Black Knight

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Magic is everything in this world. Giving you everything down to your status. Kai however, is born in the world without a single amount of mana. He must prove himself that he can be something in a world that put him down.

Fantasy / Action
Gamer Dragon
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Chapter 1: Nothing Special

Eons ago, before mankind, celestial beings with a strong connection to the natural environment developed mana. The energy and life force that resonates within every living being. If a being were to lose this so-called life force, they would die.

They used the mana they had within them and the environment to create magic. Fire, water, earth, and air are the four natural elements of magic. While most possessed the four elements, some developed their magic to manipulate light and dark.

"Welcome to Moya!" A man with light brown hair, and silver eyes, known as king Alexander, greets a crowd of people from a large balcony. "The capital of Hirune!"

The king throws his hands up in excitement. "Today a day of celebration! Where all four regions come together to celebrate over five hundred years of peace!" All the kings and queens of the other regions clap while in their seats.

A tall, burly man with bull horns on his head and a tail swaying back and forth stands tall over everyone. Donning lesser wear to the rest, he raises a wine glass as he looks between the royalty beside him. The ruler of the Mowen region and the leader of the demi-humans. A race of people with animal-like features.

"I just wanted to say, we may not agree on ideas, or culture and beliefs, but as long as we stand together, we will always be one!" The man yells out to the crowd below, gaining a cheer from them all. "The Mowen region and its Demi-humans will be with you!" The man sits back down, getting another praising cheer from the crowd.

An old Elven man with long, pointed ears and blonde hair slowly rises from his seat. He is the king of Elfinzine. With a stern look on his face, the crowd goes silent, waiting for his speech. After moments of waiting, he finally opens his mouth, taking a deep breath.

"I have seen my fair share of war. I have seen many young elves, humans, and demi-humans slaughtered for the sake of money, power, religion. But after all the bloodshed has ended, we all still share one thing in common, the loss of our dear brothers and sisters. That is what truly brings us closer. The love we have for our family and friends. So enjoy it while they are still there to view it!" This earns a loud cry from everyone as some shed tears at the powerful words of the elf king.

Finally, a woman wearing a large crown and royal garbs stands up, this person being the queen of the Retzule region. She slightly smiles as she looks down onto the people from all over.

"I would like to welcome you all, poor, middle class, rich. Humans, demi-humans, elves. Whoever or whatever you are, you stand with one another because you've put aside your differences. That is the true sign of kindness. Not caring where you came from, but where you are going. That is what it means to be one with the gods." She holds up her hand and begins a prayer. Everyone follows and starts to pray. "Thank you." With the heartwarming speech, everyone claps.

King Alexander rises from his seat once more. "I just want you to take a look to your left and then to your right. You might not know the person you're standing next to, but I want you to thank them and the gods for helping the regions thrive and live together." Everyone starts thanking each other. "You may be demi-humans, humans, or even an elf! But take the time to put aside your difference and enjoy the festival!" He shines a bright smile towards the crowd as they let out one final cheer.

They soon passed down their knowledge of mana to smaller races. Humans, Elves, and Demi-humans. The gods taught them different abilities, and soon the races began praising them. Religion came around, thanking the gods for their teachings.

Everyone spreads out through the festival. Every person is having a great time. Friends hanging out, families playing games, and lovers going out. That is until a large explosion disrupts everyone.

Everyone turns around to see three figures walk out of the fire. The one on the right shows a wide grin, a robust-looking man with a long black beard, black hair, and Blood-red eyes. The one on the right flaunts their flowing black hair, a girl with crimson eyes as well. The final one in the middle fixes his sleeve and cracks his neck, an average-sized man with no defining features besides the related, glowing red eyes.

Everyone stands still, confused about what is happening. That is until the man in the middle raises his hand, creating another large explosion right in the middle of the crowd. After this, mayhem ensues.


"Oh, gods! Help!" Some start pushing past each other while others are being trampled. Some fall to their knee and begin to pray for help.

The royal families are quickly escorted away to safety, leaving the civilians to fend for themselves.

The knights of the kingdom try to rescue any and all civilians while being killed by the chaos. Magic knights are trying to save everyone the best they can.

The three strangers begin to float above the city. Once they are high up, they raise their hands altogether. As they do, a black and purple large ball, the size of half the city forms, casting a shadow over it.

