Descendants of Magic

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chapter 36


Tyrome awoke to the sound of whimpering. He bolted upright looking around the hall where Makulu convinced Rashell to move. The extra blanket was there but no Rashell, Tyrome followed the whimpering sounds to the bathroom and grabbing a flashlight, since the power was out he threw open the door to find Rashell curled up in the tub trashing about. The boy was glowing dimly but it was still bright enough that Tyrome didn’t need a flashlight to see the other boy. Tyrome reached out a hand to put it on Rashell’s back only to feel something bite him. “OW!” he showed the Light on the mean eyes of Meleck.

Just as Rashell bolted awake and shoved his knife against Tyrome’s jugular

" Woah easy there Action Barbie” he kept his tone soothing.

" What are ya doing?” the Faerie boy hissed

" You was making noises,” Tyrome said he no longer felt cold steel touch his skin.

" I’m keeping ya up” Rashell stated apologetically.

" I wanted to see if you was ok” Tyrome corrected he shown his flashlight on Rashell’s face only to see red-rimmed eyes.

" You cried yo self to sleep,” he said without thinking.

" Get out!” Rashell’s tone was harsh.

" Why cause I’m an ugly buggy human you can step on with yo big faerie toe?” like you so great luring stupid people so you can suck the life from em!” Tyrome sneered.

Rashell gritted his teeth” Da ya know when I started musing? 1800′s. let me tell ya darling even the grittiest movie can't capture how dirty England's slums were. I’ve seen things I wish I could forget”

Tyrome shifted in confusion ” How does this?”

" I’m not done, the worst thing was the children. shoved into orphanages, workhouses, or standing on street corners scrawny knees wide apart. Even the ones from the good parts of town sometimes suffered quietly.” Rashell paused as if gathering the courage to go on

" Curse the head of a factory with a fatal illness and all the workers and their families starve. Give a Christmas ham ta a family of people and they get hung as thieves. Enchant a whip ta beat its user and they’ll lash the children under their care ten times as hard. There are whole institutions saturated with corruption systems that civilizations can topple without and sometimes they get replaced by worse people” Rashell said in that moment Tyrome saw someone way older in the slump of his shoulders and the haunted look in his eyes.

"I only dreamed up images fer the ones locked in their ivory manors. The pictures that filled their books because of me wonderful artists. As for the others, I’d go inta the dreams of their parents or elderly aunts and I’d whisper the stories ta them.” Rashell smiled wistfully

" The funny thing about stories they take on a life of their own. Ya can tell the same story several times and it never quite stays the same” he paused ” No matter, they taught the children ta believe, hope, and think. That’s all I could ask for. Was it perfect? No, some of the seeds never grew, others grew inta weeds I should of pulled. Some blooms didn’t survive the Winter but those that did were beautiful” The Faerie looked at Tyrome.

" How did we go from talking bout children to plants?” the human asked

" Right, ya don’t get metaphors” Rashell muttered. ” Don’t insult me artists, that clear enough?” he said sharply.

" Why is you sleeping in the tub?” Tyrome asked bluntly

" Yer a very nosy human” Rashell said

" And i’ll keep asking again and again” the human retorted.

" its closet ta the window ” Rashell admitted tapping the pane directly above him.

" You be safer in the living room someone starts shooting you can dive behind the couch,” Tyrome said flippantly.

" I’m fine” Rashell yawned.

" Wait” Tyrome left and returned with a ratty stained pillow ” It ain’t much but it soft”

Rashell eyed him strangely then turned and flicked him in the forehead Tyrome felt something electric run through him.

" What the hell!” He asked

" Good dreams fer a month you’ll need them” Rashell curled up in the tub Meleck snuggled up beside him Tyrome noticed he was glowing a little brighter...

Tyrome awoke to the sound of the doorbell ringing wincing he opened it to reveal Makulu and the Unseelie cohorts. ” I wasn’t expecting no crew.” Tyrome remarked frowning.

" Well after doing some thinking i realized sheild ....i mean allies are a good idea,” Sealiea said cheerfully

" For the record i never agreed to this” Makulu informed Tyrome.

" So where are the sluts?” Reaper asked flippantly.

" Hey you agreed to play nice” Treasure reminded him.

" Ray is hungover i’ll go wake her now.” Tyrome went to his room ignoring the snickers he honestly wasn’t a fan of the Unseelie bullies but so far Makulu had proven to be an upstanding guy even if his attempts at trying to be one of the people were a bit annoying. The man’s watch alone could be pawned off to pay for a college education. He knocked on the door.

" Rayanna,I brought water.” He tempted, there was no reply so he opened his door. Rayanna lay on the bed under the covers her hair was messy and there were bags under her eyes. The human approached her bed and extended the bottle like a piece offering.

“Piss off.” she muttered her eyelashes fluttered.

