Voltaic Revolution

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Join Akasha Olson as she joins a team of researchers and heroes known as The Bat Pack in an effort to ensure that her niece doesn't succeed in achieving world domination.

Fantasy / Scifi
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In a farmhouse in the outskirts of the suburb Ashfield Coast located in the state of Mississippi, a young woman appearing to be in her late teens with long and wavy blonde hair, ice blue eyes with a green tint, and pale skin who wears an aqua colored t-shirt with some sort of word combination for graphics reading out Hell Wheels, blue bootcut jeans with a brown leather belt and a rose gold buckle, and light brown moccasin boots with rainbow print as the boot design can be seen sitting at a desk surfing the web on her laptop and listening to music in a bedroom with mint green plaid wallpaper with pink and yellow accents, and matching bedspread with a mint and white comforter, mint bedsheets and a pillow covered with a mint pillowcase and an aqua colored throw pillow with a mint green carpet with some clothing on the floor, and at the edge of the bed is a aqua blue hoodie trunk.

This is Akasha Olson, a young woman who may seem like the typical tomboy and teenage girl, however the truth was that while she may look like a harmless, and attractive young woman, she is actually a half human half(technically half vampire half witch, but witches are humans with longer lifespans and magical capabilities) vampire and she is aware of it.

Being that she is a vampire the seventeen year old young girl people see is no more than just a myth, as the truth about her was she in fact was over a thousand years old and was born in the year 646, and as such her powers involve the standard vampire abilities of Super Speed, Super Strength, Super Hearing, and Super Smell however due to her human half she can’t turn into a bat nor fly unlike most other vampires, water manipulation, Empathy, Mediumship/Channeling, and Future Sight in which she can predict an event might happen or get a feeling that something will happen and it does, oftentimes taking the form of prophetic dreams, Sound Manipulation, and a natural gift in the White Arts Of Magic, alongside healing as well as the gift of Blood Magic as well as the biological mother of Akasha is a well known Blood Mage.

Akasha currently at the moment lives with her adoptive mother Lainey and her stepfather(actually her mom’s long term boyfriend but he was a stepfather at this point as he has been seeing her mother since six years ago and lives with the two despite having his own house oddly enough) alongside her Cattle Dog named Red, appropriately a Red Heeler. For the most part even though Akasha is a closeted Bisexual and open Atheist alongside fairly libertarian, she gets along with them fairly well as for one, her mother was the one person she had at the moment as well as the rest of the Olson family were extremely supportive of her, which helped because Akasha was known to have issues with Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder Type Two, and ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, her being considered an Aspie.

Due to this, while she was a very friendly and easygoing young woman who was also fairly intelligent, not so much in the book smarts sense but the street smarts, and all around a very good and nice, sweet person, she was also extremely shy alongside being impatient and was somewhat hot headed but not as much as she used to be since getting the medication needed, and sometimes could have a jealous streak if someone were to get on her now rarely seen bad side, or if she was extremely in love with somebody, and now to avoid that shuts herself out from others because she was afraid of being hurt, bordering on misanthropic.

Upon seeing the time was close to eight in the morning, the half vampire heads down the steps and quietly leaves the house and gets in her truck and drives off to the high school.

After a twenty minute drive, Akasha stops in a parking space, grabs her cherry blossom print bag, and closes the truck door after dropping her keys in the bag. When she reaches the landing of the steps, she looks up at her new high school, a large and dark red brick building with ivy growing all over the walls.

Taking sight of her, a young woman appearing to be about the same age as her with long blonde and crimped hair that was heavily teased and stuck via hair spray, ice blue eyes, and pale skin who wears a black leather jacket a black tank top, blue jeans with holes in the knees and a studded belt, and black combat boots approaches Akasha asks, “I haven’t seen you around before. You new or something?”

With a nod the young woman replies, “Yeah, it’s my first day here, “.

With a nod the girl replies, “Welcome to Hannibal High, it’s always interesting whenever someone new comes into town. It’s always a chance at making new friends,” .

Akasha nods. “You know since you’re new and all, you probably should go see the headmaster and talk to him. You don’t want to keep him waiting though, cause he runs out of patience very easily, kind of like somebody I know,” She responds to her. “Thanks for the help...?” Akasha replies but stops her sentence prematurely because she didn’t know the name of the girl.

