The Ghost of an Alpha (rough draft)

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Chapter 3

"Yes, my sweet child. It's me."

I stared at her and immediately thought I was going crazy. "Bu-but how? I-I-I watched them kill y-you," I stuttered.

"Yes, you did and I can't explain much right now. We don't have much time. Right now, I need to tell you that the baby you are carrying is a girl, which means you will be unlocking your powers. They aren't strong enough for you to stay here for long, and you may pass out soon if we aren't careful. You were able to find me because of your pregnancy..." She hesitated.

"My powers!?!" Now I know I am going crazy. I think back and wonder if I may have hit a tree and knocked myself out. I tried mind linking anyone from the pack to come find me.

My mother must have noticed that my eyes glazed over and said,"no, sweetie, this is a safe place. It doesn't exist on earth, so you won't be able to contact the pack."

"Am I dead?" I asked her confused and alarmed.

"No, I am an immortal now. I live in my home realm. You are also immortal now that you are carrying a baby girl and so now I can talk to you. Our descendants are not from here, and in order to keep the blood line strong you have to conceive a girl child because the women are the only ones that can activate and pass on powers and bloodlines." She sighed then. "We are running out of time. Listen to me, something big is going to happen but I need you to be strong, trust your instincts, and most importantly trust yourself."

I just stared at her talking in riddles.

"The one definite answer I can give you is you will see more of me soon. And I can explain everything as your powers grow and where we come from. Time does not exist here. I tried to call you through your dreams but when that didn't work I nagged at your wolf. This place you won't be able to come back too."

My eyes started to grow very heavy as I heard her talk. I tried focusing on what she was saying but my mind just would not cooperate.

"You are about to pass out, I will make sure you are safe once you leave this place."

And just as if her words cast a spell on me, I fell to the ground.

I woke up feeling like I was going to throw up. I waited until I was able to push the nausea down before I tried to look around. As soon as my eyes fluttered open, I realised I was in mine and Alex's room at the ranch house. The window told me it was dark outside. I heard a beeping to my right as I looked up at it I noticed I was hooked up to a hospital machine. I slowly sat up and once I was in a sitting position I moved the covers off of me, feeling hot. That seemed to stop the flipping in my stomach.

"You're awake, let me go wake Felicity."

I heard my mate's, husky voice surround me. I looked at him starting to stand up. He was in the sitting chair by the bed. He must not have wanted to disturb me, I guessed.

"How did I get here?" I asked. I heard a quick shuffling from down the hallway as soon as my mate spoke his words, but by the time I finished my question, Felicity was on the other side of Alex. She looked tired and her blue eyes had circles underneath them, her straight blond hair was tied up in a bun looking almost fluorescent next to Alex's deep blues and dark black curls that hung loosely above his broad shoulders.

"There was a lightning storm, and it looks like you got struck by lightning in the forest close to the house, except what doesn't make sense was the color of the lightning was pure silver and it only struck one time. You were out for 3 days but other than that I couldn't find anything wrong with you at the hospital." Felicity chimed in, "sorry, Alpha, I knew you wanted to wait to tell her anything but she needs to know. Besides, maybe she knows something. Also I was awake anyways."

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked as Alex glared at Felicity. I started to get up off the bed but then felt unsure as some mild throbs penetrated my head. Then I gasped. The baby. "The baby's okay right?" The baby. Why is there something important with the baby? I mean other than it being my baby.

"The baby's fine," Alex reassured. Then turning away from me, "Felicity, you know you can't just bombard her as soon as she wakes up! You're a doctor for crying out loud!" Alex yelled at her, his alpha command seeping out his voice.

"I'm sorry, but as a doctor, I also know that she isn't hurt at all but simply would not wake up!"

"Guys! Stop! You are going to give me a headache. I'm fine Alex... really and Felicity, please tell me what you are talking about," I said still sitting on the bed but now facing them.

"What's the last thing you remember?"

I thought at that, I remembered going out for a run and I remembered seeing a glimpse of a clearing. Stop trying, my head hurts, My wolf growled at me.

We have to remember! I saw glimpses of what happened. The clearing and a lake but around the lake was fuzzy. I remember silver eyes, but nothing really else. I tried to focus on the room, steadying myself. The dim dawn light began seeping in through the curtains, so I could tell it was at least early morning. It almost reached the king size bed. I can see that my nightstand had a beautiful arrangement of roses and sunflowers. That's what Alex says I smell like so I know they were from him. I see a get well card that has quite a few names written inside, propped open, standing up in front the vase. I let my hand run over the silky sheet that moments ago was covering me up.

"I don't really remember, I was running and coming up to a clearing with a lake but the more I try to think the more my head hurts," I declared tears stinging my eyes. Why couldn't I remember? I knew it was important and even my wolf said that before we left.

I will work on trying to unlock this memory, I don't know why or how it's blocked. This is soo frustrating, my wolf speaks the truth. She knew even with her protests that it was important to remember.

Felicity gazed at me thoughtfully, "Well there is no brain damage or anything so if you don't remember you should soon. Buuut.... also there are no clearings or lakes nearby where you were found." She looked puzzled now.

"Maybe you should get some rest, my love," Alex said.

"No, I am really not tired. You just said I have been out for 3 days.." I grumbled back. Sleep was the last thing on my mind. I needed to try to concentrate. Then I remembered something.. the council meeting! "What happened at the council meeting?"

Alex tried using a soothing tone, "Uhh, yeah about that. There seems to be a change of plans."

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