The Ghost of an Alpha (rough draft)

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"Lizzy!" Alex called out as I felt the hot stream of fresh tears fall from my face. "Please don't do this. The pack needs you. I need you to be okay." I watched as the Alpha Rogue Cain held the silver blade up to my mate's throat, the other wolves battling against the repulsive smelling beasts. I just needed him to be okay. As a Luna all he wanted was for me to go with him and it will be alright, the rogues would leave the pack alone. I hesitated, not sure what to do. I took a step towards Cain who now wore a sick smirk. I wanted to rip it off his face. Hell, I wanted to rip his head clean off. Alex looked at me wide eyed, the beautiful brown specks in his dark blue eyes. "Don't do it, Liz. Please. Let him take me as long as you are safe." Cain pressed the blade harder to his throat at that last sentence. I couldn't stall any longer, the rogues were outnumbering our warriors. I took another step and in three more steps I was within reach of Cain. The Alpha grabbed my wrist just as he used the other hand slicing my mate's throat. He fell to the ground bloodying the grass around him. I felt instant nausea. I failed. I didn't save him. My soulmate. My love.

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Chapter 1

I woke up to the sunlight streaming into the window and soft chirping of the birds outside. My eyes felt like glue had kept them from opening. Ugh, my wolf said in my head, close the windows until we get some coffee. I opened my eyes and searched the room. I rolled over in the bed and found that Alex was already up. I got up from the bed and scrambled over to the bathroom. After I did my business, I looked at myself in the mirror, my eyes having dark circles under them. I stared at my green with silver flecked eyes. I inspected the rest of my heart shaped face. The freckles popping out around my nose and cheeks against my pale skin. I grabbed a brush and detangled my long, auburn locks and stuffed the cascading curls in a bun.

Once I walked back in the adjoining bedroom, I pulled on some jeans and a tank top. I couldn't wait to get to the coffee. Down the hallway and into the kitchen of our beautiful ranch home, I walked into the kitchen where I found my love sitting at the kitchen table.

"Good morning, my love," I told my favorite person on the planet. Before I had ended up mated to the gorgeous alpha in front of me we had grown up as best friends as I was the beta's younger sister. He was a couple years older than me and once I turned 16 we had found out the day of my birthday. Of course, even though we were lucky enough to know, most wolves don't find their mate until they graduated at 18 and had gone out into the world. I'm 19 now and he is 21 and we just bought this beautiful home six months ago where it was only five minutes from the pack house so we could have some semblance of privacy.

"Good morning, beautiful. How did you sleep. There is coffee for you in the pot and I made some ham and cheese omelettes. Yours are in the microwave to keep warm." His eyes flicked up from the paperwork to meet mine as he gestures to the microwave.

A bright smile spreads across my lips and I grabbed some creamer from the fridge, even though he doesn't drink coffee he always makes me some every morning. Getting my coffee ready I said, "Thank you, Alex. You're wonderful as always. I slept okay I guess, the nightmares keep coming back. I wish I could just get a peaceful sleep every once in a while." I started rambling the reoccurring dream of watching my parents get murdered by rogues. He listened to me each time even though he heard it over and over again. That memory I tried to push to the back of my head. I was 14 at the time. My brother, Seth, was 16. We stayed at the pack house after that at least until Alex and I got this place.

I turned to Alex and sit down at the table with my breakfast and coffee. Though I'm suddenly no longer hungry, I forced myself to eat so he wouldn't be too concerned. Once I was finished talking he said to me, "Baby, I'm sorry you still have to deal with this. Are you sure you don't want to go back to the pack therapist? I'm worried about you. I know you have been getting depressed again, all you did was toss and turn last night. I wanted to wake you but I didn't want you to not go back to sleep like the countless times before."

"No, Alex, that guy does nothing for me. You know that." I looked at him with pleading eyes as his searched mine for answers, answers to fix what is broken. I know he thought I was as strong as a Luna should be, but I knew I wasn't. He deserved better. I hid my eyes again looking at the half eaten omelette. Now I know I wasn't going to finish it. Quickly changing the subject I add "What are you working on?"

He looks me over and hesitates some before replying, "Seth believes he may have found a location to the rogues. I'm working on letters to send out to our alliances. Wanting to build a bigger army before we make any moves."

Because of our mind linking abilities, werewolves rarely use phones and prefer letters to contact other packs because our sense of smell will secure who sent it. After the pack of rogues attacked us five years ago, they had attacked all kinds of neighboring territories. Alex then explained to me about two months ago that they had attacked and had taken over a territory south of us in Georgia, the White Moon pack. We were mainly located in Virginia as the Blood Moon pack, just north of the human city Lancaster.

I gaped at him like a fish out of water as he explained that the pack south of us, and the only one between us and the rogues, called the Sharp Fang pack, had their scouts come back saying that their scents their are still fresh there. Alpha Michael of the Sharp Fang pack is our alliance and wants us to reach out to our other alliances, while they do the same, to finally launch an attack and bring justice.

Hope seared through my chest but with that was accompanied by a tremendous amount of fear as Alex explained a few details. Just then we heard a knock at the door. As I scrambled to get it, I almost tripped on the chair and Alex jumped up to steady me and once he knew I was fine went to get the door. Seth and his mate, Felicity, walked into the kitchen after exchanging a couple hellos.

Felicity was from Sharp Fang originally and was a great pack doctor. She also turned out to be my best friend. As soon as she saw me she jumped up and squealed with delight. "Elizabeth, Lizzy.... I have fantastic news for you! So I made a discovery from your blood work the other day, and even though there is nothing super abnormal to know why your, uh.. dreams are coming back, what I can tell you is...." She took a deep breath before she squealed again, " you're pregnant!"

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