The Warrior's Way

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Dolton wanted a mate more than anything so he waited for her, building a life for his future soul mate. Their first encounter was suppose to be special and life changing. Out of all the possible outcome he never would have thought she would be in love with another man or want anything to do with him...

Fantasy / Romance
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Combustion pt 1

Strong hands with feather-like touches caressed her bare back. Opening her eyes, she sees the one person that makes her heart race to the sound of a thousand drums. “Morning love.” He says with a small kiss on the cheek.

The corner of her mouth rises into a wide Cheshire cat grin. “Morning babes.” She stretches her arms above her head and her legs towards the end of the bed. “How long you’ve been up?”

He rolled onto his back rested his hands behind his head. “Just a couple hours. Richard called a meeting to run over the plans for today.”

Rubbing his bare chest with her hand she asked, “What’s today?”

Rolling his eyes, he sighed and looked down at her. “Love, I told you that pack was coming.”

She huffed. “Well excuse me. You know I have an attention span of a squirrel and you expect me to remember what you said like last week. I don’t even remember what I ate last night for dinner.”

Fighting a grin, he shook his head, “Ren, I told you every day for a month and I told you last night.”

Ren gave him a deadpan look and mimicked his tone. “Stephan, I told you that I don’t even remember what I ate last night.”

Stephan laughed and wrapped one of his arms around her. “I took you out,” he grabbed her hand and kissed her fingers. “ we went to the beach then to your favorite Japanese Restaurant.” He kissed her forehead.

Ren smirked at him and kissed his chest. “I remember you eating dessert.”

Stephan licked and bit his lips before looking at her with desire filled hooded eyes. “And you were delicious.”

Ren giggled and kissed his chest again. She trailed her hand down his hard chest to his defined abs. Her hand went under the covers to his member. She griped him in her hand and stroked him. Stephan closed his eyes and moaned as she pumped him two more times.

“Refresh my memory.” She whispered into his ear.

In a blink of an eye she was on her back with him on top on her. Stephan nipped her bottom lip and smirked when she moaned. “Your wish is my command babydoll.”

He kissed her chin and trailed kisses down her throat. Stopping above her collar bone and started sucking on her sensitive spot causing her to moan and bite her lower lip. Continuing his assaults on her skin, he licked around her dark chocolate nipples before latching onto them and tugging gently with his teeth. Breathless moans escaped through her lips as her back arched at the pleasure coursing through her body. Running her hands through his messy auburn hair as he took turns giving each breast equal amount of tender love and care.

When he was done teasing her he tossed the covers off them and started back kissing, sucking, and biting his way down to her honey pot. Gripping her thighs, he spread them wide before tossing her legs over his shoulders. He grabbed her butt, jerked her forward and dived into her abyss. She yelled, bucked and moaned as he licked, sucked, and nibbled on her most sensitive area. Running her hands through his hair she pulled and screamed his name as she reached her peak.

“Did I ever tell you how much I love you.”, joked an out of breath Ren.

Stephan laughed and positioned himself between her opening. “Only every time I show my generosity.”

Ren sat up and leaned back on her elbows. “Hey, I think I’m the one showing generosity.”

He chuckled and started rubbing his member around her opening. “Oh, How so?”

She smiled and winked at him. “Well I am feeding you.”

He laughed again before swiftly ramming into her. “FU-! Ah that feels good.” She moaned and fell back onto the bed.

Slowly he moved in and out of her. Leaning his arm above her head he interlocked his hand with hers, pinning them to the bed. He brushed his lips with hers before kissing her so passionately that it brought tears to her eyes. She felt her heart leap in her chest when their eyes locked as the kiss ended. The way he looked at her made her feel like she was the most beautiful woman in the world. “I love you so much.” He whispered to her, lips hovering over hers.

She caressed his face with her free hand, and he held his hand on top of hers, kissing her palm. “Show me.”

And he did repeatedly, their bodies entangled with each other for hours. Exhausted, they laid in each other’s arms trying to recuperate from their previous activities when Stephen’s phone started ringing.

“Hello. They are here? Seriously Lou, tell Rich I will be there in a few.”, he groaned and hung up before wrapping his arms back around her midsection. She looked over her shoulder and he gave her a peck on the lips. “Up already?”

