The Ghost of an Alpha (rough draft)

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Author's note.

Okay everyone, I submitted chapters now 1 through 7, though it leaves off in the same place since I broke up the original chapter 3 into 2 chapters.

I decided that I wasn't telling Elizabeth's story the way she deserved it to be told, so in the revised and the final copy of The Ghost of an Alpha I added some more detail and fixed my sentence composition. Some chapters I didn't have to change much, and Elizabeth's story is plenty far from over, I will leave this rough draft up for a while before I delete it. Hope you all enjoy the revised and finished work of the first few chapters and thank you all for your support! I didn't think it would get as much positive feedback as it has and I'm really glad we can explore Elizabeth's journey together! I will make sure I take extra time and put extra care in the remaining chapters forward and remember this is only the beginning of her story. Reading other writers work, I felt like alot of it had the same plot and I wanted something that would bring out every emotion imaginable. Thank you a million again!

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