Drop of water

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Irene is a very intelligent siren she noticed her mother constantly going on land. She heard myths about land being bad and humans will try to hunt you. But one day a human hurts her mother and Irene goes on land and investigates.

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

The water is empty, cold and deep. Irene glides her way up to the surface of the water. Her head pops out of the water and a bright light smacks her face from the morning sun. Her mother was standing on the golden sand. She was singing to a man- human. For once she was happy, singing made her happy, humans made her happy. “Mother.” I said. “Irene I would like you to meet Harold my soulmate, the love of my life”. Said mother shooting a flirtatious look at Harold. I swim till I meet the sand and transform into a bare naked human. “Hi Irene”. Said Harold. Then out of no where he pulls a knife out of his pocket and stabs her in the back. I scream as she falls to the sand. Harold runs off into the woods. I knew humans were never safe. I run to the sand and pick up my mother and bring her in the water, she automatically transforms into a siren again. I go under to warn the other sirens about the human. They took my mother and buried her deep in the sand. I stayed tough and did not cry instead I went to explore land

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