When Love Turns Macabre

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An Audience

The castle town watched the trio race past. Some jeered at the obvious criminal without knowing her or what she did. Her tears hit the stone as the horse galloped. The demon and divine noticed the shreds never ceased, but as they slipped past the onlookers - sometimes landing on them - they were the only ones who could see it.

“That’s an interesting effect she has,” Sorei muttered. He wondered if the queen would be able to see them as well. They hit the inner castle gates and waited for the guards to let them in. Sorei turned to his brother, clearing his throat and grabbing his attention.

“Those things, the glowing ones? We should hold off on telling Aleera. I want to study them.” He suggested.

“Oh? I get you,” Luxur shook his head, “I’ll keep my lips sealed.” Sorei nodded in thanks. Saphira snorted in anger. The kidnapping two had a better grasp on trust than her savior did. Made her wonder if he even wanted her around. The gates finally allowed them in, the horses left at the castle doors while the inhuman pair carried in the spoils of their night.

Saphira was thrown onto the ground before the throne. She skidded on the carpet, her hoodie saving her skin from rug burns. Sorei and Luxur stood at either side of her. Luxur’s snickers filled the lamplit hall, the warmth of the fire cradling the few still remaining. The queen sniffed at the pathetic sight and tossed her hair over her shoulder.

“This… is the intruder? How did she get in without anyone noticing?” Aleera asked, covering her eyes in annoyance.

“It seems she had the aid of death. She herself isn’t entirely living.” Sorei explained.

“She wandered off and we found her all alone.” Luxur laughed. Aleera pressed her palm to her face, groaning and shaking her head. A mere mortal, a simple one at that, got through her ranks and escaped. She paused, raising her head.

“Why was death assisting her?” She asked.

“We are unsure exactly,” Sorei stated. The confidence in his tone hid the lie between him and Luxur. Saphira made feeble tugs at her restraints. The queen made a disgusted groan.

“Asinine. Send her to the dungeon. We will deal with the specifics of her kind and the parcel soon enough.” Aleera waved them off and placed her chin on her fist. Her palpable agitation sent the duo away almost immediately, dragging the woman behind them. She writhed, trying to get out of their grasp with no success.

Luxur bumped his shoulder into Sorei’s as they walked, the angel growing agitated while the demon chortled. Their low mutters continued without Saphira’s attention. She tried to focus on getting herself loose. She wrestled her arms at her back, flipping to her stomach as she was dragged.

Come on, think! Mako can’t help me now… nor do I want his help! How do I get out of this myself? Saphira whined into her gag, looking around frantically. The brothers were distracted, but their grip wasn’t going to slack with just some chatter. She squinted and kicked her legs, the claws digging into her calf answered the attempt.

Alright, that isn’t going to work. She huffed to herself. Luxur glanced over his shoulder, rolling his eyes.

“At this point, it’s just annoying.” He grumbled. Sorei dug into his pockets, retrieving a cigarette and lighting it between his lips.

“Yes. She can be dropped off here. I believe this one is empty.” Sorei said, a puff of smoke billowing as he spoke. Luxur waved the cloud away and threw her into the cage. He stifled a cough and pulled his ruffled shirt from under his armor, covering his mouth with it. They locked the cage and left a trail of smoke following them.

Saphira wrestled her arms out from behind her, looping them under her legs and ripping the gag out of her mouth. She coughed and wiped her mouth. She used her teeth to pull the knots out of the rope, releasing her hands from the binding.

“Jeez. Alright, now how do I get out of here?” Saphira muttered. The bars seemed to be in good shape. Tugging on them showed that they were still firm in the concrete. Brushing dirt and dust from crevices in the wall didn’t give her any further leads. She bit her knuckle and whined under breath.

This was turning out to be a bit harder than she expected. These cells were pretty well taken care of. Dirty, yes, but everything was repaired and high quality. She kicked at the bars, growling as the anger in her chest started to rise to a head. The exact source of her fury she couldn’t pinpoint. Mako, the captors, the unknown parcel, her imprisonment. Everything was just another punch in the face.

A large body eclipsed the small glimmer of light coming from the stairwell, casting a shadow into her cell. She froze, unable to get any details from the silhouette. The beading eyes glared at her as it passed, leaving her in the wake of her paralyzing fear. A woman pleaded down the hall, her cage clanging as he beat it warningly.

Saphira gulped, eyes darting the dungeons. No one was in the cages beside her. Odd. They were all in the rows further down. A morbid curiosity begged to wonder what lay at the end of the dungeon. What possibly awaited her.

She screamed in sorrowful anger, falling to her knees. She had to leave.

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