“Damn, girl, you a hot mess!” he commented. She opened her eyes to glare at him. ” You gots to sit up,” He extended the glass.

“I don wanna,” she mumbled, clutching her head and wincing.

“Come on, come on, girl!” he coaxed softly. Another glare but she managed to hoist herself up still clutching her temple with one hand. “Drink slow, or you gonna make yourself sick,” He warned. Rayanna obeyed although she did give him another glare. The faerie was obviously in a bad mood, he observed, as she took the glass from his hand with her other hand sipping it slowly. After a few minutes she started to look slightly better.

“I’m grateful ta ya,” Rayanna finally said.

“Well, we gonna discuss Greyman stuff.” The boy motioned toward Raquan’s room.

“Great, have fun.”

He took her arm and pulled her out of bed. ” Uh, nuh you’re gonna help.” She pressed a hand to her forehead and moaned. “You want creepy wolf guy to take over?” The girl started for Raquan’s room muttering about annoying humans still in her pajamas which he couldn’t notice were form-fitting, even if her delicate features weren’t really his thing. She knocked on the bathroom door ” Rashell get yer arse up!” she yelled. ” I’m not doing it!” Rashell hollared back. ” Doing what?” Rayanna asked ” Don’t play the idject, i’m not going on the quest” he added.

" All this blowing me off fer yer fancy wee court life and yee won’t even fight fer that.” Rayanna accused

" Ya don’t understand,” Rashell responded quietly. ” Da ya think he’s going ta forget about tonight? About Brigid and Arwell, he already knows about Feather. Yee saw how easily he overpowered them.”

Rashell voice came through the door quavering ” Just..... stop it.” his voice was slightly muffeled. ” If ya don’t care about yerself at least think about them.” There was a moment of silence the door flew open ” Oh me goddess the highnesses and everyone........” Rashell stood there white faced Rayanna took him by the hand and turned to Tyrome ” Could ya give me and Rashell a teeny minute?” she asked sweetly then shut the door.

Tyrome stayed here someone else’s secrets could get you killed. It proved fruitless since the only thing he understood was the heavy sobbing that he heard. Tyrome knew from a fairly young age not everyone was as fortunate to grow up with a loveing family. Some of his classmates didn’t even want to go home and with good reason. As Tyrome had learned sometimes the monsters didn’t hide under the bed but sat at the kitchen table right across from you eating waffles.

Tyrome went back to the group and took them to the liveing room. Rayquan was sitting in a chair reading one of his western romance novels and he nearly off his chair when he realized just who was around him ” Shit!” he shoved the novel under his chair quickly. ” Give me a warning will you, Senator come sit down can I get you a drink?” Rayquan gave up his chair for Makulu. ” Can I offer ya’ll something? We got’s some energy drinks an milk and a few cokes” he offered.

" Warm milk with a dash of honey,” Said Reaper.

" I only drink low carlorie smoothies which i hand make” Sealiea responded.

" I’ll......” Treasure started but was cut off ” He’ll have a water.” Sealiea stated frankly

" You his wife or his mama?” Tyrome asked her.

" I’m with Sealiea he’s hyper enough without the additional sugar” Reaper nodded shooting a pointed look at Treasure who had been fidgeting since he sat down. The siren boy flushed in response which made Tyrome’s opinion of Reaper sunk even lower. What the hell was people’s problem if the boy wanted to silently move in place why the hell did his so called friend feel the need to point it out?

“In that case get him a energy drink instead” Sealiea retorted looking sour.

" Treasure what do you want?” Tyrome asked him. The siren boy looked thrown by the question ” Oh i’ll take an energy drink”

Sealiea looked smug and Reaper looked peeved. Rayquan came back with the drinks and Raynna and Rashell finally joined them although they took their places as far away from Reaper as possible Rayanna stood on Makulu’s left and Rashell stood on his right Tyrome was reminded of an emperor and his imperial guards.

“It’s simple, really, we want Makulu ta beat Greyman so we need ta find a weapon that will guarantee his win,” Rayanna stated.

“Why can’t we stick iron in him?” questioned Raquan.

“Iron doesn’t burn him, he’s not a full-fledged faerie.” Rashell responded.

Tyrome looked at him. “Thought you weren’t involved,” he commented.

“I’m still helping Rayanna, I just don’t want ta be anywhere near the Erlking.” he admitted.

Tyrome wrote all this down. “Okay, so if he ain’t a faeirie, what is he?” The twins looked at each other.

Raquan scowled. “How we supposed to get this dude, if ya’ll be keeping secrets” he accused.

“We told ya all we know.” Rashell retorted sharply. Somehow, Tyrome didn’t believe that for a minute. If detective films had taught him anything it was, never trust the people who came to you for help.

“Look we can’t get this guy if you don’t tell us,” Makulu interjected

Rayanna sighed. ” Ugh! Humans! Fine give me a bloody pen,” she snapped.

