pulse.

“Are you joking?” his wife demanded as Jenny did so.

“Okay, lift his legs twelve inches into the air.” The water fairie did so while Treasure checked his airwaves loosening his collar to make sure it wasn’t constricting. “He’s breathing.” Treasure felt relieved.

“So?” she grouched.

“We’ve got to move him. Jenny, help, please.” Treasure tried to grab his friend’s legs, but only one hand made this difficult. He swore a look of frustration crossed his face, as he tried again.

“Treasure, stop, go sit down, you can’t hope to lift his body with one hand,” Sealiea ordered.

“No one else is going to try and move my friend out of the basement!” he snapped in response.

“I’m sure Reaper would be oh so willing to move my injured body,” Sealia drawled.

“You tried to light his bed on fire while he was in it,” her husband retorted.

She sighed. “Too bad Dagda got there two seconds early.” Treasure gave her a dark look. “If I do this, will you take it easy?” He nodded. Grumbling Sealiea directed the minions to help her, picking up her husband’s friend.

“Okay, turn left and walk him up the stairs,” Treasure ordered. “The top is a bit low so duck slightly.” He advised the duo turned and did so. After some effort on their part and much grunting they managed to get Reaper up the stairs and back near the aquarium area. Sealiea let Reaper hit the ground with a bang. “Sealiea!” her husband cried out in exasperation.

“He was too heavy,” the siren girl said innocently. Treasure eyed her toned body, doubt written on his face. The siren boy deciding to pick his battles and turned to their minions.

“You two get the bed from inside Baba Yaga’s hut, we’ll lay him on that.” Treasure commanded.

“Really, we’re giving him a bed too?” she complained.

“Sealiea, please.”

The two dark fairies went over to the hunt and opened the door disappearing inside the deceased witch’s house. Seconds later they emerged with a bed that looked normal except it was made entirely from bones. “Okay, carry it over there, on three we get him in the bed.” Sealiea reluctantly nodded “Alright, one two three!” The three of them heaved Reaper’s form onto the bed and laid him down. He didn’t stir even for an instant.

“Is he still alive even?”

Treasure wrung his hands. “He better clam well be alive,” she said testily.

Treasure biting his lip leaned over and felt Reaper’s neck. “There’s a pulse,” he exclaimed happily. Her mood soured even more at the news.

“You know we do need him,” her husband pointed out.

“How so?” Sealiea couldn’t wait to hear his explanation for this.

“We need a candidate for the Unseelie Court throne who supports us,” he pointed out.

“You want to put Reaper on the Unseelie throne?” Sealiea felt her teeth clench at the very thought.

“It’s just a thought,” he said quietly.

“It’s a horrible one” Sealiea explained.

“If you don’t like my ideas, you could try for the throne?” Treasure suggested.

“Why don’t you?” she shot back.

Treasure laughed. “Oh, you don’t want me as King,” he said brightly.

“What could you do that’s so horrible?” Sealiea teased.

“Everyone will have their own private ninja trainer, and I’ll move the whole Unseelie Court into a life size bouncy house,” Treasure declared.

Sealiea chuckled “Bouncy house!” she giggled at the image of goblins and trolls and various dark fairies in armor bouncing about.

“They sound like a lot of fun,” he defended.

“Okay, now I’m seriously considering you as a ruler,” Sealiea joked.

“Really!” her husband sounded nervous as he continued to speak. “I’ll, um, end the war.” he threatened sliding up beside her.

“Good it’s getting tiresome.” His wife mimicked a yawn.

“Clam! Okay fine I’ll... declare the 24th National Cuddle Day.” he threatened.

“It will inconvenience Reaper more than I,” she sang gleefully.

“I’ll ban steak!” She froze, this joke had gone too far.

“You wouldn’t?” Her husband grinned evilly at her. “You know I wasn’t serious about you ruling.” Sealiea said.

“Oh, now you’re only joking.” He smirked.

“Hey, you don’t mess with my steak, any monarch tries and I’ll make what happened to Marie Antoinette look merciful,” she declared sternly.

“I wasn’t serious either, I’m rather fond of my skin on my back, I’m not nice enough to volunteer to have it draped over a table,” Treasure responded.

“The Wild Hunt is more into the skinning thing, but I see your point,” his wife mused.

“I know you have no wish to sit on the throne,” her husband said.

“Too much appeasing the masses and trying to make nice with everyone.” She made a face. “Remember the one time Dagda sent me and Reaper on the diplomatic mission?”

Treasure nodded. “Yeah, according to Reaper, you left the Boogeyman in tears.”

“I tend to have that effect on people,” she acknowledged.

“I still think Reaper is our best choice,” her husband added.

Sealiea groaned. “He cares about the Unseelie Court; Dagda has all but adopted him. He’s protected us for years...he conveys the right image, he’s won many battles...”

She cut him off her mounting frustration became unbearable. “You’re forgetting about his one... ”

Treasure cut Sealiea off this time. “His one desire is to bed all the girls in the court. You know I heard a joke once.” His smile was bright but he shot her a look of urgency.

Sealiea suddenly remembered they weren’t alone. “Well, what are you still doing here? Go put on your battle armor, you have a dark muse to recapture.” she ordered to the minions. The two goons hurried off with the swiftness of a sea breeze.

“That was close, Treasure stated look relieved.

“If you’re going to help the comatose lump, I’d suggest your arm yourself.” Treasure picked up his jester staff. “If you are attacked, don’t falter.” she warned her husband.

“Where are you going?” he asked as she picked up her bow.

“I’ve got a few candidates for the throne who owe me huge favors,” she responded. Then she left the aquarium.

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