When all hope seemed lost, two heroes appear in front of them. The first having messy brown hair and blue eyes, named Henry Liega. The other, with straight black hair and brown eyes, nicknamed the Black Knight, Sel Monde.

They both raise their hands, creating an equally giant magical sphere in the sky. It shifts from black to white and back to black in the center while white surrounds it. Waves of intense magic radiate from each. Creating large gusts of wind, knocking over and destroying some buildings.

The two waves of energy clash, creating even larger bursts of intense winds. As the knights lower their hands, the three strangers do so as well. As everyone launches their attacks, a white flash can be seen across the entire kingdom and beyond.

As the light fades, a large crater, spanning over two hundred meters in length, can be seen outside the kingdom. While seemingly both the heroes and strangers have disappeared, killed in the clash. Everyone in the kingdom begins cheering, while some start to cry from both fear and joy. Many have died that day, but the heroes were cemented in history and were known as legends from thereon.

-13 Years Later-

"...and that is the event known as the tragedy of darkness. While many were saved, lots have also lost their loved ones during the event. This is why every year, on the same day, we remember the ones that we lost, especially the two heroes who sacrificed their lives for the safety of the kingdom." A teacher tells his history class, many students are not paying attention.

He then points at the door. A student with pristine brown hair hanging past his also brown eyes stands there with a stern expression. He holds his hands behind his back, before walking into the class and towards the teacher. He then stops right in front of the teacher. "One being Henry Liega, father of one of the best seniors in the school... and his brother. Please, come up if you would." The teacher says with a small smile on his face. Hold his hand out, gesturing for the student to introduce himself.

"Thank you for having me, sir." The student takes bows. Wearing fancy clothing, you can clearly tell he is of nobility.

"No, I should be thanking you. You are one of the brightest and best students in the school." The boy smiles, slightly flattered by the compliment.

"Please, sir. There's no need to complement something so trivial." The boy responds in a calm tone.

The teacher nods before looking back at his class. Specifically, at one student, sleeping in the back of the classroom. "For your brother, on the other hand. Can someone get him up, please?" The kid he is referring to continues to sleep, talking to himself in the process.

"Fireball... fireball." He mumbles in his sleep.

"Hey Kai, the teacher wants you." A girl sitting by the window, with long red hair going down her back, taps the boy on the shoulder. Her emerald-colored eyes shine in the light coming through the window.

"Yeah, get up." A kid with messy blonde hair and brown eyes lounging in his seat behind both of them waves his hand slightly, creating a small breeze, slapping the boy in the face lightly.

"Huh, whaaaa!" The kid jumps up in his seat and starts falling backward, hitting the floor. Everyone in the class laughs at the kid while the girl, boy, teacher, and the brother facepalm. The kid jumps back up and looks around. The girl lightly tugs his shirt to get his attention.

"Kai, the teacher wants you." She whispers low enough for only him to hear.

"B-but Mika!" The boy whines back. "This class is boring." He glares at the teacher, receiving a scoff and soft punch from the girl.

The boy then looks over at his friend, who leans further back in his chair, keeping himself up with his wind. Shrugging, he simply says. "I'd just go."

In response, the boy lets out a defeated sigh. "Fine." Slowly making his way to the front of the class. Once he reaches the front of the classroom, the teacher throws him a disappointed glance.

"Back on topic, these students are the sons of one of the legends. Jay Liega..." Jay slightly bows, causing the girls to start giggling. "Girls! Please stay quiet." Once the girls quiet down, he introduces the other kid. "...and next is Kai Liega." With silver hair and blue eyes, the kid stands up straight with a smile on his face.

He gives a slight wave while everyone remains silent. "Would anyone like to ask them questions?" A girl in the front row raises her hand. A wide smile and blush on her face. "Go ahead."

"Jay, will you go out with me!" She calls out, gaining a few murmurs in the class. The boy, now known as Jay, closes his eyes and chuckles lightly to himself.

"Alright! Any other questions?" The teacher quickly moves on, avoiding the question, causing the girl to sit back down and pout. A guy in the back row raises his hand. "Yes?" The teacher quickly points to him.

"How come Kai doesn't have any magic?" Everyone bursts into laughter, making the teacher try and calm the class. Suddenly a bell goes off, causing everyone to rush out of the room. Kai sighs as he starts to walk out as well.

"Hold on." He stops to turn to face the teacher. "Try to stay up next time. Or else I have to give you detention." He nods before continuing to leave.