“Who was that?”, she asked rubbing his strong arms that were wrapped around her midsection.

Stephan sighed and kissed her shoulder before laying on it. “Lou, he was informing me that that pack I was telling you about was here and Alpha Richard was calling for me.”

“Well shouldn’t you be doing what Richie said and getting your ass down there.” Ren said trying to wiggle out of his embrace but that was proving to be difficult with his werewolf strength. She huffed and sighed in defeat.

Stephan laughed and nuzzled her neck. “Nice try pruney human but you stand no chance and Richard can wait, I’m not done cuddling with the most amazing person in the world.”

Ren started wiggling again and tried pushing his arms away. “This puny human can kick your ginger werewolf ass!”

Stephan hollered with laughter. “I doubt it babydoll. I am the pack’s arms, the gamma, the head warrior. I AM SPARTA!”

“YOU ARE DOUCHE-BAG!”, she mimicked him and yelped when he nipped her shoulder. “You are so going to pay for that.”

Stephan chuckled and nibbled on her ear causing her to moan. “What are you going to do about it babydoll.” He whispered in her ear.

Ren started grinding her backside against his member causing him to groan and loosing his hold on her. When she had enough room, she turned around facing him and kissed him. They fought for dominance, nether one willing to give up. Ren finally relented grabbing his face she trailed her hands to his neck where she gripped with one hand and pushed her thumb into his windpipe, using her other hand she pinned his arm above his head using a pressure point technique before straddling him.

Stephan couldn’t breathe or move his left side so he tapped two fingers on her thigh with his right. When she let go he started grasping for air and coughing. “And you were saying…what Mr. Sparta?”, she leaned forward and pecked his lips with a satisfying smirk.

He slapped her butt and glared at her. “Not cool Serenity.”

She tossed her head back and laughed. “You mad bruh? Weren’t you just saying how great and mighty you were? Can’t handle the puny human baby.”

Stephan narrowed his eyes and growled at her. “Did you just growl at me? That was hot.” She giggled and started grinding on him again, immediately he had an erection. She lifted herself and gripped him, sliding him inside of her. Rotating her hips she moved back in forth slowly.

He reached up, gripped her neck and pulled her to him for a long hot punishing kiss. Letting go to grip her hips she picked speed causing him to bite his lip and groan. “Still mad baby. Want me to stop.” She teased.

Stephan growled thrust his hips up to meet hers making her squeal and groan. “Stop and I’ll spank you.”

She giggled and ran her hands through her hair with another loud moan. “Promise?”

He spanked her again when she started slowing down making her whimper. “Stephan.” Rotating her hips faster to meet his hard thrusts, hands on his hard abs to steady herself, some of her medium length dark brown hair fell in her face. Moans, grunts, groans, and the sound of the large king size bed hitting the wall filled the room. If the room wasn’t sound proof the whole pack house would have heard what was conspiring inside the Gamma’s bedroom.

Stephan’s green eyes started to glow letting her know that his wolf was closer to the surface. With another growl, he flipped her over onto her stomach in a blink of an eye making her gasp at the fast and sudden movement. Getting on her knees she spread her legs and bend her back, “If you wanted to mount me like a dog in heat you could have just asked.” She joked running her hand through her hair.

He growled and spanked her hard. “Ouch douche-bag! That hurts, I won’t take too much of your twitchy – OH MY GOD!”, she yelled when he slammed into her painfully with so much force she would have fell forward if he didn’t have a strong hold on her hips.

She looked over her shoulder and saw his canine’s enlarging. “Ooookay, Stephan’s gone on a vacay and fluffy came out to play. I do like it rough but remember I am human fluffy so don’t rip me apart kay?”

Not knowing if Stephan’s wolf understood but she got her answer when he went back inside of her with a little less force. She sighed in relief and clenched the sheets in front of her at the euphoric pleasure he brought her.

Again, he started going faster and her moans turned into screams of delight. The satisfying wet sound of him sliding in and out of her turned her on even more.

Clawing at the sheets as the intense feeling of her climax building up to its peak. She could feel it coming, the almost electrifying tingle that spreads from her stomach to her toes, a couple more thrusts and she’ll climax into ecstasy.

She was so close, her toes clenched in anticipation. One second she was about to climax and the next the sound of the door breaking with a mighty roar stopped all movement.

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