Black Knight

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Magic is everything in this world. Giving you everything down to your status. Kai however, is born in the world without a single amount of mana. He must prove himself that he can be something in a world that put him down.

Fantasy / Adventure
Gamer Dragon
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Chapter 1: Nothing Special

Eons ago, before mankind, gods, strong celestial beings with a strong connection with the natural environment known as mana is the energy and life force that resonates within every living thing. Once a being loses this life force they will die. They used the mana they had and used it to develop magic. Abilities that are derived from mana. Fire, water, earth, air. The four basic elements created from the mana they possessed.

Later on, they developed light and dark magic, these being a rare sight however, requiring a large amount of mana.

“Welcome to Moya!” A man with light brown hair, silver eyes and light skin known as the king is greeting a large crowd of people. “The capital of Hirune!”

The king throws his hands up in excitement. “Today is the day of the year where all four regions come together to celebrate the peace we have had for over five hundred years!” All the kings and queens of the other regions clap while in their seats.

Everyone starts to clap along with them. “I just want you to take a look to your left, and then to your right. You might not know the person you’re standing next to but I want you to thank them and the gods for helping the regions thrive and live together.” Everyone starts thanking each other. “You may be demi-humans, humans or even an elf! But take the time to put aside your difference and enjoy the festival!” He sits down and everyone starts clapping.

They soon passed down their knowledge of mana to smaller races. Humans, Elves, and Demi-humans. The gods taught them different abilities, and soon the races began praising them. Religion came around, thanking the gods for their teachings.

Everyone continues to cheer until there was a large explosion behind them.

However, some began using those powers for evil.

Everyone turns around to see three figures walk out of the fire. The one on the right is a large muscular guy with a long black beard, black hair and crimson eyes. The one on the right is a small slim girl with similar flowing hair and crimson eyes as well. The one in the middle is a tall male with short black hair with crimson eyes too.

Taking the hope and faith of the races and gods and turning it into something worse.

Everyone is standing still, until the one in the middle puts his hand forward. He creates a large explosion right in the crowd. Everyone starts to run and panic.


“Oh gods! Help!” Some start pushing past each other while others are trampling over each other. All the royal families are escorted to a safe location while the civilians are being killed by each other and the mayhem.

The knights of the kingdom try their best to fend off and protect the people but they are getting slaughtered. Magic knights are trying to save everyone the best they can. All three of the people start to fly into the sky. Now above the city they raise their hands all together.

It seemed like all hope was lost. Like nothing was going to save the people.

Suddenly two people, two heroes appear in front of them in the sky as well. One with brown hair and blue eyes named Henry Liega and the other with black hair and brown eyes known as Sel Monde. They both raise their hands and as they do, they create a large magical sphere in the sky. It shifts from black to white to black in the center and white around it. Waves of intense mana beam from both parties. Creating large gusts of wind, knocking over and destroying buildings.

The two waves of mana clash creating even larger bursts of intense winds. As the knights lower their hands, the three people charge up an attack. As everyone launches their attacks a white flash can be seen from across the entire kingdom and beyond.

As the light fades a large crater can be seen spanning over two hundred meters in length; and both the hero’s and the villains have disappeared. Everyone in the kingdom starts cheering and some begin to cry from fear and joy. Many have died that day, but the hero’s were cemented in history and were known as legends from there on.

-13 Years Later-

“And that is how the tragedy of darkness happened, while many were saved, lots have also lost their loved ones during that time. This is why every year at the same time as the tragedy, we remember the ones that we lost, especially the two heroes who sacrificed their lives for the safety of the kingdom.” A teacher is currently teaching a history class.

He then points at the door. A student with pristine brown hair slightly covering his even more brown eyes stands there with a stern expression, his hands behind his back walks up to the teacher with his head held high. He then stops right in front of the teacher. “One being Henry Liega, father of one of the best seniors in the school... and his brother. Please, come up if you would.”

“Thank you for having me sir.” He bows slightly.

“No no. I should be thanking you. You are one of the brightest and best students.” He then looks back at the other student still in their seat sleeping. “For your brother on the other hand. Get up!” The kid is currently asleep, slumped over his desk.

“Hey Kai, the teacher’s calling you.” A girl with red hair going down her back and shining green eyes taps him.

“Yeah, get up.” A kid with messy blonde hair and brown eyes waves his hand slightly, creating a small breeze, slapping the boy in the face lightly.

