Descendants of Magic

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6


“I’m so sorry I kept you waiting.” Sealiea scolded herself as she fit the key into the lock of the cell door. She was usually on top of things and was far more efficient. She twisted the key once, but it didn’t budge, frowning, she tried it again the other way. The door obeyed her this time; all three pairs of eyes looked at her wearily. Sealiea, pleased that she had their attention, stepped into the cell lugging her leather bag placing it down on the ground. She turned to see three individuals chained to the wall. A satyr with curly brown hair; he even had those odd horizontal eyes that never seemed to make their way into any human re imaginings. A fairy girl with green wings and antennas sticking out from her long black hair, and one of the more typical centaurs Briar loved to hand pick to fight his wars.

“I’m just really excited about today.” She opened it and started rummaging through the bag. “I’ve got some new toys to try out.” Sealiea scowled, it looked like someone had casually thrown the tools together.

“Would it kill him to organize?” the siren complained out loud. “And where the hell is my record pl—oh, there it is!” She spotted it in the corner of the cell near the door where she left it. Sealiea felt a bit foolish, she looked at her guests. “I swear I’m getting as bad as Treasure.” She laughed to cover up her embarrassment holding her head high. As her mother always said a true princess behaves with dignity no matter the circumstances. Not a princess anymore, sneered a voice in her head. Sealiea returned to the task at hand ignoring that voice.

“There it is.” The siren girl removed a long elegant whip and cracked it against the floor, the men glared at her defiantly, the girl whimpered, and she grinned revealing her back row of razor-sharp teeth hidden beneath the neat row of delicate pearly white ones that created a facade of normality. These were her favorite type of playmates, not the delicate summer fairies or the foolish, solitary fairies the Court sometimes captured, but hardened soldiers, a thrill ran through her body. Too bad about the girl, though, she wasn’t going to be much fun. Sealiea nodded in approval as she pulled a pair of pliers out of the bag.

“Nice,” she commented approvingly, she turned toward the girl and pinched the ends together with a loud crack a bead of sweat ran down her brow.

“I’m worth more intact!” the girl begged desperately. Oh, maybe she made a misjudgment.

“The knowledge in your head is worth more than your whole body.” Sealiea rolled her eyes. She studied the girl’s face, critically observing the haunted, pale washed out expression.

“You could really use some makeup,” she commented. All three prisoners gave her looks of incredulousness. “I’d lend you mine, but I know where your mouth has been, and I don’t want to get contaminated.”

The girl flinched like she’d been slapped. Sealiea smirked, hit a nerve, did she?

“How could you be so cruel?” the knight growled.

“Oh, come on! What dolt gets into bed with the Unseelie King’s right-hand boy, and expects to live happily ever after?” Sealiea said with exasperation, then she turned to the knights. “Also, she’s the reason you’re here, she told Reaper everything about Daddy’s regiment; hence why you got captured.”

The knights went white at the revelation. “You’re lying...” one of them protested. “We shouldn’t trust anything you say.” He said more firmly.

“Seriously are all Seelie Courtiers this stupid?” Sealiea questioned, fixing her golden hair. “Well, let’s get on with our session.” She reached into the bag again. “But first.” She pulled out a few records. “This is the only thing... humans invented that I actually like.” She patted her record player with affection. It pained her to even admit as much but Sealiea had always prided herself on honestly.

“So what record?” She flashed the choices at them.

The satyr lost it. “Are you serious?” the creature demanded.

“I like to listen to music while I work,” Sealiea explained. “And sometimes I sing along, it’s a siren thing.” She waved the records again. “Except if you choose Elvis Presley, I’ll kill you. Jenny dragged me to every Elvis concert during the fifties. I didn’t find him talented then, and I don’t like him now.” Sealiea warned.

The prisoners looked like fish out of water. Sealiea felt a moment of sympathy for them. “Don’t worry, you’re still new but you’ll get used to the new routine.” Sealiea patted one of the soldiers on the arm almost comfortingly. He continued to glare at her venomously.