I walk down the halls of the school to get to the cafeteria. Everyone rushes past me as I grow a smile.

"I wonder what there is for lunch!" I think in my head while my eyes shine with excitement.

"Hey, guys. This is the kid." I stop at the sound of someone's voice from behind me. I turn around to come face to face with four other guys. It looks like they are in a higher grade, seeing as they are towering over me. I look up at one of the guy's faces, who wears a small smirk.

"You're the kid with no magic? Jay Liega's brother?" I slightly smile.

I hate being called 'the kid with no magic.' but that is one of my defining features, I guess. I hold out a hand to shake.

"Yeah, that's me. But it's Kai Liega. Nice to meet you."

"I never thought someone could be more of a piece of trash, but you've really proven me wrong." They all laugh as I pull my hand back. I grow weary as they continue with their jokes. I try backing up and walking away until they call me out.

"Where do you think you're going? A little pipsqueak like you should learn how to listen." He flicks my forehead making me stumble back a little. They all have a laugh among themselves as I hold the spot he hit, in pain.

"Is there something you want? Or are you just here to be a bunch of jerks?" They quickly shut up and stare at me wide-eyed. Their leader, trying to look cool, balls up his fist and steps in my face.

"Shut the hell up, you piece of shit!" He throws a punch and hits me in the face. He then punches me in the stomach, making me fall on the ground and curl up.

"Don't you ever talk back to us again!" He kicks me in the stomach, making me curl up even further. They all begin to walk off, but not before spitting at me.

"Jerks," I mumble under my breath as I hold my stomach in pain. I wipe some blood from my nose as I let out a deep sigh before continuing down the hall.

Once I finally get to lunch, I sit at an empty table since no-one lets me sit with them. My friends, Imito and Mika, quickly run over to sit with me. Imito slouches in a seat across while Mika sits right beside me. I give a slight smile, acknowledging them.

"Kai." I hear Mika say. I look up to see both her and Imito giving me strange looks.


"Are you ok?" Mika questions.

"Crap, was it that obvious?" I manage to muster up another smile. "Of course, why wouldn't I be."

"You're face is covered in bruises!" Mika quickly retorts with a worried look on her face.

"Don't worry about it. I'm fine now." As I try to shake it off, Imito slams his fist on the table, startling both me and Mika.

"Don't worry about it? We're your friends. If you needed help, you could have just called us." I look away from them.

"I don't want you guys to get involved," I say as I rest my head in my hands.

"But your fights are our fights too," Mika says sympathetically. I can not help but sigh.

"Thanks guys, but really, I'm fine. They only got a couple hits." I give a wide grin, causing them both to sigh and shake their heads.

"Fine. If you say so, but if those jerks still bother you, just tell me. I'll kick their asses for you." He grins evilly, sending shivers down my spine.

"So anyway... Kai." I glance over at Mika, who is now picking at her food. "The festival of the legends is happening in a few days... so I was wondering if we could go... together." Without a second thought, I say.

"Sure!" I grin while her face turns a slight pink before she quickly turns away. I might have seen a small smile on her face as well. "We could even bring Imito-"

"No!" Mika blurts out, making almost the whole cafeteria look. Even Imito looks up from his food. "I-I mean I thought it could... ya know just the two of us..." I stare at her for a few seconds before look at Imito.

"It's fine. You guys enjoy your date." He puts on a mischievous smirk while looking at her.

"It's not a date! It's just two people, hanging out, like regular friends!" Imito laughs at her reaction.

"It's just a joke. I'm going out with some other friends." Mika then sighs and rolls her eyes. She looks back at me before taking a deep breath.

"So it's official, I'll see you at the festival then." She smiles as we are dismissed to our next class. The three of us walk into the gym where our teacher is waiting. With him is a box filled with wood sticks.

"Alright, kids, today, we're gonna play a little game!" The teacher begins explaining. "So the rules are simple. You'll pair up with a partner. Once you've found someone, the two of you will have to use your magic to defeat the other. If you lose, you're out. Now, go and start looking for someone." I quickly look around before running over to Imito.

"Hey, Imito wanna pair up?" I lightly jab him in the shoulder. He slightly frowns when he looks at me.

"Sorry, Kai, I already paired with someone." Imito points at a larger looking guy standing next to him.