“Huh, whaaaa!” The kid jumps up in his seat and starts to fall backwards, hitting the floor. Everyone in the class starts to laugh at the kid while the girl, boy, teacher, and the brother facepalm. The kid jumps back up and looks around. The girl tugs his shirt and he looks at her.

“Kai, just go up.”

“B-but Mika!” She gives him a stare, he then looks over at the boy and he just shrugs and he sighs. “Fine.” He walks up with an annoyed look and sigh. Once he gets up to the teacher he looks at the kid with a disappointed face but then looks back at the class.

“Anyway these students are the sons of one of the legends. Jay Liega.” Jay bows slightly and the girls start giggling and yelling Jay’s name. “Girls! Please stay quiet.” Once the girls are quiet he introduces the other one. “And next is Kai Liega.” With silver hair and blue eyes, the kid stands up straight with a smile on his face. Everyone stays silent. “Would anyone like to ask them questions?” A girl raises her hand. “Go ahead.”

“Jay, will you go out with me!” He closes his eyes and chuckles slightly.

“Alright! Any other questions?” The teacher shakes his head and the girl sits back down, folds her arms and pouts. A guy raises his hand. “Yes?”

“How come he doesn’t have any mana?” Everyone bursts into laughter and the teacher is struggling to calm the class. Suddenly a bell goes off and everyone rushes out of the class. Kai sighs and starts to walk out of the class.

“Hold on.” He stops to turn to face the teacher. “Try to stay up next time before I have to give you detention.” He nods and continues to leave .

Kai’s Pov

I start walking down the hallway to the cafeteria till four guys walk up to me.

“Hey guys. This is the kid.” I stop when they get in front of my face. They are really taller than me. I was always on the short side being four foot eleven.

“This is the kid with no magic? Jay’s brother?”


“I never thought someone could be more of a piece of trash, but he’s proven me wrong.” They all chuckle and I sigh. I try to walk past till their leader blocks me.

“Where do you think you’re going? A little pipsqueak like you should learn how to listen.” He flicks my forehead making me step back a little. They all have a laugh among themselves.

“Is there something you want? Or are you just here to be a bunch of asses?” They all stop laughing and stare at me surprised. Their leader gets angry and balls up his fist.

“Shut the hell up you piece of shit!” He throws a punch and hits me in the stomach, making me curl up and punches me in the face making me fall over.

I feel a little blood on my cheek and I wipe it off. “Don’t you ever talk back to us again!” They kick me in the stomach making me curl up again. They all walk off, but not before spitting at me.

I slowly stand up and wipe more of the blood away. “Assholes.” I say before continuing to walk down the hall.

A few hours later I went to lunch sitting at an empty table with my friends Mika and Imito. Imito sits across while me and Mika sit next to each other.

“Kai.” I look over at Mika and then Imito and they are both giving me strange looks.


“Are you ok?” Mika questions.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be.”

“You’re covered in bruises again. Did someone mess with you again?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m fine now.” After I say this Imito slams his hands on the table.

“Don’t worry about it? We’re your friends, if you needed help you could have just called us.” I look away from them.

“I don’t want you guys to fight my fights.”

“But your fights are our fights too.” Mika says sympathetically, making me sigh. Mika was always so compassionate while Imito was always ready to defend a friend.

“Thanks guys but really I’m fine. They only got a couple hits.” I grin, causing them both to sigh, and shake their heads.

“Fine. If you say so. But if they still bother you, just tell me.” I don’t say and Imito goes back to eating his food.

“So anyway... Kai,” I look over at Mika who is now picking at her food. “The festival of the legends is happening in a few days... so I was wondering if we could go... together.” I think about it for a moment.

“Sure!” I grin while she turns red slightly and looks away with a slight smile. “We could even bring Imito-”

“No!” Mika shouts, making almost the whole cafeteria look. Even Imito looks up from his food. “I-I mean I thought it could... ya know just the two of us...” I stare at her for a few seconds. Then I look at Imito.

“It’s fine. You guys enjoy your date.” He puts on a mischievous smirk while looking at her.

“It’s not a date! It’s just two people, hanging out, like regular friends!” Imito laughs at Mika’s reaction.

“It’s just a joke. I’m going with some other friends.” Mika then sighs and rolls her eyes. She looks back at me and closes her eyes.

