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It started in midsummer where magic rarely appears. A struggle between human and nature by combining man-made structures with Elementals, Charms, Flora and Fauna, all coexisting in a forced, urban manner. The only way you'll see is the Solitary Tree on a serene grassland alongside an old train railway. 5 Kingdoms, 4 Renoigs and 1 Diversity in a world called; HIRAWEI. It is only a matter of time before the human settlement expands above the surface or invades the water. What could be waiting for you in there? Do you ever come back in time? or you'll have to see, to discover. You destined your destination! welcome to your stop.

Fantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:

The Owl Phases: Prologue

“Where am I?” tanong ko sa aking sarili nung nahulog ako sa isang puno.

Nahihilo pa ako at di ko alam saang planeta ako bumagsak.

Basta naalala ko lang.. nung hinawakan ko yung puno pagkatapos nun ay may umilaw na parang sinag ng araw na sinusunod ang pattern na mahahalintulad ng isang simbolo, I tried to figure it out but suddenly there was a hole making bigger and bigger and just I realize it was a way to the bottom like an opening, I felt the ground is shaking and suddenly I slipped all the way down then landed on a cement platform.

“A-aray! a-ang sakit ng likod kooo” hinawakan ko ang aking likod at ulo dahil sa sakit na naramdaman sa pagkabagsak ko. Namimilipit ako sa sakit nito. Putcha! tumitindi lng ang sakit ng aking ulo ko sa kakaisip eh!

Nilibot ko ang aking paningin sa lugar kung saan ako ngayon. The place seems like an abandon underground tunnel. Naghahanap ako ng posibleng labasan pero wala akong makita “Morgan! You need to think of something way out of here” tanong ko sa sarili ko habang nag iisip kung ano ang gagawin.

I was at the edge from where I fell for, above mine is the huge tree roots and a small hole where I guess dyan ako nanggaling. The whole place was covered with ivy leaves, huge roots through the old walls even also in the ceiling. Bushes and dry leaves all over the corner coating the place in centuries. The cement pathway making it look like muddy because of tree roots. I continue to find a possible way out, may naaninag akong ilaw sa dulo pa norte kung galing sa pwesto ko, I follow the light and slowly walking to the small pathway. My heartbeat drums so fast making it faster and louder because of the additional tension and creepy for I don’t know what reason of this place. Hinawi ko ang mga nagtataasang ivy leaves na malakurtina ang style habang sinusundan ang galing ng maliit ng liwanag until the light gets clearer doon ko napagtanto na may pintuan pala. An old door with the small keyhole which the light cames from, I look closely.

“Weird..” as said to myself. Paanong may pintuan dito sa ganitong lugar? Nakapagtataka lang. Habang papalapit ako sa pintuan na pinalibutan ng mga dahon. Kinakabahan ako kung ano man ang susunod na mangyayari. I just felt so really weird literally mixed emotions, kinakabahan na parang natatakot lol I just wanna get out of here as soon as I can.

Sinubukan kong katukin ang pintuan ngunit nag sparkle ito na may sinusunod na pattern, isang pattern ng buwan.. a crescent moon to be exact there’s also writings but I can’t figure it out kasi di ko alam anong lingguwahe ang ginamit. The light fades at bumukas nalang ng biglaan ang pinto.

Nagdadalawang isip ako kung ano ang tiyak na mangyayari sakin kung papasok ba ako dito o mamatay but there’s something in there that keeps bothering me, is it curiosity? I guess so.

Pinasok ko na ang pintuan at papasok pala ako sa isang mala tunnel na pinalibot ng dahon kagaya nung kanina “Sana labasan na nga ito” naglakad ako ng naglakad ng biglang may suminag na liwanag sa dulo ng tunnel and excesses brightness of the light is blocking my vision. Di ko pa maaninag kung saan na ako ngayon, kinukurot ko ang aking mga mata upang maibalik ang aking paningin, nag a-adjust pa ang aking mga mata para ma klaro ang lugar na nilabasan ko.

Nakalabas na pala ako pero...

“W-where the heck am I? What is this place?”

Nilibot ko ang aking paningin sa panibagong lugar na napasukan ko, tiyak na ikinagugulat ko nung lumingon ako sa pinangalingan ko ngunit isang puno ang nandoon.


It shouldn’t be! I was just out on a tunnel! there’s no way I came out on that tree!

A/N: Hi, if you’re currently reading at this moment I just wanna say thank you for taking a glimpse of this crap story of mine. I already warned you in the disclaimer for some matter of fact as an aspiring writer or might as called myself to write to escape, expect the grammatical errors and such. If you’re not interested and make such hate comments then I’m gladly accepted it to become better and if you continue I might as well keep an eye on you, try me. Muli nating buksan ang ating isipan sa lugar kung saan ang imahinasyon ang ating pinapagana at ang nararamdaman para tuklasin ang mga nagdaang teorya. Enjoy reading!

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