“Amilia,” She responds. “Thanks for the help Amilia,” Akasha replies before walking away.

Upon arriving in the headmaster’s office, she is met with the sight of a man with long black hair, icy green eyes reminiscent of a frozen lake, and pale skin who wears a black lace short sleeved shirt, black leather jeans, and black boots appearing to be thirty four or thirty five talking with a girl with shoulder length blonde hair, hazel eyes, and light skin who wears a black silk vest over a grey t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and black high heels. “Am I interrupting something?” She asks.

Looking to her with a disdainful look, the blonde says, “Yes. Get out of here you country bumpkin, nobody needs a hick here,“.

“Mina!!” The man scolds. “Whatever I am out of here,” She responds pushing Akasha on her way out. “Jeez...” She says clearly annoyed at the girl’s attitude problem. “My sincere apologies. I did not expect a visitor today,” He replies. “Visitor? What are you talking about? I’m the new student. I was told by some girl named Amilia to come by,” The half vampire replies to him.

“Oh yes, indeed. Akasha Olson, welcome to Hannibal High. Contrary to what you are thinking, yes I am the headmaster, but no, this school is not named after me as I am not egotistical and the megalomaniac that the stories about me imply. Rather it was named after one of the town founders, Holden Hannibal, who I am not related to nor my brother despite common belief, to ensure your comfort into the school, I assigned you a guide to show you around and introduce you to some of his friends, his name is Darius and he is a vampire,” He responds.

With a nod she replies, “Thanks Headmaster Hannibal,” then she leaves the room and into the hallway where a tall young man physically appearing to be seventeen with long black hair, red eyes, and pale skin waits for her. He wears a red and black leather jacket over a black t-shirt, blue bootcut jeans with a red leather riveted belt, and black combat boots in which the pant leg is slightly tucked into but allowing the pant legs to loosely hang about. He wears thick black eyeliner and black eyeshadow. From the looks of his face, Akasha could see he was a biracial mix of Chinese and Indian.

“You must be Akasha. Nice to meet you, I’m Darius,” He replies to her. With a nod she replies, “Ok so you’re the one Headmaster Hannibal referred me to,” .

With a nod Darius replies, “That would be me. Azriel didn’t give you much trouble, did he?”

Signing no Akasha replies, “Nope. He was very friendly and personable, even going as far to explain he is not the villain that the tales make him out to be,” .

“Those tales have some truth to them but as far as things go now, he isn’t the same person he once was,” Darius replies.

“Ok...now I am not sure who I should believe...” She says to him. “But disregarding all of that, let’s get going, my friends are in the library,” He replies as they head down to the first floor and begin working their way to the library.

Once doing so, they head in and Darius approaches Amilia with Akasha following behind. Looking at Amilia Darius introduces, “This is Amilia right here, but chances are, you probably already met her since she usually hangs out out in the courtyard,” .

With a nod Amilia responds, “Hey, it’s great to see you again, did you manage to find the office ok?”

“Yeah, it was pretty easy to find, your headmaster Azriel seems nice enough,” Akasha replies with a nod. Amilia nods replying, “He’s come a long way since we first met him,” .

In understanding Akasha looks to her replying, “That’s what Darius was telling me...but I don’t know what to believe here,” .

“I know it’s confusing,” The sired vampire girl replies to Akasha. Turning to her Darius then says to Akasha, “So that’s Amilia. Next we got Syrax Drakonia. A Chinese Dragon,” then he looks in the direction of a young Chinese woman about sixteen years old with long dark green and black hair, golden snake like eyes, and pale yellow scaled skin who wears a purple long sleeved shirt with Dragon designs on the side and a cut off long sleeve with the bottom being a greyish color and in the form of a silk like gauntlet, black skinny jeans, and matching purple heeled boots with a dragon like tail calling, “Hēi Syrax, zài zhèlǐ!”

In confusion Akasha looks over to Amilia asking, “What did he say?”

“He’s calling Syrax over,” She answers her. Upon walking over the young Dragon woman greets Akasha, “Nice to meet you, you must be the new girl Akasha,” .

With a nod the half vampire replies, “Nice to meet you too,” .

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