The Gifted

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In the modern world among mortals live Masons, gathered in communities, those most influential man on world seek eternal power predicted to be bought to life in the begging of 21st century. Those people who control modern world from shadows knows secrets, about Gifted Man. People with unspeakable powers who live among us. Some of them joined Masons, some of them fight them some of them died trying to. It is war that lasted for centuries, and is still going in the shadows of worlds biggest cities. Story begins with one of them,Alice Forman, ten year old girl from Munchen who doesn't take her powers seriously. She enjoys mocking her best friend Felix with her gift as much as she enjoys playing video games. She doesn't know her life is about to change forever.

Fantasy / Action
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In the cold Siberia, far away from everything Evgeny was in his wooden bed with his silver hair falling on his pillow and his blue watery eyes wide open.

His face look old while skin was pale and body skinny. He didn't eat anything for days. He was having visions. Dmitry was there to look after him in the name of Soviet Alliance, order formed by Russian Gifted Man six centuries ago by their elders.

Dmitry hated his job. Evgeny was oldest member of Alliance. Former president, now he was sent to Siberia, place that's believed to be home of all Gifted Man's,to have his visions in peace. Dmitry had a feeling Evgeny is about to die. He wasn't moving, he was quite. House had only one room with one bed, chair and small table with candles that was making small amount of light in that cold dark night that seems like eternity to Dmitry. Strong wind was blowing outside making scariest noises. Even wolf's don't come that far on North. Finally Evgeny lifted his hand.

"I see" he said. Dmitry took his pen and small notebook to write what Evgeny is about to say.

"I see a child." Old man says with his thin voice.

"Child? Who are parents? What about this child?" Dmitry asked while his hands were shaking. He was a bastard son of one of the elders. Not important in Alliance, but quite useful to his father.

"This child will be born with greatest powers that world has ever seen.." He was mumbling.

"Yes, and? Who is that child? What is his name?"


"Death?" Dmitry asked confused.

"Child will bring death to Gifted Man and world we know."

"Oh, so it needs to be destroyed?"

Evgeny looked at Dmitry with clear eyes and with very serious face expression.

"You can destroy death. It works other way around."

"But... Why?" Evgeny close his tired eyes.

"Tell me more about child."

"It's unclear. I see both dark and light within this child. I see greatest gift even given to our kind. I see savior of gifted man and also their executioner."

"We must find a child." Dmitry said.

"No my son. You can't avoid will of God." Said Evgeny before closing his eyes for another nap. He will sleep for months. Dmitry stand up. He looked through window only to see endless forest buried in snow. He was cold. His hands were shaking. He was thinking about end of Gifted man. It sounded horrible that they will be ended up by its own. Horrible but not surprising because through their long history, they were killing each other often. Brothers, parents and children, friends. It was long fight for overpower. They were relaying on visions, magic, tricks and sometimes cold weapons to fulfill their goal. Dmitry was convinced his family is toxic. But he was never brave enough to leave. Especially now when they had biggest threat on their way.

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