"Yeah, so that means scram." As he tries to push me back, Imito quickly grabs his arm, tightening his grip more and more.

"The hell do you think you're doing?" He menacingly glares at the guy, making him visibly sweat.

"S-sorry, just let go, please." The guy pleads as he tries to pull his arm back, failing in the process.

"I only picked you because you looked strong. Don't make me-" I place a hand on his shoulder.

"It's alright, I'll go." He stares, slightly surprised. Staying silent before sighing with a nod.

I smile as I walk away and towards Mika. When I see her, she is talking to a girl. I quietly sneak up and tap her on the shoulder, causing her to jump.

"Hey Mika, wanna be my partner!" I say while raising my hand, greeting her. She begins to fidget and stare at the ground.

"Sorry, but I'm already with someone." She looks over at the girl beside her.

"She probably wouldn't even wanna be your partner." The girl says with disgust in her voice.

"That's not true! I-" I lightly laugh, causing both of them to give me questioning looks.

"It's ok, Mika. Have fun!" I run off while waving bye. Mika slightly waves, a little disappointed. I begin my search for a partner, spinning around to find someone.

"Hey, wanna pair up?" I ask a group of girls. They look at me as if I was some kind of monster.

"Ew, no." The girls quickly turn down my offer.

"Oh, alright." Accepting it, I look over at a group of guys. "Hey, any of you guys wanna pair up?" I walk over to ask a group of guys.

"Hell no, why would we." They walk away without a second look, leaving me to sigh.

"Why does this have to be so hard?" I mumble to myself.

"Hello, little brother." I slowly look up to see my brother standing tall in front of me.

"Hey, Jay." I think I might have seen his eye twitch when I said his name, but he says nothing about it.

"I see no-one wanted to pair up with you." He looks around me a little before staring back at me.

"Yeah. No-one ever wants to." I say with a longing sigh.

"Well, be happy. I will be your partner." I quickly grow a smile filled with excitement.



"Thanks! I'm so excited!" I go for a hug, but he holds his hand up and stops me.

"Don't take my offer as an act of kindness. I am only doing this because I have to." I stop, only giving a small nod and smile.

"Alright! Let's go!" I run over to the sidelines to watch the others fight.

-Thirty Minutes Later-

"Alright, finally Kai versus Jay!" The teacher shouts as the last students fighting walk over to the sideline.

"Aw sweet, Jay is finally gonna fight."

"I know, and he's so cute too."

"Who's that other kid?"

"I think that's his brother."

"Really? I heard he can't use magic."

"He's so weak." Ignoring the comments being thrown at me, I run to grab a stick. Jay does the same as we walk to opposite ends of the arena.

"Alright, are you ready, Jay!" He remains silent as he swings the stick around.

"Alright, get ready." The teacher backs up a few steps and raises his hand in the air. He drops his hand before saying, "Start!"

I start sprinting towards my brother as he remains still, closing his eyes while doing so.

"Fire magic: Flaming embrace." His stick starts to become engulfed in a steady red and orange flame. "Wind magic: Great wind push." A burst of wind pushes Jay forward as he prepares to swing. Unable to react in time, he slams the stick into my side, sending me back.

"Wow!" Everyone in the crowd cheers in amazement.

"Ow, that hurt." I slowly rise to my feet, rubbing my side. He left my shirt burnt while giving me a few scraps as well.

Feeling a slight breeze go past me, I turn around, only to come face to face with my brother, who is preparing another swing. My eyes widen as I try to move away. Still not being fast enough, his stick lands a hit on my stomach, sending me slamming into a wall.

Everybody in the crowd grows silent as they watch what unfolds.

"Jay, what are you doing?" Covered in scrapes and bruises, I try to stand back up but ultimately collapse.

"You're a disgrace to the Liega name." He presses his foot on my shoulder and points the stick at me. "You should learn where you belong."

"Alright, that's enough, the match is over. Jay Liega has won." The teacher quickly ends it before something terribly bad happened. Jay scoffs before walking off. Once he is away, my friends rush over to my aid.

"Kai, are you alright!?" Mika sits me up with a highly worried look.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a few scraps." I rub the back of my head, giving a reassuring smile.

"I hope so. Let's take you to the nurse just to be safe." I grab Imito's hand as he lifts me up.

They then help walk me to the nurse. Out the corner of my eye, I see my brother walking away.

"Disgrace." He mumbles under his breath.

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