Descendants of Magic

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chapter 33


The tiny fairie girl grabbed at the doors of the cathedral. “Let me out, let me out!” she cried. Her brain screamed of danger, danger that she was on the edge of a cliff, clawing at the edge of it as she dangled. All she could think about was Rashell alone with Greyman. He was alone with Greyman, Greyman.

Lanika had a hold of one of her arms. “Ray, just calm down!” the half-genie urged.

“Calm down? Calm down! Rashell’s outside with Greyman! Don’t Tell me TA CALM DOWN!” Her voice was shrill.

“He’s going to be fine, now sit your ass down!” Arssaya snapped.

“HOW THE HELL DO YEE KNOW? You don —” She plunged straight off the cliff, her energy slowly sucked away, as she fell faster and faster hitting the ground not matter how hard her legs thrashed or her arms lashed out with a hard thud. She lay there encased in her prison of soft flesh, and brittle bone, numb and aching.

“Oh my god, Ray, Ray?” Rayanna felt her eyes blur around the edges and her throat tighten.

“No don’t, haven’t I suffered enough?” she begged but to no avail sobs she had been holding back burst forth. Rayanna stood there fingers clutching bits of her hair merciless, tears splashed down her flushed cheeks, snot ran down her tiny nose onto her dress as she continued to cry noisily. She felt humiliation well up in her chest as the two girls watched her awkwardly but try as she might she couldn’t stop. ” Useless, stupid, weak crybaby.” She berated herself. ” Pull yourself together!”

But it was just another thing she failed at doing that night. “It’s” the Leanansidhe couldn’t continue.

Lanika got up and pulled a tissue from her purse. ” Here, blow.” Rayanna took the handkerchief and blew into it, and crumpled it up in her shaky hands. The tears had slowed but she still felt awful.

Rayanna wiped her eyes, ” No good, I’m no good.” she muttered sinking to the floor. The adrenaline had worn off and she now felt weak and tired, her chest hurt, her eyes stung. “What could I do anyway? I’m a worthless, boring shut in. I’m an over hysterical mess and an insult to Leanansidhe everywhere.” She burst into tears again.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Arssaya said with contempt. Lanika glared at her.

“I...I’m So...ry.” she blubbered feeling ashamed why was she so weak. She tried, damnit, she tried to hold it all in to hide. She wanted to be strong and clever and brave, Rayanna strived to be more. However, her cowardice, her selfish greedy heart, her incompetence, her very flawed being caused her to remain forever a tiny ant begging the giant leather boot not to squish its ant hill. Lanika calmly handed her another tissue.

“Wait a minute, they referred to you as property....are you a slave?” Arssaya questioned.

“I had minion status,” Rayanna said sounding indignant.

“You totally are, ” The other girl sounded shocked. “Is that why you enslaved Nick, some kind of psychological transference of your own oppression?”

Rayanna sighed what was she babbling about now? “I already told yee, I did it ta save me own arse.” She glanced at Lanika’s watch again and began to pace the area.

She wasn’t quite sure what more to say. I don’t want pity? No point they wouldn’t be able to help themselves. Just get over it! Too harsh and unrealistic. I’m fine now, really, A lie and she was incapable of telling those.

“Why did he do it?” the question came from Arssaya’s lips.

“Forget your watch I’m going out...right— ” The door came opened and Rashell and four other individuals walked in.

“Rashell!” Rayanna rushed over to him.

“Are yee alright, did that sick bastard hurt yee?” she demanded.

“Piss off, Ray.” he snapped at her.

“But...” He brushed past her rudely and walked out of the chapel back into the halls. Rayanna rushed out into the hallway after him. She watched Rashell run into the bathroom she heard his desperate chanting.

“It’s not me fault, it’s not me fault, it’s not me fault....I’m not.... worth...” Then she heard the sound of a scream raw with pain and fury. Rayanna’s resolve broke and she rushed into the bathroom, Rashell stood there breathing hard in front of the mirror, his eyes were filled with lost confusion. Rayanna stood there as Rashell threw himself into her arms and hung on tightly. Then he pulled himself from her embrace even more quickly and smoothed the puppy sweater he was wearing.

“Tell me what happened,” she insisted.

Rashell gave her a sad look. “Maybe he’s right maybe I am meant ta obey.”

Rayanna was filled with fear. “Don’t bloody talk like that!” she exclaimed. “Don’t just don’t!” she snapped. “Damn; it I knew I shouldn’t of left ya alone with him. He always puts funny ideas in yer head.”

“At least I wasn’t the one fighting fer breath!” he shot back. Rayanna’s face crumpled. “Oh, Goddess, Ray, I didn’t mean that.” His face was filled with remorse.

“Yee have a point,” she replied quietly.

“No! no I don’t you’re not pathetic. Stop putting yourself down.” he ordered.

“Take your own bloody advice!” she shot back.

“Why? You took care of mum growing up, I was just the stupid one who got inta trouble and made things more difficult fer everyone.” he stated.

“I’m proud of yee fer what yee did.” She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“That makes one of us,” he responded quietly. “Greyman is a terrible person, despite the falsehoods we were told and the Hunts fanatical worship of him, and our mum’s....feelings. He is the one that is wrong. Every fairie in existence wants ta wipe him out.” She turned to Rashell expectantly.

“Is he really so terrible?” Rashell asked almost childishly.

“What?” she asked irritated now.

“Fairie thinks we’re wrong too, are we wrong?” Rashell repeated sounding deeply troubled.

“No,” she responded firmly.

“Why not?”

She gave him a smug look. “I’m your older sister, therefore, I’m always right.”

Rashell snorted. “That’s a matter of opinion,” He paused. “Your health failed tonight.”

Rayanna groaned. “Don’t bloody remind me; enough of fairie saw me completely break down.”

He looked at her. “What are ya gonna do?”

Rayanna waved a hand. “I’m going ta hold me head high, press on and hope for the best.” she said gallantly.

“Bollocks you’re gonna get drunk tonight,” her twin chortled.

“Fine I’m going ta get drunk tonight, but after I’m holding me head high,” She paused, “when it stops aching.” Rashell laughed harder. Rayanna joined him, the two of them laughed until their sides hurt, rolling about on the floor in an undignified manner.

“Hey, Hyenas! Get in here.” Arssaya poked her head into the bathroom.

“Give us a minute,” Rayanna said.

“No, I want you where I can see you because Nick’s life is still tied to yours.”

The raven-haired girl sat up and fixed her dress. “Fine.” Arssaya looked at Rashell who was also now sitting up he wore a questioning look.

“Oh, hey, thanks for saving our asses from the creepy wolf guy.”

Arssaya gave Rayanna a stern look ” I’m waiting.”

Rayanna got up and followed the other girl back into the chapel.

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