Sealiea’s activities were halted when she heard the clearing of a throat. She turned and saw Reaper opening the cell door. ” Reaper! What the shell are you doing here?” Sealiea demanded angrily. The Death Fairie let out an approving whistle as he scanned her tight black leather suit with his eyes.

“Had to check out the new interrogator uniform, didn’t I?” The girl on the back wall burst into tears. Sealiea scowled then smiled at the prisoners.

“If you’ll excuse me for a moment.” She put the key into the lock and walked out of the cell. Reaper casually followed her out, she locked the door and the two of them went a little further before they stopped. “For cod’s sake, Reaper, I’m your best friend’s wife, have some respect, if not for me at least for him!” Sealiea felt indignity swell in her breast.

“Treasure would just be glad we’re actually getting along,” Reaper chuckled.

“What do you want?” Sealiea sighed with exasperation.

“The king wants me to take over your interrogation,” he explained.

“To ekanes thalassa!” Sealiea snapped, switching to her original tongue. Which translated to something along the lines of “you ruined everything”.

“I know Trisha and I get information out of her a lot easier; also, my methods are less crude,” he argued.

“I think being chained to the wall will make even her skeptical of your tortured soul act,” Sealiea responded snidely.

“You’d be surprised,” the Death Fairie responded.

“No, I wouldn’t be, sadly,” Sealiea deadpanned. “And...wait a minute! You persuaded the king, didn’t you, little Mr. Perfect?” she accused.

“I may have said some things,” Reaper admitted.

“What is your deal, did it bother you so much, that I’m better at something then you for once?” she demanded heatedly.

“I do hate you, but that’s not why I did it,” Reaper told her casually.

“Then why the shell did you?” she asked tightly.

“Because you’ve been ignoring a certain someone lately.”

Sealiea was stunned. “Don’t be ridiculous. I’ve...” She scanned her brain trying to remember the last time she had spent time with her husband.

“Exactly. Your schedule is cleared for today,” the Death Fairie said formally.

“Fine, but if touch my record player I’ll skin you alive,” she swore, then she turned and started to walk off.

“Oh and one more thing.” Sealiea turned her head around. “Your ass looks great in those pants.” Reaper grinned obnoxiously at her. The siren flipped him off as she walked off to go find her husband.

Sealiea opened the door to their chambers, it looked like a regular noble’s bedroom, a huge lavish bed with a frame made from pure gold. A table carved from the finest silver, a white vanity in the corner beside a mother of pearl mirror. Pieces of sea shell and coal were strung together and tacked onto every wall in long carefully strung together lines. A large frame with a black and white photograph lay on the table carved from silver. A slightly younger Sealiea dressed in Victorian garb looked at the camera, while the young man beside her nervously waved as if he was in a parade. Records were scattered across the floor in untidy stacks, beside them were coloring and jewels, gold, and other trinkets were splayed across the vanity. and a mink coat was thrown carelessly across the bed a nightgown in a crumpled heap on the floor. The room wasn’t untidy enough to be unlivable, but it had an air of carelessness about it that came from the knowledge that tomorrow three brownie maids would scurry in and put it back in order. Most importantly there was a large lake in the room with a set of huge rocks right next to it. Beside the rock, there was also an old fashioned water slide. Sealiea walked carefully over to the lake just as a head of black curls emerged from under the water.

The young man not seeing her did a somersault giving her a flash of his long golden fishtail, a grin split his face.

“Treasure,” Sealiea called out affectionately.

The boy whirled around, there was a flash of surprise, then worry. “Sealy is everything al—” Then he caught sight of her leather outfit and burst out laughing.

“It’s the standard uniform,” Sealiea pouted.

“Sorry....hahaha... Sealy, ” he laughed, gasping for breath. “It’s just...we’re actually advertising the fact we’re twisted, violent, perverts now!” He laughed harder.

Sealiea felt her own lips start to twitch; maybe it was a little amusing. “We are a part of the Unseelie Court,” she said.

“Come in, the water’s great!” he encouraged, doing another flip.