“Just tell us.” He was getting annoyed.

“I can’t, I honestly can’t,” the Leanansidhe girl looked so frustrated that it hit Tyrome harder than a basketball during gym class. Greyman was only half-faerie and he could use his powers against them.

“This wouldn’t happen to involve magic, would it?” he asked. Rayanna’s face said it all. “Okay” He handed her a pen and she scrawled. “Lou” then she let out a cry of pain it was sharp and invaded Tyromes sense of hearing making him jump.

“Ray!” Rashell hurried to her side her burns were a waxy white color it appeared on her arm in shape of three letters.

“Hand me that pen!” Rayanna said voice full of pain.

“But Ray...” Her twin started.

“Hand me that bloody pen!” she snapped. He did so but to Tyrome’s surprise Treasure snatched it away ” No, those are burns and need to be treated immedately. Rayanna raises the injury to your left chest area. Rashell get me some water and a chloth, whoever you are I need some honey.” Tyrome studied his face for signs of humor but found none. Rashell rushed off to get his supplies. Treasure rolled up the sleeves of his white tunic and picked up the bag he had brought. A few minutes later and Rayanna was haveing her hand wrapped in gauze by Treasure. She held up what she wrote ” Lou” Tyrome read. ” You meant to say Loup Garou?” Reaper looked at Rashell. ” He’s half-werewolf isn’t he?” the blond muse shifted uncomfortably ” Yes” he said finally after a pause.

“So he’s some kinda fairie-werewolf hybrid?” Tyrome asked, fascinated.

“Gross!” Raquan made gagging sounds.

Tyrome shook his head. “So he use you as his shrink and placed a curse on you, so you can’t snitch.” he realized.

“More of a confessional booth,” Rayanna admitted.

“Okay, so he got birth defects or anything?” Tyrome asked remembering what he knew about hybrids.

Rayanna reached for the pen again, Rashell snatched it off the desk. “NO! I shouldn’t of let ya da it the first time,” he berated himself.

“Rashell, I have ta.” she pleaded.

“No, the next time ya don’t know what’ll happen.” he lectured. He glared at Tyrome. “And ya don’t ask her anything.”

“But she’s willing and we gots to know, we’ve gotta,” Raquan argued.

“Shut yer gob!” Rashell hissed the glow around him flashed Tyrome threw his hands over his eyes but no one else seemed affected. “Ray, tell him the truth.” he pleaded.

“I did not lie,” Rayanna responded. “There’s a reason why faeries always keep their word. Our magic turns on us if we don’t. Leanansidhe heal ourselves so when we violate an oath our bodies develop injuries, burn, break, and crack. This is a warning next time will result in something more permanent.” Rayanna flashed her burned wrist.

“It’s different fer different faeries. I once saw a fire faerie burn ta death after a double cross.” Rashell shuttered at the memory.

“So if we ask her again?” Rayquan blanched at what they nearly unknowingly did.
“Doesn’t matter the burns were nasty enough to have her not go through that again.” Makulu glared at them both.

“She was a willing participant,” Tyrome defended.

Rashell silently pursed his lips but said nothing even though even Tyrome could tell he wanted to say something nasty.

" If anyone knows anything about Greyman and isn’t bound to keep his secrets now would be a good time to speak.” Makulu looked at Rashell and Reaper pointedly.

" I heard he was falsely accused banished from faerie not allowed ta defend himself at his own trial,” Rashell said cooly.

” You actually bought that shit?” Reaper cackled ” Greyman got convicted based on his own confesson after he realized the evidence aginst him was overwhelming.” Makulu looked at him ” Were you there?” he asked ” Before my time but its in the Seelie Court records” Reaper responded. ” But you see lamb chop over here doesn’t need to look at any records to know the truth,” he remarked. Rashell got up and started toward the door.

“Where are yee going?” Rayanna demanded.

“Brigid wants ta meet up.” he emphasized, looking at his sister.

“You ain’t going nowhere without a ride,” Tyrome informed him.

“Arssaya said the subway is the quickest mode of transportation.” Rayanna commented. Tyrome frowned magical faeirie or not letting someone go off on their own in an area they didn’t know well was stupid, especially on the Southside; it becoming a magic forest most likely made it more dangerous.


The other boy scowled. “Oh, Hell no!” he exclaimed.

“Would you rather he get mugged?” Tyrome demanded.

“I can take care of me self, I don’t need this ruffian.” the blond retorted.

“You got money?” Raquan demanded.

" Not on me,” Rashell flushed slightly.

“Come on, then.” Tyrome’s cousin started off, Rashell moodily followed him out of the room.

“Let’s just continue looking up Irish weapons.” Rayanna sighed loudly, running her fingers through her hair. “I’ll make sure Nick and Arssaya are up ta date, um, how do yee text again?” Tyrome slid over close to her in order to show her how it was done.

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