Descendants of Magic

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chapter 35


Nick had spilled the beans Mr Whitney and his own father had joined him for a rescue mission. They drove up near the Cathedral and got out of the car. Soon the three of them were staring at throngs of fairies who seemed exited.

" Oh my God.” Mr. Silver crossed himself.

Nick caught bits and pieces of their conversation. ” Greyman showed up, duel between human and Erlking never seen anything like it.”

Mr. Whitney scanned the crowds desperately. ” Excuse me has anyone seen a girl about 16 white hair, skin with no color, wearing dark sun glasses.”

A few fairies ignored him, but one green haired boy grinned ” Oh you mean the girl who almost froze the Seelie court?” he asked. Nick froze

" Oh crap!” he thought at Mr. Whitney’s confused expression. ” What do you mean froze?” Nick quickly took over. ” Where did the girl go?” he asked.

" She dragged the lenan sid he into that building.” The fairie pointed to the Cathedral.

" Ok, Dad she’s in there let’s go!” he called to his father who was looking about him in awe. ” Yes alright” The man looked embarrassed. The three of them proceeded to walk up to the cathedral and up the steps. Mr. Silver looked furiously at the lip locked fairie couples who were getting hot and heavy on the church steps.

" I have a good mind to.......” He cut him off ” dad scary power creatures no lecturing, plus Arssaya.” The man nodded and all three of them entered the church

" We’ll start with the chapel and work our way over” Mr. Silver stated. The three males threw open the chapel doors and rushed in.

" Stay away from my daughter” exclaimed Mr. Whitney. ” Daddy!” She ran straight into her father’s arms and buried her head against his shoulder.

. ” I wouldn’t worry about playing hero, he’s long gone Nick.” Rayanna drawled. Nick tensed up feeling afraid his eyes locked on hers. Mr. Whitney pointed his gun at her. ” You don’t take one more step” He threatened.

" A bit unessacery don’t ya think Mr Whitney?” she sounded unruffled as if people pointed guns at her every day. Then for all Nick knew maybe they did.

" You cursed my friends child and put mine in direct danger” The man replied coldly. A same blond boy he saw from Biacaneve’s mirror, threw a kick at the man’s groin, ” Dad!” Arssaya rushed forward.

Rayanna’s twin brother aimed the fallen gun at Mr. Whitney. ” This is a bit different from the model I’ve used, but it shouldn’t be too hard” He gloated.

" No you’re not shooting my dad, put it down.” The fair haired girl protested. The slender dark haired guy gritted his teeth Nick noticed his bandaged head. ” Did you hurt Arssaya?” the witch asked threateningly.

The blond fairie blinked ” A tiny thing like me?” he asked innocently.

” That would work a lot better if you weren’t holding a gun.” Nick stated.

” Nice try” Rashell responded knowingly.

" Ok people can we please get back to the evil shifter whose going to enslave and kill us all.” A man stated and ” Hey your senator Sahib Makulu.” Nick realized ” Yes” The man puffed out his chest with pride. ” Can I ask you something?” the senator approached him expectantly. ” What are your actual plans for this country?” the witch asked him. ” what?” the senator asked. ” You keep going on about how this country needs to change, but you never give any solutions” The boy informed him.

” Hey leave him alone!” Rashell and Rayquan insisted in unison then gazed at each other in horror.

Nick frowned ” I’m just asking a simple question.” Arssaya groaned ” Nick look I’m sure Mr. Sahib will eventually get around to telling us about the changes he will make” She stated. Another African American boy got up this one had glasses ” Can we please get back to the issue?” he asked.

" The rat is right.” the blond girl nodded.

" Will someone tell me what’s going on.” Mr. Whitney finally burst out. ” Alright take a seat and get comfortable because it’s a long story” Makulu stated.

After he was done tell the events which already transpired. Mr. Whitney motioned to Arssaya ” that’s it we’re going home right this instant.” Mr. silver paused ” Wait does anyone know anything about removing Faeirie curses?” Every magical creature in the room exchanged looks. ” Only the caster can remove it” Rashell offered.

" Ok” Nick let lose his magic and the sleeve of his jacket lashed out at Rashell and was sliced straight through with a knife by his target. Nick expecting a curse reshaped shaped the remaining threads of his jacket to form a fabric shield. Instead Rashell responded with a well-placed round kick that had Nick on the floor clutching his stomach.

" What is this attack Rashell day?” the lenan sid he boy complained. ” Oww I think you ruptured my spleen” the witch moaned. ” tisk, tisk beating up the boys won’t make them notice you muse” Sealiea taunted. ” Why?” the fairie boy turned to him. ” Because...your sisters a bitch!” he moaned. ” Nickolas silver!” his father roared.

" What did ya da Rayanna?” Rashell asked sighing. ” The vampire wanted me ta save him” she pointed to Makulu” She wasn’t very nice about it, and needed protection in case of a double cross.” She motioned to Nick ” Enter the naive witch he’s the vampires great nephew I linked me life ta his”

There was silence. ” Whew! I thought ya had done something heinous” Rashell breathed a sigh of relief.

" What you think cursing my son isn’t bad?” Mr. silver demanded. ” Me sister was trying to protect herself, personally I would of lit a match” He added.

" I was under oath” Rayanna offered. ” I don’t care, you’re going to uncurse my son” Mr. silver barked. ” No I’m not Good night Mr. Silver” Rayanna said then she turned and walked out of the cathedral. Rashell got up and headed for the door his peacock trailing after him. Tyrome followed his cousin following with a scowl. ” Can ya get yerself home senator?” the fairie boy asked him. ” I’ll call a cab, there’s a hotel nearby” The senator answered.

" Very well.” Rashell started to exit ” Muse!” it was Sealiea he turned. ” We’ll meet back here in two days.” The blond fairie frowned ” I refuse ta be a part of this” He stated. ” You will be none the less” the Siren responded knowingly.

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