Descendants of Magic

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chapter 27


The fairie sat in the back of Arssaya’s car fingers nervously drumming. Here she was, being forced to go out in public. The house was fine since it was big enough that she didn’t have to be surrounded by lots of people....but now. “What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?” the blond demanded.

“This is frivolous,” Rayanna responded.

“I needed to get out the house, if one more person asked if they could touch my hair, I was going to lose it.” Arssaya explained, yanking her from the safety of the car.

“Can I touch it?” Rayanna asked with faux innocence.

The other girl gave her a sharp glare “No!”

See why not take that route with everyone?” Rayanna questioned sarcastically.

“I usually don’t like upsetting people, you seem to be the exception.” the other girl informed the fairie snatching her purse from the seat.

“What did yee say? Yer dad won’t stop questioning me.” Rayanna said.

Arssaya sighed. “I told him you weren’t human. It was the only way, knowing him, he would of made a few calls find out you don’t have any papers and no identification.” she explained. Rayanna suddenly felt very out of place, her mask of disdain fell off for an instant.

“Doesn’t matter. After the Rave, I’m out of yer life fer good.” Rayanna replied a matter of factly.

“Why? I mean, everyone in this house has been super nice to you.”

The Leanansidhe turned to her. “I’m not ungrateful, I appreciate all you’ve done,” she said cordially. ” However, I think it’s best we part ways”

Arssaya took Rayanna over to the front entrance of the building and then went in. “It’s an Art museum,” She stood in front of the poster. “I wasn’t wrong, was I? I looked up some stuff on Lenansidhe while you were helping my parents. I mean, you wouldn’t inspire art if you weren’t passionate about it, right?” Rayanna felt a sudden stab of nervousness and the familiar feeling of being trapped. Yes, she did love art, but the thought of all those other people surrounding her.

“I want ta go back in the car,” she admitted turning to go. Arssaya grabbed her arm making her skin crawl. “Hands off or I’ll remove them!” she snarled if she had ears they would of flattened.

“What is your issue? I’m trying to be nice.” the albino reminded her.

“I appreciate the gesture, Arssaya Whitney, I just can’t.” Rayanna’s voice was tight. Then she turned and rushed back to the car got inside and slammed the door she locked it from the inside.

“Ray, open the door, Ray. come on, let’s talk about this, Ray!” Arssaya called from outside. Rayanna ignored her, her chest hurt and she felt light headed the car seats were starting to spin no no, no not this not now!

“Mum, I’m sorry I ruined things for ya...I--” Rayanna lay on her furs in the tent. The women with long blond hair stroked her hair.

“It wasn’t yee fault ...” The fairie girl started to cry. “Shhh, it’s okay,” the women’s arms wrapped around her and Rayanna flinched, frowning, the women let her go.

“I feel...broken why I can’t control meself?“Rayanna whispered tearfully. The women whipped the snot from her face.

“All Lenansidhe women are broken in some way, we lead a cursed existence. Someday you’ll meet a man or women; their gift will call to yee and you’ll want ta nurture it and in the process you’ll fall madly in love.” She paused “Then within the span of a few years you’ll slowly drive them into madness and eventually ta an early grave.”

Rayanna felt horror well up in her breast. “I refuse.” she stated with cold conviction.

“You’ll change yer mind when yer flesh starts ta rot,” the women said sadly.” Yer a beautiful lass, all will love ya and despair. None more than yourself.” Rayanna looked at her stubbornly “Take me advice, child, love yer own kind even if they mistreat yee they at least will always be around. Humans have their charms yet they are inconstant.” Then there was a cry. The two females looked over to see Rayanna’s twin Rashell bolt upright sweaty and shaking.

“Mummy. Mummy!” he yelled. The softness disappeared from the women’s face and she got up from Rayanna’s furs.

“Stop crying, lads aren’t scared of anything!” The familiar harshness in her voice set Rayanna on edge. Rashell shrank back from her, the women’s face went slack “I’m going out ta get a pint.” she declared. Then she turned to Rashell and added. “I suggest ya pray ta the gods ta lend yee some of their manly strength.” Then she stormed out of the tent. Rayanna waited until her footsteps had faded and went over to Rashell.

“Why does she hate me?” he mumbled. Rayanna had no reply.

“Want ta tell me about it?” she asked.

He shook his head. “It’s me being an reject,”

Rayanna looked at him. “Yee remember the story Adonis told us about the boy who left home ta find out what fear was?” she asked him. Rashell nodded. “He found it so I’m a thinking that if even the boy who faced demons, water monsters, still eventually found fear. Its okay if ya get scared.” She smiled at him.

“I have prayed fer strength,” Rashell responded ” I think the gods are deaf.”

“I think mum is wrong about some things. She says humans are inconstant and stick ta yer own kind.”

Rashell gasped “No mum has ta be right yer the one that’s wrong!” Rayanna turned away from him. Denying him the soft touch she had been about to give him with brutal sharpness.

