The Ghost of an Alpha (rough draft)

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Chapter 5

I sat in my Luna's office at the pack house, trying to focus on the paperwork in front of me on the cool mahogany desk. I had been sitting in the same position of the chair for about an hour now and my leg was starting to fall asleep. I needed to get the imports and exports done on one of the grocery stores we own in our territory. I had already done the other two, and since I basically haven't been here for almost a week, nothing had been done, since Alex was busy worrying about me, I assumed he didn't leave my side. Seth could've done it as well, but with him being gone, obviously he hadn't. At least I knew Alex had almost as much work as me. Overall, I had alot to sort through though.

It was the day after I woke up. After the bath yesterday, Alex insisted that we both took a day and spent it together. We had went out for breakfast and he had taken me shopping at my favorite clothing stores. I knew what he was doing, distracting me from asking too many questions. I smiled at how much he tried to protect me and how much he loved me, even though I wish he knew when I knew I was ready. After the shopping, we simply went on a picnic together at the park and went home and had a movie night ordering pizza late in the evening. Though since I don't sit still for movies, we had done more things like what happened in the bathroom earlier that day. A shudder ran through my body at the thought of his hands on me again. I tried to regain my composure and silently cursed him for continually distracting me even when he wasn't around. Everytime I tried to bring up anything about the council meeting or what's going on he had just said, "nope, we are spending the day together and we will talk tomorrow about it." So that is what we did. After he told me Seth was "running errands" for him he did at least tell me that he would be back tonight.

Another thing that stuck in my mind was my scent change. Werewolves don't just change scents, so why do I smell like roses and rain now? Pregnant or not, I knew Alex was right, pregnancies may add a new scent on a wolf but never take away any. I knew it had something to do with that clearing I went to, but I still can't figure out what happened and my wolf has been trying to help me unlock it, but she was nearly as frustrated as I was.

Alex had made a formal meeting to get me back in the loop with what's going on this evening after Seth's return, so that Seth could also explain things as well. I looked at the clock, it was closer to evening that it was noon now. I should go down for a late lunch but I was drowning in work and I was so frustrated I could not concentrate on the task at hand. I sighed as I heard my stomach grumble in protest. I had managed to get a decent portion done at least. I used the call button down to the omegas, I knew Cathy was scheduled today. "Hey, Cathy, I hate to be a bother, but is there anything left from lunch?"

It only took a couple seconds before her reply, "My Luna, unfortunately, there isn't much left but I am always more than happy to whip something up for you."

I pondered my options on the menu chart for this week. I had work to do and could just ask her to have someone bring it up but maybe I should leave the office and check on the pack anyways, the best ones to tell me any gossip would be of course Cathy and her sister Sarah. They are in charge of the pack house kitchen and hear everything, they might even be able to tell me what the council meeting was about. I pressed the button again, "You know, Cathy, you are wonderful to me. But I will come down and help, I need to socialize anyway," and with that, I got up from the seat behind my desk. Cathy and Sarah were both in their 50s, but they were even still wise beyond their years, and had almost been like grandmother figures in my life, especially after my parents died.

My head throbbed at the thought of my parents dying, which was strange because usually my heart throbbed. But it was like if I thought too much about it, it caused the same frustration of forgetting what happened with the lightning storm. Why would that have any relevance? Ugh, I needed to go talk to Cathy, she might be able to help me piece things together and she could also help me get the upper hand on Alex later like she has in the past. If Alex wasn't going to tell me then I knew she would.

I unkinked my leg and headed for the door, locking it on the way out. I waved at the guard on mine and Alex's floor in the pack house and headed down the maids quarters stairs that led straight to the kitchen. The pack house is one of those gorgeous old farm houses, this one in particular was built in the early 1800s. I had always loved the historic and old buildings and this one was beautiful, since it was actually built by our werewolf ancestors long ago it already was originally one of the biggest farmhouses in Virginia, we actually had to register it as one of Virginia's historical sites, and with that, when it was time to renovate it, we had to follow certain guidelines and such.

As soon as I got down to the kitchen I saw Cathy and some of the other omegas. I waved at all of them and called them all by name in greetings, our pack was not very small, quite the opposite actually. We had over 700 hundreds members in the pack. One of the largest in the south, the northern members have on average about 500 but the largest one had almost 2000 and actually took up most of North and South Dakota. I couldn't imagine trying to learn everyone's name with a pack that big.

I had asked Cathy if she herself ate and when she said no then I asked the other omegas if I could steal her away for a few minutes. Of course they never hesitated to make me happy but even before I was Luna, everyone helped each other out, so I knew it wasn't the special treatment they gave me. Cathy and I heated up a little bit of chicken and dumplings from lunch and headed out into the now almost dead dining area.

Once we were alone, I spoke up, "So actually, Cathy I needed to know if you might be able to fill me in. I'm sure you know what was going on and what happened to me as well."

She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye, "Is it really true that you don't remember anything from the lightning strike?" I nodded my head and she went on, "I am also assuming, Alex, once again, is keeping stuff from you and you are impatient?"

I giggled, "You know me so well!"

She smiled and then sighed, "One of these days, young lady, I am going to get in trouble if he ever finds out someone is telling you things."

I gave her my best puppy dog face, and then she laughed, "Please, Cathy, I think I know when I'm ready to hear the news, I would rather rip off the band-aid. Don't laugh at me.."

"Okay, okay, I will tell you what I know, but it isn't much," I beamed at her before she continued, "So Alpha Wesley from the Shadow Moon pack is the only alliance who agreed to help, he is on his way here now."

My wolf seemed to perk her ears up at the mention of Alpha Wesley, though she wasn't sure why herself. He ran the Shadow Moon pack and was directly North East of us, located in Maryland and Pennsylvania. His pack was also one of our strongest allies, containing about 1500 members.

Cathy continued, unaware of our weird sudden interest, "also we found out who is the leader of the rogues, and his name is Cain, he claims himself to be the Alpha Rogue. There are some more rumors about the situation but nothing that I know for sure are true. One of them is, they are on the move back up North towards us."

I looked at her. I tried to not look surprised, or fearful. When Alex said there was a change of plans, that could be the only thing that might have changed with the original plan. I had asked her to tell me so I can't look disheveled, otherwise, she might shut me down as well. "What other rumors are there?"

"That, sweetie, I don't know if I should say, because I don't know if it is true or not and it could just be a rumor."

"Please, Cathy, I want to know."

"Alright," she sighed, "But please don't take what I am about to say to heart."

"I won't, I promise."

"Well apparently, Alpha Alex received a letter from Cain, and that's how he found out who was in charge. But in the letter, he said he was coming back here to collect what he had missed the first time.."

"What does he want?"

She bit her lip before she stated, "You."

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