Descendants of Magic

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chapter 43


“You know, this Greyman dude’s really starting to piss me off.” Rayquan commented, while carrying the weed wacker. Tyrome stood beside him with chemicals in a spray bottle that he found in the cellar.

“He is the enemy,” Tyrome remarked.

“If he came round and was like, “Yo, wanna fight.” I’d at least respect him. All this sneaky bullshit ain’t right.” the other boy argued.

“Greyman doesn’t operates by street rules,” Tyrome responded quietly.

“How do he operate, rule of cowardness? ” Rayquan scoffed.

“Law of the jungle.” Tyrome corrected, an air of unsettledness hung over both boys as they walked the rest of the way in silence.

“Hey guys!” Tyrome turned to see a huge crowd of his neighbors as well as Nick, Lanika, and Arssaya standing there in the hallway with a crowd of military men.

“I’m Sergeant Miles,are you boys, okay?” the head soldier asked.

“Where is Rayanna?” Rashell burst out practically biting his painted fingernails. Before he could answer, Rayanna emerged from the room and Rashell raced over and threw his arms around her in a bone crushing hug.

“’Shell, can’t breath,” Rayanna gasped out.

“Sorry,” Rashell released her.

Rayanna looked at Arssaya there was a crease in her brow. ” Ya came,” she said.

“You told Rashell to come get us.” Arssaya responded.

“I didn’t think ya would come,” the Leanansidhe admitted.

“Hey, we may be mad at you but we’re not leaving you in the hands of that creep, any of you.” Lanika stressed.

“Okay, can one of you tell me what is going on?” the head soldier asked them. A few minutes later and Tyrome had finished the whole story from start to finish.

“So we got Fairie dropped on Washington D.C.?” one of the soldiers asked incredulously.

“You saw those things for yourself.” another soldier pointed out.

Everyone started talking at once, breaking into a chaotic noise.“Alright, that’s enough. We’re going to take these kids to a safe location.” the head soldier’s voice broke through everyone else’s and motioned to Tyrome and Rayquan. “Will all of our friends and neighbors be there?” Tyrome asked.

“We’ve already evacuated them,” the head soldier replied.

“There’s a very dangerous man out there,” Rayanna argued.

" Is he bulletproof?” the head soldier asked her seriously.

“I don’t know. At least get them as far away from the forest as possible. That’s where his power comes from.” Rayanna emphasized.

“I’ll take that under consideration.” the head soldier eyed her with suspicion.

“Actually we live on the other side of town. I mean Lanika and I,” Arssaya interjected.

“We have a relative on the other side of town we can give ya his address.” Rashell interjected smoothly. A couple of hours later and two police cars and an evacuation military vehicle pulled up, making Tyrome very uncomfortable. Rayanna, Arssaya Rashell, Nick, and Lanika got into the cars which drove off after a few more words were exchanged.

“Well, boys, we’D best be off.” the sergeant picked up his radio, but before he could speak into it a huge root burst through the ground and strangled him mid-sentence. Tyrome saw the cold look in Rayquan’s eyes and one thought flew through his mind, That is not my cousin, just before the soldiers opened fire at the Rayquan imposter. He ducked behind the vehicle using his arm with one motion he made a tree branch penetrate one soldier’s chest from behind.

“Get away from the trees!” Miles yelled before grass wound its way around his ankles pulling him down to the ground. The other soldiers were surrounded by the bushes that suddenly closed in as they fired uselessly.

The Rayquan imposter called to them. “For years, humans have tried to dominate nature. Domestication of her animals, the collecting of her water from her springs, burrowing deep into her core for her precious minerals, never realizing that she doesn’t just take it. No, every fox who steals a chicken, every monster who plagues mankind every, tsunami that sweeps villages away, every volcano that erupts; that is dear mother earth fighting back. But if you master her, make her docile to your whims then you have quite the eager petite harlot ready to serve or destroy at your whim.” The thorny bushes tore the soldiers flesh to ribbons. “Now, let’s talk about your role in all of this garcon.” the Rayquan imposter stated as his vines crept closer to Tyrome.

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