Descendants of Magic

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chapter 34


" You ok you look kinda shook up” exclaimed a voice looking over she saw a fat African American boy with sagging pants and a tee shirt. He was talking to another affrican american boy who was build like a linebacker there was a look of deep unease on his face.

" Just a typical prey reaction when faced with a predator” the bigger boy reassured him . ” Even when scared out of yo mind you such a dork.” the plump one shook his head.

" Fine, I’m Arssaya Whitney” she said.

" I’m Rayquan and this ugly brother over here my cousin Tyrome”

" Who are they?” Rayanna asked her twin brother

" They gave me shelter.” Rashell admitted grudgingly.

Rayanna walked over to the two boys ” I’m glad ya were here ta look after me brother.” her face reflected her gratitude. , i’m called Rayanna” she stated.

" I heard yo name from that large furry.” Raquan responded awkwardly.

Suddenly Arssaya heard the others in the cathedral,Rashell sat down on a pew , Rayanna sat down next to him, and was that a peacock? What it was a peacock what the heck?” The peacock laid its head in Rashell’s lap. He automatically started stroking its feathery head absentmindedly.

" I’m Arssaya Whitney.” She responded curtly.

" I’m Lanika Shalam.” Lanika added.

Rashell got up and gave a deep bow ” Rashell royal party planner of princess Aileen.” Rayanna rolled her eyes.

" I see ya lasses, already met me troll like twin Rayanna.” he teased.

Rayanna shoved him lightly in response he smirked. Rashell waved a dismissive hand and sat back down legs swinging slightly.

" Oh ya know Dagda chained me up threats, angry mob no problem.” He shrugged ” Bad news me cover is blown Reaper and his group know.” The girl cursed “Good news I rode a minotaur.” Said her brother brightly.

" How is that good news?” asked Arssaya puzzled. ” Because it was so much fun!” Rashell said brown eyes bright with excitement at the memory.

Then Reaper rushed in. Followed by Sealiea and Treasure. Reaper yelled when he saw Rashell. He punched him off the pew, Rayanna let out a cry of alarm. but then Rashell calmly spat blood right into the other boy’s eye. Then he sat back down, turning his attention to Arssaya purple sparks mending his split lip.

As Reaper furiously tried to wipe his eyes. “Now where were we?” Reaper who had cleaned his face jumped to his feet angrily.

" Some boys just won’t accept you’re not interested.” The lenan sid he shrugged and got to his feet again, his eyes bright with an almost feral glint.

" Noooooo!” Treasure and Rayanna threw themselves in the middle at the exact same time.

" You keep your hands off me brother, ya vile snake!” she hissed.

" No killing the ass hole best friend.” Treasure insisted firmly.

" I could knock ya out again?” her brother suggested.

" Reapers eyes narrowed. ” Treasure move, I can take this brat.” Said the death fairy cockily brushing past him.

" Reaper wait!” Sealiea exclaimed then she turned and shut the doors tightly pulling out a sword with a savage grin. ” Ok now we’re ready.” she grinned revealing a second row of razor sharp teeth.

Reaper seized Rayanna who tried to grab Rashell’s arm and drag him away she froze against his chest as he shoved his scythe to her neck. ” Reaper no blood remember.” Rashell tried

" During the rave unfortunately for you parties over” Reaper said with mock sadness he kissed Rayanna’s cheek mockingly.

Arssaya backed up into the corner , Lanika was shaking so bad she could hardly stand As Jenny green teeth bore down on the both of them waiting for the signal this wasn’t happening she wasn’t going to die here in the house of an imaginary sprite she didn’t even believe in. Lanika squeezed her hand in comfort her hand still trembling.

Arssaya wanted to tell her how sorry she was about earlier this week, about how thought she had a million regrets that sitting down next to Lanika at lunch on the first day of middle school and introducing herself wasn’t one of them.

" She’s got nothing ta da with this” Rashell pleaded. ” I think we should send the erlking a little message, what better way to express our displeasure then to send his whores back in pieces?” Sealiea suggested

“No that’s a very bad idea i mean ...who knows more about Greyman then these two they lived with him right?” Treasure asked

" First they squeal then we silence them.” Sealiea purred.

