When Love Turns Macabre

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“There you are.” A male voice said over Saphira.

“Mako!” She gasped, turning to the source with relief and joy marked plainly on her face. With realization, she covered her mouth. The man who caught her was not the reaper.

“Sorry, guess again.” Luxur chuckled. Sorei rolled his eyes and placed a hand on his hip. The divine and infernal towered over her. Sorei’s cold silver eyes studied her, Luxur’s molten gold tracking her as he dragged his tongue over his sharp teeth. Saphira stepped away from them, tears welling in her eyes.

“No I- p-please.” She begged.

“Ignore him. We’re just here to transport you.” Sorei said, taking her arms and pinning them to her back. Saphira struggled to pull away, getting her hand out to claw at the dirt. A pair of horses whinnied at her cries, the frantic nature of her movements spooking them. She panicked at the very idea.

“Struggling won’t make this any easier. Sit still.” He chastised, putting a knee to her back and tying her hands together. Saphira squirmed and cried out for Mako. Luxur laughed, tossing her over his shoulder and gripping her thigh.

“Stop it! Let me go!” She yelped.

“You’re too important. Aleera already isn’t fond of your kind, don’t make it any worse.” Sorei sighed, apathetically waving her gripes away. He balled his kerchief and shoved it into her mouth, muffling her screams. She tried to reach up, her arms hurt at her back, her jaw hurt from the gag. Luxur snickered and snapped his teeth at her.

“Keep holding us back, I want you to see what happens.” He chuckled. Saphira bundled her arms in her face, hoping to escape from the world. She already knew where this was headed. Sorei smacked the back of his brother’s head, giving him another disapproving shake.

“Just get her on the horse. We need to go.” He huffed. Luxur growled at the divine and tossed her onto one of the mounts. Sorei hopped onto the other horse’s back, leading the trio off. Luxur scowled at him, taking the reigns and walking his steed after him. Saphira kicked and tried to swing herself off. The horse startled, alerting Luxur to her attempts to escape. He climbed the beast and placed a hand on her back, pinning her.

“Quit it.” He growled. Saphira sobbed, her throat tightening with every unreleased scream. Luxur squinted at her, watching glowing shreds break from her and scatter in the woods. He hummed and whistled at Sorei.

“What.” He groaned sharply.

“Look at this,” Luxur muttered. Sorei whipped around with a sour glare, pausing and watching the shreds float off. He raised his brow.

“Hm… What is that? Some kind of magic?” Sorei said, nodding and cracking the reigns. The horses sped the last stretch to the castle gates. Once the oak sealed off Miano from the world outside, she knew she was done for.

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