Joy Ride

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There is a mysterious bus that only comes once a year and it is said to take you to your dreams and you have 30 seconds to board it and Annabelle (Anne) is determined to get on it to get away from her abusive parents and her school bullies and get on the Joy Ride.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Joy Ride

I had yet another terrible dream where I wake up screaming and I don’t a hug or any kind of comfort from my parents instead I get a lecture and a slap across the face. School wasn’t any better I had absolutely no friends only enemies that try to beat me up but all of them end with a bruise or two somewhere all I get is a detention slip but worth knowing that I won the fight. My parents Mr. and Mrs. Callagan seem to love getting calls from my principal so that will have some excuse to call me a disappointment. Of course I don’t care. I have 2 weeks,14 days, 336 hours, 20,160 minutes, 1,209,600 seconds. Or just 2 weeks to get ready for the bus we call the Joy Ride that supposedly takes you to your dream.........…whatever it is. I have no idea what it will be like for me because all my dreams are nightmares. Let’s go.

My name is Annabelle Maria Callagan and getting on the Joy Ride is the the one thing I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember. People call me Anne or at least I tell them to call me Anne. Anne was what my Grandma used to call me. She’s not dead but my parents forbade me to see her after she tried to call the police to inform them about how my parents were treating me. But I have to start getting ready first I start by packing my favorite outfits which I wear all the time so my parents will probably notice that I’m not wearing them and I’m saving them for something more important to me than they will ever be to me. But they will probably notice but they won’t care they don’t care about anything including me that’s why I’m leaving them.

I have my clothes packed, most of my favorite stuff, and I’ll save food til’ the last 2 or 3 days. I’m 12 years old and still have to go to school. It’s not that big of a problem since I can handle all the bullies.

“Look who’s back,”one girl whispered. “I can hear you,”I whispered back. You’re back too and nobody whispered about it. She fell silent knowing that she had no comeback prepared for my answer. I was so proud of myself as I usually was. Even though I hate school there still a little victory in it.

The Joy Ride comes on September 15th and it’s September 1rst so again I have 2 weeks but I’ve already started and have plenty of time……right?
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