Sealiea knelt by the water and shook her head. “I’m going to go change,” she decided. Then she strode over to the wooden chest at the foot of her bed and managed to slowly strip the abomination off, she may have looked good, but it wasn’t designed for girls who had extra muscle in their builds not to mention she was freezing. The human body she was cursed to operate in on land had many weaknesses: limited senses, an inability to go without food for long periods of time, but the worst was the inability to maintain body heat. She quickly threw on a grey seal skin tunic and breeches with fur for extra warmth. The only downside was now she couldn’t show off her scars. The only two that were proudly displayed was the one on her cheek and the deep one on her neck.

It had stunned Sealiea the first time she had attended a faeirie rave how the Seelie and Summer fairies had recoiled from her in horror and disgust. In Siren culture, perfect skin for women was frowned upon, it marked one as a coward a weakling who shied away from conflict. In fact, Siren mothers encouraged their daughters to cut their skin with fish hook tips so as to further their prospects.

She walked back over as Treasure pushed himself out of the water, Sealiea openly ogled his olive skinned gymnast body as droplets of water cascaded down his chest. His tail hit the rock with a wet slap and suddenly his tail started to split apart and darker. Within a few seconds Treasure’s tail was replaced by very human anatomy. He got to his feet with a grimace and slipped into his favorite outfit waiting on the rock; a black and white jester outfit covered with black spades.

“I’m glad that you managed to snag that potion,” he commented, pulling up the back of his ridiculous suit. Then he slipped a sealskin coat over his uniform, wrapping it around his shoulders.

“What kind of person would I be if I let us suffer the agony of transformation constantly?” Sealiea replied.

Treasure hastily changed the subject. “So are you all done?” There was a hopeful edge to his voice.

“No, Reaper stole my interrogation.” She scowled at the memory.

“Do you want me to talk to him?” Treasure offered.

“No, he also told me you were feeling a little lonely today,” she commented.

“Oh, that’s just Reaper being Reaper, I’m fine. I’ve got my juggling to practice, a whole lake to myself, and I’ve got a deck of cards somewhere around here and a puzzle here that’s well... half-finished and Jenny writes occasionally’re not buying this are you?”

Sealiea shook her head. “Not even close.”

“Oh well, it’s fine, I get it your busy and...” Sealiea pulled him into a passionate kiss.

“I don’t mind you needing me. Do you remember the last time we both had time off?” she questioned.

“Ummm?” Treasure trailed off in thought.

“Exactly! Reaper has given me this time, so I’m going to enjoy it with my favorite goldfish.” Sealiea promised.

Her husband’s face lit up. “You mean it? Um, let’s see, um, no can’t do that...Hey, maybe we could? No, that’s no good either, I don’t have anything planned.” His shoulders slumped.

“You mentioned something about a deck of cards, I believe?” Sealiea reminded him.

“Poo! But that’s not really special!” he argued.

“Well, we have the whole day, let’s take things slow.” Sealiea smiled.

“Okay, yeah,” He got up and started for the other side of the room and soon he came back holding up the pack of cards as if it was a spoil of war. Sealiea loved him all the more for it. He begins shuffling the cards.

“So heard from Jenny?” Sealiea asked.

“Once or twice, but she’s busy it’s understandable,” Treasure commented.

" Are you sure your off for the whole day?” Sealiea asked

" One of the newbies didn’t bind the Gorgon all the way, she turned half the other healers, doctors and the other patients into statues” Treasure frowned ” Luckily for me it happened during my lunch break, but now we have to hire a witch doctor to fix things”

“So the King hasn’t wanted you to perform this month?” his wife asked.

“He hasn’t wanted me to perform at parties in months, I’m starting to worry that maybe...he’s getting tired of me.” Treasure confessed.

Sealiea felt a chill. “Don’t think like that, things have been hectic lately, but pretty soon you’ll be performing at banquets and cartwheeling across the ground in that stupid little hat, and you’ll feel silly for worrying.” She reassured him.

Treasure pulled a look of mock offense. “Hey! I happen to like that hat.”

Sealiea grinned. “Lucky for you I wasn’t marrying based on taste,” she teased.

