Descendants of Magic

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chapter 37


" I can’t believe I gotta drag yo dainty ass around” Raquan grumbled.

“Yes because spending me morning with an intolerant Cretan is just a jolly good time.” Rashell pretended to squeal and clap.

Raquan grabbed his hoodie roughly. “You ain’t doing that shit here.”

Rashell wrenched his borrowed hoodie out of the other boy's grip and glared. Before they left Raquan had thrown the hoodie over him, made him scrub the makeup from his face, and messed up his usually neat platinum blonde locks. Rashell had protested, until Tyrome pointed out he already looked like an easy target, due to his size.

“People on this street ain’t like homos,” the other boy explained. ” Some of em got guns.“After that Rashell agreed to remove the makeup, however, he insisted on keeping the plastic kitty bag. The two of them continued their trek through what was now an enchanted forest. It was a bit odd seeing cheap-looking houses with mossy fields of soft green grass between them trees were everywhere some even poked up through the roofs of homes. Raquan kept swatting at the giggling pixies that made a game of trying to grab his nose. “Get away pests!” he snapped one pixie blew a giant raspberry at him. The pixies also grabbed at Rashell’s hair twirling it between their tiny fingers.

“Ya know, just ignore them, pixies have a short attention span,” the Leanansidhe explained one landed on his nose.

“And I thought mosquitoes was bad,” Raquan grumbled.

“They don’t mean any harm, they’re just very silly.” As Rashell spoke the one on his nose started dancing.

Raquan laughed at the sight of tiny creature. “They got swag,” he admitted grudgingly.

“Honk!” squeaked a pixie pinching his nose.

" Hey!” Raquan protested. Rashell giggled at the sight of the pixie who looked rather pleased with itself. The other pixies crowded around it chattering excitedly as through in congratulations then the pixies all zoomed off excitedly.

“See? told ya we’re a temporary amusement,” He said still grinning.

“Wait a minute, they naked,” Raquan realized in shock.

“Some of us don’t like clothes. I meself don’t mind being a starker’s when it’s warm.”

Raquan choked. “You walk around naked!” he exclaimed, his brown cheeks were flushed.

“Only during the Summer Solstice, I like ta go out and dance in the moonlight,” Rashell confessed.

“So you’re the only who do this?” Raquan pried.

“No there’s a solstice festival, Dwarf made wine makes everyone feel wild, ”

The human’s eyes got wide. “So what, this a faeirie only party?” His tone was a bit too innocent. Rashell decided to have some fun.

“I suppose I could invite ya...if ya weren’t such a rude tosser.” The fairie boy smiled angelically.

“Come on!” the human exclaimed.

“No, if ya were less hateful ya could see naked busty fairie women....Why are ya laughing?”

Raquan scoffed. “I don’t care about the women, I want to see naked faeirie men.”

Rashell felt his mouth drop open as if he was a comic book character. ” What but ya....hate me,” Raquan snorted.

“Why should any real man respect you? Smearing girly crap on your face, going round puking rainbows; ya’ll make me sick!” the other boy informed him.

Rashell felt a resentment boiling inside him. “I’ve been a little to busy stopping assassination attempts. When I have free time I’ll gladly engage in some rainbow puking directly on your two-dollar sneakers.” Rashell retorted sweetly.

" I knew a girl like you once, fiery bit of a taste for pretty things. Charmed my uncle into protecting her from her piece of shit pimp. he ended up in the ground and she went right back to the very man he tried to save her from” Raquan said coldly.

" I’m not a lass and I’m not going back ta him!” Rashell hissed

" You whores always goes back, I ain’t care how much magic or Asian kung fu shit you know. You and yo gold-digging twin can keep your paws off our Senator or I will end you” Raquan added.

At that moment Rashell understood the other boy perfectly and he realized exactly why he so resented him.

" You a lost cause a parasitic pair of hoes who feed off everyone around you” Rayquan finished hotly. ” And Tye smart as he is don’t get that”

Rashell heard the familiar sound of hooves on the pavement. ” Move!” he warned him and Raquan barely got out of the way as a group of centaurs wearing armor bearing a royal crest and shields came charging past.

“What the hell?” The human exclaimed.

" Royal scouting party,” Rashell explained. “Those are the Red Devils, ain’t nobody mess with them” the human sounded baffled.

Raquan looked shaken. “You telling me a bunch of weird-ass creatures moved into my neighborhood?” he demanded.

