Descendants of Magic

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chapter 38


Nick sat in his room all day because of his punishment, but for once, he didn’t care. He took out a piece of paper from his desk and a pen and drew and drew and drew and drew until his hand ached and he’d expressed all his negative emotions through word bubbles and panels. Not superheroes; this time the very thought of brightly colored capes and triumphant heroes made him sick. Just average people who went crazy and sold each other out for greener pastures.

He was completely brutal. Nick bashed, tore up and put his creations through utter and complete hell! They hit, demeaned, insulted, humiliated and even murdered each other on the page.

“My poor little nipote.” said a voice, he whirled around only to see Biacaneve behind him. He jumped out of his seat, and clasped a hand to his chest.

“Geeze, Aunt Bia, warn a guy,” he complained trying to get his nerves under control.

“My apologies, Nickolas, I simply didn’t want to disturb you.” She smiled mischievously.

“Yes, because sneaking into my room in nice and peaceful,” He rolled his eyes.

Biacaneve took the drawings from his desk and scanned them. “I can’t decide which one I like more, the blond being lit on fire by her boyfriend, or the eight year olds killing their own teacher.”

Nick flushed and looked down at his sneakers. “I’m having a bad day.” he mumbled.

“Ah! I see, you are no longer mad at me?” the vampire asked him.

" Kinda...I mean, you ate my neighbors,” Nick pointed out. Although a darker part of him was kinda flattered she thought he was worth killing for.

“Did you honestly miss any of them?” she retorted.

“No....but that’s not the point.” he protested.

“You can’t just go killing every douchebag who pushes me down, or steals my stuff or annoys me...because.that’s a lot of dead douchebags.” he finished.

Her face softened. “When you were small it was so easy. All I had to do was snarl at the monsters under the bed; I miss those times. It’s only been two years since I last saw you and so much has changed. I’ve spent centuries with this family, watching each of you grow up and get old,” There was a pause. “I’m used to it, but sometimes I wish time would slow down. I feel like I never have enough time with any of you.” Her eyes were sad.

Nick pulled her into a reassuring hug, then looked her in the eye. “I’m not going anywhere, not for a long time, and neither are the rest of us. Sure, It’ll seem minor compared to your centuries of life but if Grandma’s passing taught me one thing. It’s that some time is better than none at all. I miss her a lot...and I’ll never forget her smiling wrinkled face but...I’m glad God allowed me to know my smart, funny, stubborn, quirky, compassionate grandmother even if it was only for a short time.” He gave his great aunt a crooked smile.

“Ah, Nickolas, you really have grown up, I was foolish to continue to view you as a little boy,” she admitted.

“So when my teeth fall out you’ll spoon feed me oatmeal?” Nick joked.

Biacaneve laughed heartily. Then her smile faded ” Nickolas what’s that?” she growled. Nick quickly tried to hide his burned arm but to no avail.

“This morning it it...just started burning,” he admitted as she grabbed it.

“Good muses don’t tell,” Biacaneve read darkly. “It seems that Rayanna hasn’t been taking care of herself!” the vampires snarled.

“I think she did it to herself,” He said wincing “She is really messed up, she needs Jesus, or a therapist, or at least some Prozac.” Then his cell phone rang.

“Hello, Nick,” It was Rayanna.

“Hey, I was just talking about your dysfunctional ass,” the witch said.

“I called ta check up on yee.” she said.

“Check up! You burned words into my skin.” he stated.

“No, I choose ta have words burned inta me skin. Yee weren’t the deciding factor, however, it was a good punishment.”

“What?” he asked.

“Oh, didn’t yer darling aunt tell yee how she tried ta give me ta the Erlking?”

Nick paused. “You’re lying,” he stammered.

“I can’t lie, check with Arssaya and Lanika. She tried ta serve me up on a silver platter.”

Nick sighed, feeling a bit bad “Look, I’m sorry you’ve been hurt but that doesn’t excuse this, you have serious issues but I can’t help you. Just unlink me from you and we can go our separate ways.”

“I can’t. Yer the only thing keeping her from tearing me throat out,” the Leanansidhe explained.

