The Ghost of an Alpha (rough draft)

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Chapter 2

My hand instinctively flew to my stomach as I watched Alex's expression and his tall, hard, chiseled body at first went rigid with shock. Seth had a smirk on his face clearly trying to contain his amusment of being an uncle. Felicity was the first to break the silence. "You're about a month into pregnancy. I mean pregnancy can cause weird dreams but do you think you had any other symptoms?"

I shook my head, "none that I have noticed. Not that I have been paying attention or anything."

As soon as he heard my voice, Alex turned to look at me, his features finally softening. A huge grin spread across his face, "I'm going to be a dad.... ? Lizzy we are going to be parents.... Oh my Goddess! I mean it's not the perfect time and we are still young but I mean we gotta prepare. First thing first, we need to turn one of the spare rooms into a nursery. I'm thinking the one directly across the hall from..."

"Alpha Alex, we know there is much to prepare. But as much as I am excited about being an uncle, we still have another five months before that little one shows up and we have received word from Sharp Fang and they would like to have our warriors and our alliances ready in two weeks to launch attack on the rogues." Seth cut off my husband. Werewolf pregnancies only last six months, while humans lasted nine months.

Alex gave him a somber look as he said, "no, you're right. I personally need to make sure the world is safe for my little one." Then he looked at me stating, "we should wait until this blows over before telling the rest of the pack, don't you agree? We need them to stay focused. Plus we won't have time for any formal celebrations as we must prepare for war. I'm going to call a council meeting for this afternoon." His eyes glazed over as he mind linked the pack. Once they returned back to normal, he looked me over.

"You are right, my Alpha. I apologize, I guess I'm still a bit shocked." I declared, noticing that my voice sounded way more confident than I felt. "Would it be okay if I went for a run before heading into the office?" I wanted.. no needed to get in touch of my wolf and she needs to come out. She hasn't said anything yet and I'm guessing she's not awake yet, but with all the new information she seems to be getting anxious.

Felicity responded first, " it's okay and perfectly safe to shift for another two weeks, after that it is risky and by the two month mark could lead to complications."

"It's okay, Baby, take as long as you need. Try to be present at the council meeting at two at the pack house. But otherwise, it's been already a long day and take the day off." Alex cooed at me rubbing my shoulder causing the tingles to spread up my arm. I smelled the birch bark and damp earth scent that immediately calmed me down that only radiated from my mate. He was so loving and understanding. I didn't plan on taking the whole day off. I wouldn't allow myself to do that. I strive to be as worthy for him as I can be.

"Thank you, but i will be back in my office before the meeting. You know me, I'm not an early bird anyways," I shrugged. I glanced at the clock on the stove. It read 9:o4 right now. So if I leave now I should be back before noon.

I hugged him and breathed in his scent one more time before giving him a quick kiss on the lips, making the tingles and sparks erupt before I walked out the door. I waved to my brother and best friend as I walked onto the porch. I headed towards the tree line about 20 yards from our door. I could still almost hear them from here, but not enough to make out what they were saying. My guess was they were talking about how worried they were about me or about the upcoming council meeting. Probably both, I sighed. The way they all looked at me when I waved was a look of barely concealed pity. Even though they try to convince me I'm strong enough, I knew I wasn't. Sometimes I find myself questioning why the Great Moon Goddess paired me with such a great leader. I was not fit to be Luna, especially now that I only think of fear when it comes to the rogues attacking my people. I often wonder what kind of plans she has for me or why she thought I was so special. Maybe I could have been, if these dreams of watching my parents die at the hands of the rogues, had went away. Seth doesn't have them. He wants revenge though. I just wish I could have gone back in time to save them. Of course, he misses them but he also wasn't there to witness the attack. He had been at the pack house with Alex when the rogues entered on our territory. They attacked our house first and my mother hid me in the cellar before mind linking the pack for help. No one knew how they snuck past all of our many guards around the border. I watched through the door as they clawed out my parents throats before Alex's dad Alpha Jordan and his warriors got there to rescue me and fought off the rogues. Our pack had many casualties. Alpha Jordan had also died that day, causing Alex to have to become Alpha at a mere 16 years old. The nightmares only started coming back a month ago, I just wished I was passed this. Then, maybe it was because I was pregnant.

Something is wrong, my wolf finally spoke up. Something big is coming. I can feel it. I feel like we are being called somewhere too, but that's not the bad thing.

What do you mean? I replied. I don't understand. I stripped from my clothes careful not to ruin them. Are you going to run off? I questioned her.

Not far, we should still be back in time. I just feel like we are being called somewhere and it's important.

Okay, but if you get too far I'm taking control back. I lept in the air and shifted. My pure silver coat erupted from my skin and my bones cracked and broke. It didn't hurt anymore. You got used to it pretty quickly after your first shift. My now front paws touched the ground and I saw through my wolf's silver eyes the auburn circles right above my paws. They always reminded me of shackles. My wolf was fairly different than the other wolves, given though the coat was not grey but a shiny silver. No one has ever seen a wolf like mine except my mother's was similar, though she didn't have the auburn shackles.

We bounded through the forest going at our fastest speed before we came out to a small clearing miles away that had a beautiful lake in it's center. I stopped at the tree line and observed the pretty purple flowers that surrounded the left side of the lake. We weren't technically off the territory but far enough away and I know this place wasn't guarded securely. We were in West Virginia though. On the right side of the lake was a couple lilac bushes and it looked like behind it was a small cave that looked as though it was turned into somewhat of a cottage. I looked at the sun in the sky, judging it's position I knew it was still morning. And the place before me looked like that of a fairy tale. I didn't smell anyone in the vicinity so I started to stalk forward to drink from the lake.

Once I got to the lake I heard, "Hello sweetheart, I am so glad you made it."

I turned around my eyes bulging out of my head. That voice, I knew like the back of my hand. I thought the years would would make me forget just how much I missed that voice. I looked at the woman standing before me with the long auburn hair like mine. Her eyes were completely silver like mine in my wolf form. Though when she was alive they were brown.


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