When Love Turns Macabre

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“I couldn’t sleep last night. I was too excited to move into our new house! Mom had me hyped up on this for ages and it’s finally happening! Goodbye lame-os! We’re heading to the big time, the Obsidian Kingdom! I packed almost a week ago but I keep rechecking it to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Way too excited!

One more day to the move! Mom took me out to the beach so we could play with Max. Dumb mutt was almost swept away by the ocean, he’s so silly. Mom was looking for someone while we were there but they never showed up. Looks like that happens a lot, she wasn’t surprised but was really down in the dumps.

Lots of stars tonight. I think I can see Orion and the Big Dipper! Though mom said those are just random stars. Mom gets really quiet on nights like this. I hope she isn’t mad at her friend… or whoever. She keeps looking out the window, though. I wonder how long she’s been waiting. Are they supposed to be coming with us? It’s news to me if so.

Max ran away today… I don’t know how he got out, but I guess he just didn’t want to leave or something… I don’t feel like doing this today.

Moved in finally. I hate unpacking but this is what happens, haha. I have a big room and my own bed. I wonder how mom is doing. She has her own room now too. I hope she doesn’t get too lonely by herself. I miss Max… It’s his loss, though. There’s a whole big farm on the outskirts he could’ve played in. Loser… forget him. We’ll have a great time just us two.

Mom has been staying out all night. I think she’s still looking for someone. It’s kinda creepy being here alone… Especially in the city. Oh, sounds like she’s hear already. Weird, usually she’s gone all night.

She gave me a necklace and some box. She told me to keep track of them or else. She’s not the kind of person to take follow up questions very well so I’ll just do it… But I’m really curious!! The key is nice. I’m going to put it on a chain and wear it. It’ll be easier to keep an eye on it that way! But I’m really bad at remembering jewelry. I hate jewelery, haha.

The box is really weird. I keep it in a bag and carry it around but, uh… hm, it’s hard to say… I think I feel it pulling on me? I don’t know… I need to ask what’s going on. All she’s really told me is that I’ll be taking it somewhere for her when I’m old enough to travel alone. Only a couple years away and she refuses to tell me what it is.”

Mako furrowed his brow and tilted his head. The last dozen pages in the book were blank, some torn. Saphira sipped her tea, the sweet scent of dandelion and sugar filling her senses. She wasn’t paying attention to his progress. He closed the book and pushed it back to her. He offered a painted smile, placing his hand on hers.

“Interesting. I think I learned a lot about you.” He said.

“Oh yeah? Great!” Saphira’s bright demeanor calmed him a bit, but the worry was nagging. He thought better of asking her about it. It wasn’t a great time to remember and she had a pleasant vagueness to it all. He would prefer it that way. He put his cheek on his knuckles, “I’d enjoy just spending time with you, really.”

“Wh-uh… alright. I mean, we have to get back to Miano and get the box and it would probably be best to train a little and get these things figured out.” She gestured to her books and gripped her key. Mako shook his head and grasped her hand, smiling.

“Exactly. We should take this one free day to… relax.” He said, picking out the right words carefully. A pink tint took to her cheeks. She looked down and gave a soft giggle, pushing her bangs behind her ear, the flower falling out onto their hands. Mako slipped it back into her hair and took his mug, swirling the yellow liquid. He chuckled and clicked his teeth together.

“What to do with this?” He hummed. Saphira winced and reached for the cup.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I forgot that, uh… I should have asked if you were able to drink that.” She rambled, trying to preemptively fix her mistake. Mako pulled away from her, shaking his head. She made a curious noise as she dropped her attempt. He put the mug to his face and let the liquid slip past the cage of teeth. Saphira held her breath, waiting for the splatter of tea on wood. There was nothing. She checked under the table and saw no puddle. Did it catch in his cloak? Mako chuckled and set the mug down.

“How… what?” She asked. Mako clicked his teeth and opened his mouth. Out rolled a glowing, green, pointed tongue and the back of some unknown throat. Saphira shuddered and recoiled.

“Too much?” He hummed, taking another gulp. Saphira shook herself out and put her head to the table. She squirmed a bit, unsure how to take that knowledge. Mako watched her squirm in major discomfort and snorted with a wicked smile to himself. She shot him an annoyed look and flicked his forehead.

“You’re just teasing me! You ass!” She hissed.

“I’m sorry, I thought it’d be funny.” He calmly replied. He wasn’t expecting the swats she tried to land on him, aiming mostly at his arm and shoulder. There was no malice behind her attack and he could barely feel any of her blows, so he let it be. Though, he feigned a few flinches to make her giggle. That sound, he could listen to her laugh for ages and never get bored. After a bit of a fight, she relented and stuck her tongue out at him.

“Don’t tease me.” She huffed.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” He answered, taking their cups to the sink and washing them for her. Saphira put her books away, looking into her closet for her own clothes. She pulled out a thin, blue cotton jacket with a large hood and black denim jeans, tossing them onto the pristine and unused bed. Peeling the long overused hoodie off and throwing it in a dirty bin in the corner, she huffed and studied herself in the mirror. She added her pants and undergarments to the bin. Something caught her eye and caused her to squint. Her scars were still rather visible. She stepped closer to the mirror, pulling a bra from the dresser as she did. Her chest had the imprint of some faint design on it. A vertical almond shape with a curved crest surrounding it. Tilting her head and lightly grazing it.

“What is… that?”

Mako pushed the door open, carrying a forgotten book, “Saphira, did you ne- Oh!” Saphira jumped and covered herself from view, unaware that the mirror was putting her full form on display. Her face grew giant patches of rose, eyes wide and face stretching in horror. Mako stared, eye lights small in his skull as flickered over her, stealing guilty looks into the mirror. He wasn’t sure where to put his gaze. The world froze.

“G-g-get out!!” She screeched, throwing trinkets at him. Dodging the projectiles was useless, he deserved it anyway, but he ducked and raised his hands in surrender.

“S-sorry! I didn’t think y-! Ah, stop it!” He cried. The book fell to the floor with a heavy thud. He backed out and slammed the door. The embarrassment was nearly palpable. Saphira dressed as quickly as she could and dropped herself into her bed, hiding her face. She shook her head fast and crumpled, whining. She knew he didn’t mean to, but she couldn’t help hating him for what happened. How dare he make a fool of her!

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