When Love Turns Macabre

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Day Together

Mako waited in the kitchen, his face in his hands. He covered the limelight glaring on his face, but he was sure it could be seen from the moon. His whole body rattled with anxiety and embarrassment. Despite everything, he couldn’t erase the images from his head. He knew he should, he had to in the name of decency, but - like a bear attack - the memories were stained in his mind and there was nothing he could do. Her deer in the lamplight look was almost adorable. Big blue eyes and messy blonde hair cascading down her shoulders with strands gracing her face.

Mako gulped a giant frog in his throat. He knew where this was headed and he wouldn’t let it happen. As much as his phantom urge to dwell on every detail invaded his will, he forced himself to think of anything. He turned to his most prominent memories out of desperation.

Mako slammed his fists against his skull. The silence broken by the clatter of bones and a click of a hallway door. Mako paused and lifted his head at the extra noise. Saphira slowly stepped out of the hall and into the kitchen, holding her opposite arm. Her face was still cherry red, her body tense and closed off. Mako frowned. They had been trying to open up to each other and, while it was still a bit early for it, he hoped that they’d get to that point. His Manifest would take care of her every need. Saphira walked up to the table, taking a seat and avoiding his gaze. Mako’s hand twitched, wanting to comfort her but refraining on the fear it would only make it worse.

“Sorry…” He said finally. Saphira nodded slightly and gave a short laugh, covering her face. Mako was taken aback at the laugh. He tilted his head.

“It was just startling. I’ll ask that you knock before you enter closed rooms next time, but that was just a mistake.” She crossed her arms and kicked back the chair, leaning in it. Mako breathed a sigh and relaxed, his shoulders dropping the tension.

“It was. I’m glad you’re not mad.”

“Hey, it’s whatever.” She waved a dismissive hand. Mako nodded, standing and adjusting his cloak. Saphira watched him stand as she folded her arms behind her head. She noticed a tiny glint of hunger in his fires. Is it possible he still felt hunger? Pursing her lips, she gestured to her cupboards and the fridge, “hungry?”

“Yes. But food doesn’t mean much to me.” He said, shrugging and walking past her.

“I thought not, but uh… well, the tea thing.” She muttered. It still weirded her out. The sight itself was an odd spectacle, but the effect it had on her was worse. It wasn’t like she wanted it to cling to her so much. Still, it did. She had to ask herself, did he know that would get to her?

Mako opened the cupboards behind her and rummaged through the contents. He just moved things around to seem busy, but his focus was on his thoughts. He wanted to bring up his attraction without it being weird. The idea was a joke in itself, death in love with some human? He’d laugh if it weren’t the truth. Now, how to tell her? Mako toppled one of the glasses and scrambled to catch it before it broke. Saphira spun around at the sound, watching him catch the glass and set it back frantically. She erupted in stifled giggles, the chair slamming back onto the floor.

“Heheh… whoops?” He offered.

“I wasn’t expecting that.” She snorted. Mako glanced at the cupboard door and closed it. She was amused, it seemed she liked him enough that there wouldn’t be an adverse reaction to him admitting his feelings. He leaned on the counter. His admission would have to be perfect, or at least worded well enough to be taken seriously. She snorted and turned her attention back to leaning in her chair.

“I have a question, actually,” Saphira hummed, “do you always have ghostly insides or did you make those for the moment?”

“I made them for the occasion.” He answered.

“So your ability is pretty intricate, then…”

“I’d say it is, yes.”

“…what else can it do?” She asked softly, almost fearful to know the answer. Mako raised a brow, taking a seat and thinking.

“A lot of things. Extra limbs, appendages, it’s just like regular skin, a layer of expendable armor that can regenerate. I create organs to consume food and drink, but it technically isn’t there to do that.” He explained, wondering if he should give her any example. She nodded. That answer seemed to satisfy her curiosity. Or rather it just piqued it even more.

“Could you… I mean, if it isn’t weird to ask, could you do that tongue thing again?” She muttered, shrugging as if she wasn’t entirely interested. Mako straightened at the request, chuckling slightly and cocking a brow.

“Really? Uh… sure.” He cleared his throat and set his jaw. She looked up, waiting for the reveal. A green shimmer covered his mouth, he parted the false lips and opened his pointed teeth. Out lulled the Manifested tongue, shining in the light and dripping with saliva. Saphira pulled away, watching it with morbid curiosity and squirming in her seat.

Is she actually turned on by this? Mako thought, watching her reaction flicker over several different choices before landing on interest. She slowly creeped closer, reaching out hesitantly. Mako was frozen, allowing her to get as close as possible. Her fingers grazed the moist muscle. Almost immediately after, she recoiled and wiped her fingers on her pants. Instead of disgust, she was even more interested.

“M-mako… I uh… I don’t think I can hold back anymore.” She said somewhat under her breath.

“Pardon?” Mako wasn’t sure he heard her correctly. Was she going to make the move instead? She pushed her chair closer to him, their knees touching. Mako closed his mouth, not dispelling his Manifest. Saphira cupped the false cheek, brushing her thumb against the corner of his mouth. Mako shivered at the touch. The shudder radiated throughout his bones and made the Manifest appear more solid. A deeper shade of green with the teeth outlined underneath.

They stood still, her heart fluttering for the both of them. Afraid to go any further but refusing to back down. Saphira met her lips to his, a quiet and passionate whine escaping her as she did. Mako blinked and looked down at their faces connecting. He could make out what was going on before something overtook him and his eye lights extinguished. The points of his fangs pushed dangerously against the soft skin, desperate but greatly hesitant. Saphira couldn’t put past her disbelief.

What did she do?

She was kissing Death.

Would she die again?

Saphira pushed away the questions. She didn’t care what the answer was, she was alive now. She wrapped her arms around him to get even closer, pulling herself into his lap and falling into his chest. Her thoughts fell away to nothing but the silence and themselves.

Mako separated finally, a warmth in his soul like nothing his afterlife could’ve offered him. Saphira took a greedy breath and gripped his cloak in tight fists. They looked into each other’s eyes, quiet.

Everything warm around them. The world was nothing but each other. It almost pained them to break the silence.

“Saphira. I-,” Mako started, breathless and low, “I wanted… I think I love you.” He finally chose the words, but his blank mind could only choose so many in its state. Saphira smiled and took a moment to catch her breath.

“I think I love you too.”

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