“So I’m supposed to what just take every punishment for her?” Nick asked anger and frustration filled his voice.

“Not if that undead bint leaves me alone,” Rayanna responded.

“Oh, yeah,” Nick turned to Biacaneve; he’d gotten an idea. “Bite me.” he requested.

“Nickolas, you know not what you ask,” his aunt begged.

“Trust me on this.” he responded, baring his neck.

“Nick, are yee still there?” Rayanna asked him. As he put the phone on speaker and placed it down. Let her sweat. Biacaneve sank her fangs into his neck.

He cried out at the same time Rayanna did. His aunt lifted her head up. “It works both ways, this soul link, I don’t just take your damage, you take mine.” He lifted up his collar over the bite marks.

“Is that what yee want, Nicky? Us ta tear and wound each other let me remind yee, I can take a lot more damage than yee can.” Rayanna warned.

“Yeah, but my attacks will put you under a lot of stress. Rumor has it that you have a tendency to snap when pressure is applied.” Nick reminded her.

“I could destroy yee and yer whole bloodline!” Rayanna snarled.

“Or you can unconnect us and we go our separate ways. Face it, Rayanna, your oath binds and limits you. If anything, we could destroy you a lot easier.” the witch boy declared and felt a stab of vindictive satisfaction at her silence.

“Fine, I’ll unbind yee, if yee join the quest and finish it ta me satisfaction.” Rayanna offered.

“Still trying to use me!” Nick spat.

“One wee quest and I’ll unbind yee, yee have me word.” she promised.

“Agree, Nicholas, fairies are bound to their word.” Biacaneve interjected.

Seems he didn’t have a choice. “Okay, I accept, see you.” Then he hung up the phone.

Biacaneve shook her head. “Most fairies do not put themselves into situations that require them to be hurt.” She sounded troubled

“Did you really try to give her to the one person everyone is scared of?” Nick grilled.

“For your own safety that girl is dangerous,” the vampires responded.

“Damnit, Aunt Bia, that’s not right. No wonder she’s terrified of you,” the witch felt a bit bad despite himself.

“What’s done is done. If we want to take down the faeirie brood we’re going to need some help.”

Nick started to leave the room.

“Um, where are you going young man?” Biacaneve folded her arms.

“To the car so we can find these helpers.”

The vampires shook her head. “No, you’re still grounded, now get back in that room and straight to bed.”

Nick scowled. “Aunt Bia! Isn’t this a bit more important?” The vampires flashed her fangs ” Okay, okay, night, Aunt Bia.” Nick ran back to his room and climbed under his covers he was already in his dad’s shirt and a pair of boxers.

Biacaneve’s eyes softened. “Don’t worry, Nipote, We will stop them, and she’ll pay for hurting you.”

Nick turned his head toward her. “Promise you won’t go faeirie hunting without me?” He held out his finger, knowing it was a bit childish, but he couldn’t exactly tell her to cross her heart or die. “Pinky swear?”

Biacaneve ’s face fell ” Nickolas, I --.”

He cut her off ” Don’t okay, I...I need this.” He looked into her dark eyes trying to make her understand how important this was too him. She smiled warmly and linked her cold finger to his. Nick could feel the familiar chill from her skin.

“I swear I won’t go faeirie hunting. I will not abandon you in your time of need.” Then she pulled her finger away and kissed his forehead. “Good night, try and get some sleep.” She turned out the light.

“Hey, Aunt Bia, If I get some sleep, you’ll get dinner right? You need to eat and judging by the temperature of your skin, you haven’t had a bite all week.” he lectured.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright alone?” the vampires asked hesitantly.

“I’m fifteen, not five. Besides, mom and dad will be back from that family witch thing soon.” Nick argued.

“Alright, but if this a trick to get me out of the house.” He saw the outline of her wagging finger.

“It’s an attempt to get you to take better care of yourself,” Then a yawn slipped through. “Night, Aunt Bia.” he mumbled snuggling down into his covers.

“May you have pleasant dreams.” Biacneve said then she shut the door and left him to his troubled slumber.

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