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Blizz was a rouge the minute she was born. She was abbonded forced to survive on her own She was attacked, chased, and broken by the packs. Until she wondered into the edge of Golden Lake pack. She and Wryder thought well she thought they would live happy forever. Little did she know her life was no where near a happy ever after

Fantasy / Romance
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☆Blizz's POV☆

Blizz padds forward. Me and my wolf were tired. I panted as I wandered the edge of the evergreen forest. I saw a flash of gray and black fur from the corner of my eye.

I snaps around to face my attackers. A Black wolf stood in front of me with bright bloodthirsty golden eyes rimmed with white. Behind him a gray female and male with light gray fur and black patches. The black wolf bared his teeth then WHAM!

It hit me like a boulder. The entoxicating smell of the mountains and oak trees. I stumbled back and looked up to see the black wolf had tumbled into the other two wolves. I stand up and peer into the black wolf's eyes. Fury shined in his eyes. He stands up and barked at the other two wolves, "Stand up!"

He turns to me and growls, "Who and why are here?!"

His voiced sounded like what a fly trap would sound like. Nice but fierce. I stand tall and stare him in the eyes. "I am Blizz, and I smell no scent markers around this area that make this territory yours!" I snap back at him.

His face softens but his eye were still blazing. He steps forward and stands right in front of me. He was about my hieght but since I was a purebred Alpha I was big for a female wolf.


This is my 1st book in inkitt so the chapters may be short or not very good. Be honest and do tell me if what you think and what I am improve on.

- Thank you :3

Dedicated to @Tinkerbelleleonhardt

For insipering me for writing books for Inkitt

Go check her out

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