“So it’s official. I’ll see you at the festival then.” She smiles and we are dismissed to our next classrooms . We all walk to the stadium and a teacher is standing there with a box and students around him.

“Alright kids, time to play a game!” The teacher starts explaining. “So the rules are simple. You’ll pair up with a person and you two will have to use your magic to defeat the other if you lose you’re out.” I look over and start running over to Imito.

“Hey Imito wanna pair up?” I look at Imito and he has a slight frown when he sees me.

“Sorry Kai I already paired with someone.” Imito points at a guy next to him.

“Yeah so that means leave.” The guy pushes me but Imito steps in.

“Hey. Knock it off.” Imito stands in between both of us.

“If he leaves I will. We don’t need him around.”

“I only picked you because you looked strong. Don’t make me-”

“It’s alright Imito. I’ll go.” He just looks at me with a surprised face. Then it turns to slight anger but he nods. I smile and turn to see Mika talking to a girl, I run over and tap her on the shoulder making her jump.

“Hey Mika, wanna be my partner!”

“Sorry, but I’m already with someone.” She looks over at a girl.

“She probably wouldn’t even wanna be your partner.” The girl looks away from me in disgust.

“That’s not true! I-” I laugh making Mika and the girl look at me like I am crazy.

“It’s ok Mika. Have fun!” I run off while waving bye. Mika waves but the girl turns her head walking off, making Mika chase after her. I look around for someone else.

“Hey, wanna pair up!” I turn to ask some girls.

“Ew, no.” The girls turned my offer down like always.

“Oh alright. Hey any of you guys wanna pair up!” I walk over to ask a group of guys.

“Hell no, why would we.” I sigh. I look over to see my brother walk over to me while everyone is looking at him.

“Hello little brother.” Without looking me in the eyes he says while standing straight up.

“Hey Jay.” I can see his eye twitch when I say his name but he remains composed.

“I see no-one wanted to pair up with you.”

“Yeah.” I sigh.

“Well you won’t have to worry. I’ll be your partner.” I get a large smile on my face.

“Are you sure!?”


“Thanks! I’m so excited!” I go to hug him but he puts his hand up and stops me.

“Don’t take my offer as an act of kindness. I am only doing this because I need to.” I stop, nod and smile.

“Alright! Let’s go!” I run to the sidelines to watch others fight.

-Thirty Minutes Later-

“Alright finally Kai vs Jay!”

“Aw sweet, Jay is finally gonna fight.”

“I know and he’s so cute too.”

“Who’s that other kid?”

“I think that’s his brother.”

“Really? I heard he can’t use magic.”

“He’s so weak.” I start to sweat hearing all the insults being said behind my back. I walk to grab a stick and my brother does the same.

“Alright!” I ran towards the middle of the arena. Jay sighs and makes his way to the middle.

“Alright, get ready.” The teacher backs up a few steps and puts his hand up. Me and my brother both walk to opposite sides of the ring. The teacher lowers his hand “Start!” I start running towards my brother. He stands still and closes his eyes.

“Fire magic: Flaming embrace.” The stick is now engulfed in a steady flame. “Wind magic: Great wind push.” A burst of wind pushes Jay forward at lightning speeds. He hits the side of my chest, making me fly to the left.

“Wow!” Everyone in the crowd is amazed at the fact that Jay’s not even trying.

“Ow, that hurt.” My shirt is burnt and scuffed from the hit. I’m in pain but I manage to stand back up. “What are you doing?!” I hold my side.

“I’m trying to teach you a lesson.” He gets into a fighting stance. I start to run away to gain distance. “Where do you think you’re going?” Jay catches up to me in an instant. He swings a fist at my stomach and I have no time to react. He punches me in the gut and I go flying into the wall. “Stay down where you belong.” Everybody in the crowd is silent and I look over to see Imito and Mika in shock.

“Jay what are you doing?” I struggle to move. I have a cut and it is bleeding a bit. I try to stand up but fall back down due to the pain.

“You’re a disgrace to the Liega family.” He starts to step on my shoulder. He points the stick towards me. “You should learn where you belong.”

“Alright that’s enough, the match is over. Jay Liega has won.” The teacher ends it before it got too serious. Jay walks off and my friends rush over to me.

“Kai are you alright!?” Mika has a worried expression on her face.

“Yeah I’m alright.”

“Good let’s take you to the nurse just to be safe.” I grab Imito’s hand and they walk me to the nurse.

I see my brother walk off.


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