“Yee know adopting her ideologies won’t make her love yee,” She caught Rashell’s hurt desperate face out of the corner of her eye. “She is wrong. She calls yee weak and me strong. That’s not true.” A sense of melancholy washed over her.

“I learned a song today, maybe when ya feel stressed ya could sing it?” her twin offered. Rayanna turned back to him, he gave her a hopeful look. “Sing a happy wee song, sing ta keep going strong, when yer as melancholy as the sea is salty sing sing a happy wee song!” Rashell finished.

“It’s not much of a song,” Rayanna commented.” Sounds like it was made up on the spot.”

“Ya know Adonis,” Rashell looked a bit starry eyed.

Rayanna hugged him. He had earned it. Rashell melted into the embrace. “I’ll try it, I don’t care what anyone says, I like yee the way yee are.” she said truthfully.

“Sing a happy wee song, Sing ta keep going strong, when yer as melancholy as the sea is salty sing, sing a happy wee song!” Rayanna belted out. ” Sing a happy wee song, sing ta keep going strong, when yer as melancholy as the sea is salty sing sing a happy wee song!” she sang the lyrics over and over again until the car stopped spinning and she could feel her feet again breathing a sigh of relief. She collapsed into the car seat.

“Rayanna let me in this instant, I’m not mad, I just want to talk!” Oh, right. Rayanna unlocked the door, Arssaya opened it and sat down next to her in the driver’s seat. “Are you even going to tell me what’s going on?” she asked.

“No.” Rayanna responded.

“Okay, so I’m supposed to just accept you had a good reason for bolting and locking me outside my own car and not ask any questions?” the albino sounded irritated.

“Da what ya want,” Rayanna responded.

“What I want is to help.”

The Leanansidhe glared. “Why should I accept the help of someone who can’t even come ta terms with their own identity?” Rayanna snapped. “Look at me! I’m Arssaya, I’m normal, I’m normal! Ugh! Yer self-denial makes me sick.”

“Do you know what people say about albinos, huh, do you?” she questioned.

" I--” Rayanna began.

Arssaya cut her off. “It was a rhetorical question. In grade school I was known as the stupid albino because I couldn’t read the blackboard. The other kids used to call me things like snow cone, and threw soda cans at me. The other girls only let me play with them when they needed a...creature. My dad had to threaten to sue the school before the principal stopped turning a blind eye. Even now in high school during Misty’s reign of equality if I get mad at anyone people will visibly flinch away from me because the scary Albino is coming through!” Her voice was bitter “The sad part is I completely can’t blame them. You know in some countries people like me aren’t even seen as people, instead, we’re supernatural abominations. Therefore, I can’t accept it.”

To Arssaya’s surprise Rayanna suddenly wrapped her into a hug.“Yee are human, don’t ever let anyone take that away from yee.” the Leanansidhe murmured. Then she let go of a surprised Arssaya. “It’s not the reality a human would have been fully affected by your curse ” A tear slid down Arssaya’s cheek. Rayanna wiped it away with her hand gently.

“Yee have a bit of fairie blood, however, fairie blood is not restricted ta albinos. Quite a few humans have it and most albinos have no fairie blood. It’s ignorance ta associate a different appearance with a person’s humanity.” she finished.

“Why are you being so nice all of a sudden?” she asked “Do you pity me?”

Rayanna hesitated then decided to respond. “Not pity. Understanding. For what it’s worth I think of you as a person.” Arssaya returned the hug, getting what she was trying to say Rayanna saw the sincerity in her eyes and suddenly felt overcome with a strange emotion. She quickly brushed it off. She put a hand on Arssaya’s shoulder. “Don’t think of embracing yer gifts as losing yer humanity then of it as making yourself stronger ta deal with the challenges head.”

Arssaya turned to Rayanna. ” Will you teach me?” she asked, her face strangely vulnerable. Rayanna inwardly smiled triumphantly as the thing she had been waiting patiently for all week finally happened. While today had been unexpected. The children and their lessons had been a way for Arssaya to associate her with teaching. The playfulness, although fun, had served a purpose to strengthen their relationship without Rayanna having to let Arssaya in too deeply. While the things she told Arssaya hadn’t been lies; Arssaya was a human, an incredibly gifted one with many exploitable issues.

“I’m not sure I’m the best fairie fer the job,” she bit her lip nervously. I am the only fairie fer the job. she gloated inwardly.

“You’re the only fairie for the job, who else would agree to teach me?” Arssaya questioned.

“I suppose I could try...” Rayanna put reluctance into her voice.

“We’ll start the minute we get home.” Arssaya decided.

Yee may want ta be the hero, Arssaya Whitney, but yee forgot one thing. The hero can easily be ensnared by a beautiful monster. Rayanna mused to herself as Arssaya put the keys into the ignition not questioning her any further about what had happened. I hate happy endings, so I’m stealing yer script, I’ll write a tragedy instead. An amused smile which Arssaya was too busy driving to see. After all, I am the Dark Muse.

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