Descendants of Magic

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chapter 40


“I spent a real lot,” Tyrome scowled at Rayanna, motioning to the two brown paper bags and the freshly pressed tuxedo she was carrying as he guided his bike to the side of his house.

" I’ll pay yee back later, I swear.” the Leanansidhe promised.

“You better, money doesn’t grow on trees ’round here.” the boy grumbled.

“It’s appropriate, from what I’ve seen, Makulu Sahib is a sophisticated man, used ta important dinners and the like. In order ta win him over we need ta present ourselves as classy, refined, and most importantly, show the Senator the amount of respect that is appropriate for one of his position. Trust me, many a conflict has been started simply because a person of great importance has felt snubbed.” she explained

" Where the senator anyway?” Tyrome asked

" Sealiea, Reaper and Treasure took him ta a safer location” Rayanna replied

" You think that a good idea?” asked Tyrome

" Their a lot stronger then me” Rayanna responded as he unlocked the door and walked inside.

Tyrome let out a gasp, Rayanna turned her head toward what was once the entrance. Soft moss now covered the walls of the hallway expanding all the way toward the ceiling, plants sprang up from the cracks of the floor, and rich brown dirt and green leaves completely covered what was once a floor. Nestled in the middle of the plants was a piece of parchment. Of course how could she of been so stupid? ” Did the veil hit here again?” Tyrome sounded spooked.

“No. it’s him.” It came out as a dry croak.

“What! But we’re in the inner city,” the human protested.

“Not anymore, not thanks ta the veil collapse.” Rayanna replied as she handed Tyrome the bags and tuxedo and snatched the parchment from the center of the large flower just as an iron trap clamped down near her foot. Rayanna tried to still her shaking body; that could have been a lot worse and there was no way it wasn’t deliberate. She looked at the piece of parchment it was written in French. “You should Mind your own business,” Rayanna translated.

“It’s a warning.” Tyrome observed, motioning to the plants and the trap. “Greyman ain’t happy we’re interfering, he wanted someone to get hurt.” The human deduced.

We aren’t safe here, if he can get in the horned one knows what he’ll do next,” Rayanna realized. “We have ta leave now, once we’re away from the forest we can contact Rashell and Raquan, but we have ta get away from the Enchanted Forest.”

Tyrome started forward. “Wait!” Her hand clamped down on his arm. “See the leaves? They could be covering more traps.” Rayanna advised him. Tyrome paled at the thought then with trembling fingers he reached into the bag and pulled out a bag of rice

“What the bloody hell are ya a doing with that?” Rayanna demanded.

“Trust me.” Tyrome hurled the box in front of them there was a snap as a bear trap punctured the rice bag, grains went flying everywhere like a burst water balloon. Rayanna felt shocked at the sight. ” Nasty.” The human commented calmly.

“So much for me Ginsing Chicken Soup!” Rayanna complained. “You wanna lose a foot go ahead” he shot back reaching back into the paper bag.

“Fine just throw the ingredients, ugh! I hate him so much.” the Leanansidhe grumbled. She watched with a heavy heart as each ingredient was sacrificed for the sake of their limbs. Several more traps sprang up from the leaves. Rayanna and Tyrome winced violently at every snap as they progressed deeper into the woods.. “Alright then.” Rayanna went ahead and tried to salvage her ingredients; she still had half a bag of rice. Then went the honey, the cream, the berries, even the oats!

" My Cranachan!" the lenansid he lamented.

“You ain’t having a very good week.” Tyrome mused, picking up the rice bag. Tyrome had a realization “Wait, the way these are set up, not much space, as if for small narrow steps...” Rayanna wordlessly started to pick up the traps and carry them to the kitchen one at a time before closing them. She placed them all on the kitchen table.

“Well, I say we set them up so that they’ll match the of a larger man,” the Leanansidhe spat

“We’d have to see how he walks first,” Tyrome commented thoughtfully. “Why’s he so angry at you?” the human asked.

“Let’s just make sure there are no other nasty surprises.” Rayanna purposely avoided the subject. Tyrome frowned but agreed, there were more pressing issues at hand. The two of them carefully explored the whole house which was also covered in plants and flowers.

“Ugh! I feel so violated.” the human admitted as Rayanna thrust open a cabinet and jumped out of the way, feeling foolish when nothing came flying out. Tyrome froze. “I just remembered the peacock.” The two of them looked at each other and raced up the stairs.

“Meleck, Meleck!” Rayanna called out, searching desperately for her brother’s pet. She searched under Tyrome’s bed pushing aside all the clutter that lay under it.

“Meleck, here boy, here!” Tyrome called then they heard a banging and shouting from the hall.

“Wait, you hear that?” Rayanna whispered. He nodded the banging came again only louder. The two of them followed the sound to Raquan’s room.

“Help!” It was Raquan. Tyrome unlocked the closet door and his trembling cousin collapsed on him. Rayanna heard a familiar squawk as Meleck hopped out of the closet.

“I thought yee were with Rashell.” Rayanna said.

“Raquan, you saw Greyman?”

The chubby boy started trembling all over again. “I heard him I grabbed Meleck and we hid here. Dirty clothes masked our scent.” Raquan held out a foul-smelling pair of socks from a pile of dirty laundry that made Rayanna fight back a gag.

“I can see why Greyman didn’t wanna open this door,” Tyrome held his nose. ” Pheeeeeeew!”

Raquan started laughing. It was hysterical and sounded dangerously close to a sob. Rayanna should have felt relieved but she was still uneasy. There’s danger in the air and she’d feel a lot better once they got as far away from here as possible. She wanted to be as far away from the house that had been tainted by the Erlking’s green touch.

“At least nothing else can go wrong!” Raquan particularly shouted. Then with those words the house started to shake violently as every plant in the house came to life and grow at a rapid rate covering all the doors and windows in the entire house and sealing them off. Rayanna, Tyrome, and Raquan looked out the window in horrified silence as huge roots burst from the ground and wrapped entirely around the outside of the house in as a huge thicket which blocked out any kind of light.

“Yee edjet!” Rayanna was about ready to kill the human.

“You don’t never say, that!” Tyrome jumped in the two of them glaring at the unfortunate boy. Even Meleck had a look of great displeasure on his face.

“How the hell I supposed to know?” Raquan said defensively.

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