" Back off or else!” Rashell pointed a blade at Treasures stomach the siren boy went rigid ” Again!” he complained

" Sorry darling.” Rashell actually did look unhappy about it.

" Reaper release her!” Sealiea exclaimed

" No go on muse do it.” Reaper said calmly, ignoring Sealiea’s cursing.

" It’s not me first kill” Rashell warned him.

" Yet it’s different, isn’t it?” the death fairie asked.

Rashell’s hand trembled and he lowered the knife only to turn and throw it at reapers head. The death fairie teleported out of the way leaving Rayanna on the ground, Arssaya shouted a warning before seeing a knife go right through Rashell’s back he collapsed to the ground.

" Pretty weak for one of the king’s finest” Reaper taunted.

Rayanna lunged for Reaper but was stopped by Treasure who guilty restrained her. Reaper bent down near Rashell grabbing a fistful of his hair

" When you serve a court, be ready to give everything up for that Court or don’t bother” he lectured.

Rashell gritted his teeth face twisted in pain

" Oh I’m going to have so much fun taking you apart” Reaper gloated right before Rashell advantage of his unstable pose to flip him onto the ground.

Rayquan aimed a punch straight into Reapers gut the death fairie doubled over but swung back with an uppercut to the chin which Rashell blocked steping in front of the other boy.

" Looks like i have to deal with a sacrifical lamb” Reaper rolled his eyes.

Rashell’s face suddenly appeared to take on an almost manic look.

" Your the lamb that lay down with the wolf” the death fairie declared with smug triumph.

Rashell quietly took off his high heel cracked it, jumped on Reapers shoulders and tried to wack him in the face with the hard part of his heel. The surprised Death faerie used his arms as a shield as the faerie boy kept strikeing them viciously.

Then Makulu came in though the double doors ” I’m trying to pray do you......what the hell is going on here?” the senator demanded

Jenny blocked his path and barred her teeth the senator brushed past her with annoyance ” I’m acting Unseelie king and i say the murder and Mayhem stop now.”

Reaper scowled ” No true Unseelie King would give that order acting or otherwise” he snapped sending Rashell and his high heel sailing through the air.

Rashell tucked and rolled smoothly as he hit the ground. The Faerie boy smoothly started fixing his hair and brushing himself off gripping about how blood stains were difficult to clean as he neatly put his high heel back on.

" You want murder go ahead i’m sure the erlking will give you plenty” Makulu retorted. They all fell silent

" We’re just blowing off some steam” Reaper casually let Rayquan go with a pat on the shoulder and leaned down and ripped the knife from Rashell’s flesh his scream would haunt Arssaya’s nightmares for years to come.

" What is this how you spend your friday nights?” Makulu demanded

" Actually we usually play pool,....... with eyeballs” Treasure admitted going over to Rayquan.

" Stay away from us!” Tyrome threatened.

" I want to make sure nothings broken” the siren boy said. ” Why do you care?” Rayquan groaned.

" Shame attacking each other when the real enemy just left five minutes ago” the senator lectured. ” You need to work together.” he added

" Us work with these pitiful little half breed and human abominations?” Sealiea sneered. ” Oh senator are you trying to steal my job?” Treasure laughed

" I’m not working with Unseelie scum!” Raynna proclaimed

" Ya don’t trust someone ta guard yer back who’ll put a knife in it” Rashell protested.

" He tried to kill us, if he weren’t supernatural i’d have my dad drag him to court” Lanika protested.

" Senator I have nothing but respect but are you out of your goddamn mind?” Rayquan inquired.

Arsssaya was far too shocked to say anything.

" You know he does have a point” Reaper stated. ” Maybe these worthless flesh bags could have some use. The pale girl does seem to have a fair bit of power” he stated.

" Her maybe but these others, they make brownies like an elite squad of warriors” Sealiea argued.

Then the Cathedral doors burst open ” Stay the hell away from my daughter.” Arssaya’s mouth dropped open and she saw Mr. Silver, Nick and her dad with a shotgun. “Daddy!” she cried running straight into his arms.

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