Descendants of Magic

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chapter 41


Raquan sat there with a butcher’s knife in hand trying to hack away at the thick plants which covered the inside of the window. He wiped sweat from his brow and continued driven onward by determination and fear. Tyrome thought a moment and pulled out his cell phone dialing the number of his old cell. “What?” Rashell asked on the other end.

“Greyman was here, we’re trapped.” Tyrome summed it all up in a calm voice.

“Put Ray on now,” Rashell ordered. The human did so.

Rayanna took the phone. “Hello, ’Shell, no, I haven’t had an episode since the rave. I’m quite calm actually. Guess I’m used ta this bollocks,”

Then, there was a breakthrough. ” Got it!” Raquan triumphantly motioned to the plant root which had finally managed to put an incision it, then the plant sealed right back up right before their eyes. “You gotta be...” Raquan took the butcher knife and hacked even harder than ever in desperation. The same thing happened again, the plant sealed itself back up. Raquan raised the sharp knife again

“Stop! It isn’t gonna work.” Tyrome informed him. His cousin sweaty and trembling threw down the knife and pulled at his dreadlocks in frustration. Meleck made a noise of disappointment. “Rashell, we’re in a bit of trouble here, Greyman was here he left his plants about. They’ve blocked the escape routes.” Rayanna paused as she listened to his reply.

“Yes, any damage inflicted on the thing and it heals itself. No don’t go ta Nick first, go ta Arssaya. She’ll help to persuade him ta help us.” Tyrome watched her put down his cell and sink to the floor. Then Tyromes cell phone rang; cautiously, the human picked it up.

“Yo?” he greeted.

"Bonjour, did you enjoy my decorating?” Greyman asked in his French-accented baritone.

Tyrome turned to Rayanna and scowled. “It the Big Bad Wolf,” He said putting him on speaker phone. “What you want, asshole?” the human demanded.

“So rude!” Greyman sounded indignant.

“Rude? I ain’t the one who came into your house and turned it into a flower garden!” Raquan snapped.

“Actually, you’re in my house, your whole neighborhood is in the Enchanted Forest. Nature is my domain as my Muse informed you,” the Erlking explained. “I’ve simply removed you three from Makulu’s little group. But don’t worry, three seemingly scared, victimized individuals will show up to take your places.”

Rayanna looked disgusted. “I knew it; you’re not even a waiting fer the final battle. Yee intend the Senator ta die on his quest,”

“And I’m sure you weren’t going to have someone stab moi, the moment my claws entered the senator’s skin.” Greyman stated dryly.

“Wait. What? You gonna set Makulu up?” Tyrome realized.

Greyman continued to rattle on. “Were you going to turn me into a wolf skin coat after drape me around your lithe body? I wouldn’t mind if you did.” He paused, and added in a mocking tone. “After all, Belle fille should have pretty things.”

Rayanna’s face was twisted with malice, her voice shook with barely contained rage. ” I’d take fifty blows in one sitting... in exchange fer your head as fer yer worthless carcass. It’s not fit for vultures ta feast on.” There was a laugh from Greyman on the other end. “Although it appears that I misjudged the situation. Ah, no matter, Rashell has always easier to wrap around moi’s finger.”

Rayanna’s pale face drained of its remaining color. “Greyman, please just stay away...yee’ ve hurt him enough.” There was real fear in her voice.

“Oh, Rayanna, I never hurt enough.” Tyrome felt his own skin crawl at the longing in the man’s tone. “It would be easier on you both if you surrendered, get it over with.” His tone was almost soothing. “Leanansidhe were not made to be fighters, your...” One click of a button and his horrible voice was cut off. Rayanna stood up and straightened her dress.

“What are yee a waiting for?” she questioned.

“What are we gonna do? These plants ain’t natural, it’s hopeless.” Raquan said glumly. Tyrome had to admit he was feeling way over his head but he wasn’t quite ready to give up either.

“No, until Greyman crunches yer head between his jaws, there is always hope!” The Leanansidhe declared with a tightened jaw. ” I have spent most of me rather pathetic existence doing things I’m not proud of, and I’ve interacted with some disgusting people over the years. I’ve even had me liver pulled out once, don’t ask. So if yee or Greyman or anyone with half a mind thinks I’m just going ta lay down and wait for him ta show up, your wrong. So yee can both play the maggot and wait ta be lunch but I’m getting out of here.” Then she turned and started toward the door.

“Hey, Ray we’ve got some plant killing chemicals in the basement.” he proposed.

“Yeah, and we a weed wacker!” Raquan interjected enthusiastically. “What? I ain’t getting beat by no plants.” he added at their incredulous stares.

“What are yee waiting fer? Go get it,” Rayanna ordered. The boys hurried away to do her bidding.

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