Maverick's Quest

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Malcolm has a genetic defect, could this be the reason why he is having such a hard time finding his mate. Everything about Malcolm is different some of the werewolf rules don't apply to him. When he meets Cadence Storm he finally finds his direction and meaning. There is only one problem with Cadence, She thinks she is the last or only one of her kind. Read further to find out what her secret is.

Fantasy / Romance
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Malcolm's whole world fell apart when it was revealed that he was not the next in line for the throne and he would not be mated to Chloe.

After the heart wrenching realisation, Malcolm heads home to lick his wounded heart and pride.

While at home his mother tells him a story of a pack from Italy. Malcolm takes this story and that's where he quest begins. Malcolm is determined to find his mate. And he can only hope the stories are real and his mate will be there.

Cadence believed she was the last of their breed. She was unique in many ways. Due to her unusual genetic markers she can only find a mate with the same markers and no one left in there small pack is her mate.
How unfair of the goddess to even have allowed such a breeding, to be left Mateless for an eternity. Cadence has resigned herself to being alone, until a stranger waltzes into her bar and turns her world upside down.

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