Descendants of Magic

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chapter 29


Arssaya closed out her hand and stuck it out. Annoyed, she stuck it out again, and again back and forth back and -- the fairie sighed. “Stop, you’re embarrassing yerself,”

“The brownies you made did something to them!” Arssaya realized.

“He accepted me hospitality by the laws of magic he’s now in me power.” Rayanna confessed.

“I ate your brownies too,” Arssaya argued.

“I didn’t invite yee ta taste it, so it was not accepted hospitality.” Then her head snapped to the painting laying on Nick’s father’s wall. Then she stretched her hand toward the painting sparks flew at it and the painted canvas swirled and then before Arssaya could process this new reality, pieces of abstract art flew out of the painting. They hovered in the air, Rayanna’s fingers conducting them holding them in place.

Arssaya looked at her fearfully “You wouldn’t?” Rayanna positioned her fingers as if drawing a bowstring. “Okay, okay!” the half-faerie yelled edging toward the chair. Rayanna gave a flick of her hand and the abstract pieces flew right back into their canvas, the whole painting froze.

“Take the compact mirror out of yer purse and set it on the table.” Arssaya compiled quickly. “Biacaneve, your bint, I know you’re watching.” the fairie stated. The mirror flickered to life and the face of the vampires jumped out of it like a 3D image at the movie theater. Arssaya jumped in surprise, she was not expecting that.

“Release my great-nephew immediately, and I promise you I won’t burn everyone you love alive, and I’ll remove your head, instead of tearing you to pieces.” The vampire promised.

“Yee touch either of them, and I’ll start mutilating meself.” Rayanna hissed pressing the blade near her thumb.

“You expect us to believe you’d actually hurt yourself?” Arssaya scoffed.

“If the alternative is dying at yer hand, I might.” The fairie mused thoughtfully.

“What? you’re insane!” Nick yelled in response.

“I’ll the more reason ta humor me,” the raven-haired girl suggested.

“Fine, what do you want, harlot?”

Rayanna rolled her eyes. “Over a thousand years and yee still can’t come up with an original insult.” The vampires growled. ” Belay that leech, we’re playing by me rules now. Yer going ta make absolutely sure Rashell shows up at the rave. Touch him and you’ll be the one lit of fire. Also, cancel whatever plan ya had ta off Arssaya and I.”

The vampire glanced at Nick nervously. “I do not know what you mean muse, your paranoia...” Rayanna’s eyes flashed and her knife danced closer to her thumb. “Fine. I’ll call them off! Just don’t hurt my nephew!” Arssaya felt her mouth drop open, the faerie was right she was. Nick glared at his aunt coldly. “Don’t look at me like that Nickolas, I just wanted you to be safe.”

Rayanna’s smile was vindictive. “Don’t give him that bollocks. Ya were hired ta take care of me. She’s a bounty hunter probably hired by the Unseelie, and Arssaya well you just have a petty grudge, don’t ya?”

Nick gasped. “You wanted to kill Arssaya, why?”

The vampires growled. “She hurt you! That foul half breed little tramp made you cry for days.”

Both Arssaya and Nick gave her looks of disbelief. “You want to kill me over something I did at fourteen. What the hell is wrong with you?” Arssaya exclaimed.

“You want to commit murder because my feelings got hurt! You’re crazier than Rayanna!” Nick then looked at the faerie. “And I meant every offense.” he added tightly. Rayanna shrugged as if to say fair enough. “What are you going to kill every one of my bullies?...Oh my God.” Realization came across Nick’s face. ” Padre, Sammy, Thomas, Jennifer, and Lilly, every time you came to visit...they vanished.” He looked like he was trying not to be sick.

“They deserve everything they got.”

Arssaya sat up disgust rolling through her veins. “Screw you, they were kids, you self-righteous bitch!”

Rayanna calmly sat down. “She used ta slaughter whole villages in fairie,” the Leanansidhe offered.

“Like you’re miss innocent. What about the men who died in your loving embrace!” the vampires snapped.

“Lasses got ta eat,” she responded casually. “Now it’s getting late, I suggest yee get yer arse over here now.”

Biacaneve’s head vanished back into the mirror and the cool glass went black “Get yer car keys out.” Rayanna rose. Arssaya thought fast, thinking up an excuse to get away from the dangerous fairie.

“My parents are going to flip if I’m not home soon,” Arssaya argued.

“That’s not me problem,” Rayanna said carelessly.

“I don’t even have my dress on,” the blond added.

“Also not important ta me.” the fairie responded. Arssaya gloomily did so as slowly as possible, Rayanna’s eyes constantly fixed on her to make sure she didn’t try anything.

Then after she was done came a furious knocking on the door. “Let me guess, it’s Lanika?” The Leanansidhe motioned to her lap and made a motion. “Are you freaking kidding me?” Arssaya was incredulous. Rayanna pressed the blade closer to her own skin sliding it slowly toward the vein in her arm. “Okay! Okay, got it!” Arssaya planted herself particularly in the smaller girl’s lap, she felt the cold blade pressed against the skin of her jugular, her entire body froze, she wouldn’t, would she?

“Nick, go get the door, let her inside. And I’d advise against last minute heroics.” Rayanna said calmly. Nick’s jaw tensed but he nodded a bead of sweat dripped from his brow as he opened the kitchen door.

“Hey, Lanika,” The Arabian girl pushed past him briskly.

“What’s going on, where’s Arssaya?” Then her eyes fell on the scary sight in the kitchen. Arssaya felt the other girls’ lips at her ear ” Not one word.” Never had she heard something so menacing, she was afraid to nod lest the knife slip but Rayanna seemed satisfied at her compliance. Compliance, I’m going along with someone who could very well be a murder, but what choice do I have? She’ll hurt Nick. She sat there holding her breath trying to breathe more slowly.

“Let her go. Now.” the half-genie ordered.

“Hello, Lanika, come ta join us? Please come and sit down.”

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