“Ha, says Miss ‘I Wear Red Leather’.”

Sealiea smirked. “Well, Reaper complimented me; I must have been doing something right.”

Treasure snorted. “Reaper will compliment anything that breathes.”

Sealiea took some of the cards. “Come on, you’ve got to admit I look good in it.” she weedled.

“You would look pretty wearing a paper bag, doesn’t mean you should put one on.” Treasure responded.

“Jealous?” she asked hopefully.

“And scared, we run with some real creeps,” he answered.

“Need I remind you who cut off that troll hand when it grabbed your ass?” Sealiea retorted.

“And I can’t thank you enough for that, but some of these fairies have a lot more power than us. I’m just saying be careful, is all.” her husband warned.

“Can you just say I look good?” Sealiea asked, irritated that he was missing the point.

“You look good,” Treasure responded casually. Sealiea gave him her best ‘you’re missing my point’ stare. Her husband looked slightly confused as he set up the cards.

“Well, I can’t exactly tell you about my week,” Sealiea commented taking her pile from him.

Treasure stiffened slightly. “Well maybe if you don’t go into detail...” he compromised awkwardly.

“We got two members of the Seelie Court regiment,” she said proudly. “Thanks to one of Reapers Seelie Court bimbo’s.”

Treasure winced. “Don’t you think you’re being a little harsh?” he asked.

“She’s a huge traitor,” Sealiea responded.

“I know but...I kind of get it,” he confessed,

“Get what? Got any sevens?” she asked.

“Go fish.” She took a card from the pile.

“Got any threes?” She scanned her cards. Treasure sighed and forked them over.

“You and Reaper just don’t get it,” he responded.

“Get what? Got any fives?” He forked them over again much to her pleasure.

“You’re like Angler fish, the both of you,” he replied.

“You always say the sweetest things,” she drawled.

“It’s true; you have a tendency to devour anyone who gets too close.” He paused “But despite the danger, people are drawn to you.” He swallowed. “You’re irresistibly cruel to us poor fools, caught in your net.”

“Well, if I emphasized with the Seelie Court I wouldn’t be very good at my job,” she pointed out.

“True,” he agreed reluctantly.

“If it helps, Trina might be ransomed back,” Sealiea reassured him.

“That’s good, got any nines?” He perked up a bit. Treasure had a vague idea of the kind of things Unseelie prisoners were exposed to. However, her husband didn’t seem to know the true horrors the Unseelie were capable of. Sealiea was fine with his willing ignorance on such matters. Truth was, Trina was never going to be fine, the Unseelie Court tainted everyone it touched. It was the fairie equivalent of a living hell and Sealiea’s black little heart had never felt more at home.

She was about to reply when she saw a flicker out of the window. “Treasure, look out in the courtyard; intruders!” she hissed.

“Let’s just call the guards and let them handle it, Sealiea, Sealiea?”

The blond siren girl was already by the door. “Are you kidding me!” her husband groaned.

“I need to see some blood to get through the day,” Sealiea admitted.

“Sure a wonderful morning is never complete without chirping birds, a balanced breakfast, and... a corpse cooling at your red leather boots,” Treasure quipped.

“I’ll only be a minute, and then I’m all yours.” Sealiea draped her arms around his neck. “Want to bring you back the eyes or tongues?”

“You know, there’s a little thing often sold in stores which one can buy to show their’s called a card.” her husband rhetorically told her.

“In ancient times female sirens always brought bits of sailors to their husbands, they didn’t mind.”

Treasure laughed with a roll of his eyes. “Yeah, because if some guys wife’s instinct is to give him someone’s eyeball and leaves it on the dresser, he’s going to be dumb enough to complain about the gift she brought him.”

Sealiea huffed. “So you did lie about liking your Valentine’s Day heart!” She grabbed her trident and net from the wall and flexed her muscular arm.

“You know what we’ll talk about how this later,” she added.

Treasure turned her around and gave her a kiss. “Ta matia sou dekatessera.” he warned.

“Don’t worry, within minutes they’ll be begging me to end it.” Sealiea grinned then turned and exited the room.

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