“The veil dropped them here,” Rashell corrected. Raquan made a noise of frustration and pinched his own nose. “See ya don’t scare me, I’ve met badder then ya.”

“Like the Erkling.” Raquan’s statement made Rashell fall silent. “You talk a good game, but you ain’t shit. I saw the way you froze up. Faeirie or not deep down you’re just Greyman’s little laaaamb.”

Rashell saw red and before he realized what he was doing he slammed Raquan against a tree and twisted his wrist behind his back causing the human boy to let out a cry of pain and start trashing. ” Look here, ya can call me swishy, flashy, limp-wristed, princess, queen or any other nickname and I’ll take in stride, but don’t ever imply he owns me.” Rashell informed him, anger still coiled in his chest like a cobra waiting to strike. Raquan nodded quickly eyes round with fear. “Now off ta see the royal family.”

The two of them rode the bus in silence until they arrived downtown, Raquan scowling as Rashell skipped off the bus. When they were off he threw off his hoodie and thrusting it at Raquan, he then took out a compact mirror; his hair wasn’t so bad but that was unacceptable. Rashell took out a tube of lipstick.

“Why you gotta do that shit in public?” the human grumbled eyes darting about nervously.

“No courtier arrives at court underdressed; it reflects poorly on those we serve.” Rashell informed him puckering his lips.

“Wait that’s mama’s!” the human sounded scandalized.

“I’m going ta return it,” the Leanansidhe was indignant as he quickly finished up. He didn’t have time for anything elaborate but some light blush, pink lipstick -- since red was illegal in fairie -- and eyeliner so he at least looked halfway decent. ” Now I’m ready.” He put everything away and the kitty bag was slung back over his shoulder and held his lacy white parasol aloft above his head. Raquan grumbled further at the sight of it and the two of them made their way to what was once the palace. Rashell gasped when he got to the Seelie Court palace - or rather - what was the Seelie Court palace which was now connected to the White House in the distance. He heard yelling and screaming and other loud noises.

" Just cause yo ho of a mama....” Raquan said angrily

" Me mum wasn’t a hoe!” Rashell burst out just wanting the human to shut his gob.

Rashell turned to Raquan, “Ya can wait here,” he stated keeping his face blank.

“I beg your pardon?” the human sounded incredulous.

“While I’m grateful for yer help, now may not be the best time ta bring a human into court.” Then Rashell threw a glamour over himself and Raquan grabbed his arm which caused glamour to cover them both.

Raquan looked down and screamed at his nonexistent hands. “Calm yerself, yer still all there,” Rashell fought a smirk, he’d forgotten how hysterical humans could get over the slightest of peculiarities.

“What did you do!” the human yelled.

“Ya shouldn’t of grabbed me,” Rashell retorted.

“You were disappearing!” the human shot back.
“We don’t have time. Stay by me and stay silent,” Rashell ordered, to his surprise Raquan did so after swearing at him loudly. Rashell and Raquan came upon a large group of humans with tanks trying the smash their way through the barrier that now lay around the white house.

Brushing that issue aside for the moment they finally got to the castle and went around back. “We’ll go through this entrance back here,” Rashell said.

“Got it” Raquan nodded.

“Oh, and human.” Rashell used his magic.

“Ahhhhhh, I can’t see!” the human yelled.

“Shhhhh!” Rashell warned, luckily the nosy tanks kept everyone from hearing them.

“I will not ‘shhhhhh,’ you devil, you took my sight!”

Rashell felt for his hand. “I can’t have ya seeing the secret entrance,” he explained casually. “Ah, there it is.” he tapped a stone six times with his hand and the wall started to glow and swung out to reveal an opening. Using Raquan’s loud whimpers to find him he grabbed the human’s hand and pulled him through leading him through the dungeon. Honestly, it was lucky for the human that he couldn’t see the half-starved fairies who licked their lips reaching through the bars with shriveled hands. The troll who’s cold gaze was enough to inflict nightmares on its own. A few bruised and battered fairies with whip marks that were curled up in the corner. Rashell stopped looking into the cells after that. Although he heard a taunting, “Here pretty, pretty come closer so that old sawbones may pet you!” And a few cat calls and other rather obscene things.

He lead the human past the cells and all the way through what was now intertwined with things that were apart of the white building. The two of them finally reached the throne room and Rashell returned Raquan’s sight to him.

“” Rashell breezed past him and went into the throne room. He opened the doors only to see that the throne was now half an armchair, still Angus sat upon it everyone turned to see him.

“Guards seize him!” someone yelled.

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