Descendants of Magic

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chapter 8


Rayanna glanced at the two individuals guarding the front of the Seelie Court palace. “I thought ya said no one would be here,” said Rashell.

“They aren’t supposed to be here, they’re supposed to be inside the castle sleeping and puking their guts out,” Rayanna said in annoyance.

Fox smirked, Rayanna turned toward her angrily. “Okay, what’s so bloody amusing?”

Fox tried to look innocent. “Oh, weren’t you aware? Dagda makes sure there’s always someone on duty.” she drawled.

“They certainly don’t look bolloxed.” Rashell. said.

“A three-year-old could have told us as much.” responded the older fairy.

“Yee really want to have a go at him?” Rayanna warned.

“Maybe he wouldn’t be such a sissy boy if you’d stop trying to defend him,” Fox told her, flippantly.

“I’m not a sissy!” Rashell insisted angrily. Rayanna closed her eyes and counted to ten. There had to be another way, she just had to be a little more creative. That shouldn’t be too hard. Rashell and Rayanna both had very active imaginations, something that was important in their line of work.

“The courtyard around back,” Rashell exclaimed. “It leads directly inta the castle.”

Rayanna was torn between annoyance at not having thought of that, and being secretly impressed by her brother’s foresight. Not that she’d ever admit it to him. “Good idea.” Was all Rayanna told him.

The three of them looked in order to make sure the guards were occupied. “On me signal, we run toward the gate and slip inside the courtyard,” Rayanna said in a way that was a lot more confident than she felt.

“Are yee scared?” Rayanna asked to divert her own fears.

“Yes, I’m terrified the ghosts of me previous teachers will appear ta beat me senseless fer this!” Rashell snarked.

“Yee will assist me,” Rayanna said knowingly.

“I’ll assist you.” he sighed. It was a good thing he didn’t know the full plan. “On a count of three then,” he said. “One, two...Fox threw off her dress and shifted into her fox form, then darted under the gate leaving them both behind. Rayanna swore as the two of them ran around to the back. The guards leaped upon them and Rashell held them off. ” Go!” he yelled before aiming a punch at his attacker’s stomach, followed by a stab from his lacy umbrella right through his opponent’s chest, green liquid oozed out as he fell to the ground. Then Rayanna saw a net fly straight over her brother trapping him. She started running forward.

“Stay back, Ray!” His voice was filled with suppressed uncertainty. His attacker, a young woman with short-cropped blond hair and a scarred face, yanked the net knocking it and Rashell to the ground. She picked up her trident; without thinking, Rayanna threw herself directly at the girls back knocking her to the ground. The two of the wrestled for the weapon but the other girl had a lot more muscle then Rayanna and easily overpowered her ripping the cloak from her body and sliced through it with her sword which she pulled from her belt.

Then the sneering girl dragged Rayanna by her long hair and yanked her to her feet and easily pinned her to her chest and wrapped one hand around her throat.

“Hey, drop the weapons!” the girl called out. Rashell froze in place, hand still on his knife. “I mean it, I’ll rip her eyes out.” the girl said calmly. Rashell’s knife clattered to the ground.

“Open up the silk jacket,” the girl continued in a bored tone. Her twin brother did so to revealing several knives and a nail filer. “You know what? Just toss the whole jacket It’ll save time.” Rashell did so, scowling.

“Well, what are you plebs waiting for? Pat him down!” the girl snapped at the remaining guards. They rushed over to Rashell and did as their mistress commanded. Rashell gritted his teeth enduring the humiliation. The girl smiled wide revealing that her second row of teeth was razor sharp. “Bind them,” she ordered.

Rayanna and Rashell found themselves seconds later in separate dungeon cells. “Yer Edijet plan didn’t work,” her twin brother griped.

“Actually, me plan is working,” Rayanna revealed. There was a moment of silence as it sunk in.

“If there weren’t bars between us I think I might strangle ya,” Rashell seethed.

“I deserve that,” she conceded.

“It’s not like a million and one things couldn’t and won’t go wrong with this plan.” His voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Oh, it has. Yer still supposed ta have yer jacket, I thought the guards would catch us, not the siren bint and—” She was cut off by the return of the guards, one of whom threw a hissing and spitting Countess Fox into the cell.

“Yee know? This was a terrible idea.” Rayanna realized, feeling a bit nervous.

“No. A redhead wearing a pink dress is a bad idea. This is an ‘end with the whole court nibbling our entrails’ type of idea!” her twin brother exclaimed.

“Well nothing we can da now,” Rayanna said, trying to look on the bright side at the same time her brother let loose a stream of profanities not appropriate for Court Life aimed directly at her.

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