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He left.....now ge is back

☆Blizz's POV☆

I was taken aback by his words. "I-I ummmm"

"Shhhhh White", He says putting paw on my snout.

I pushed it away furious. "I have a name you know!", I bark back at him

He huffs and turns to the other two wolves. "Alert the Alpha that we have a newco-" before he could finish I scrream at them, "No! I refuse to set a foot on your teritory! And I for sure will not go to your packhouse!". He turns to look at me and his eyes showed sorrow. "Well then.....I will return"

I was suprised he would leave so quickly.

A few hours later

I had decided to sleep under a birch tree a couple meters from were I had the encounter with the wolves. I felt a nawing need to race into the teritory and find my mate, but I was unwanted and certaintly unwelcome.

I lay my head down and when I heard quick pawsteps in front of me. I lift my head to see a tiny black speck within the trees. I flick my ears and my stomach churns. I shift back to human form. My white hair falling down to mid back in perfect waves. My unnatural blue eyes reflected the moonlight. I wore a white and gray striped T-shirt with black yoga shorts and a black hoody tied around my waist. My pale nature skin didnt show a least bit of tan. I was thin with slight curves.

Finnally the black wolf arived. He too shifted to his human form. He wore Black pants with a dark gray shirt. He wore Black converse sneakers. He was perfect. His muscles were look stong. He was tall with spiked black hair. His golden eyes stared at me. He unlike me had a light tan. He sat down.

"Why are you here?", I ask curiously. He seemed to be fine with leaving earlyer now he here he was. "I left the pack", I gasped at his words. He turned towards me with eyes of a liar. Something I never noticed...

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