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A psychopath falls in love with a news reporter, who is an intern at a news station, he escapes prison to act on his feeling and see if she feels the same way. Fine out what happens in the end.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Meeting

Nobody knew who he truly was. How could they? He was a man to be feared, he would kill you without thinking twice. He doesn't care about humans, He has no feeling. His name is Leon, he a psychopath, finds no joy or no pain in death. The people that he killed did him wrong. I'm not saying any of those things deserve death but what's it to a psychopath. My name is Sonia and this is my story of the Love of Murder.

I work in a writing business where we have to do interviews and etc. I guess you can call it the news. My dream one day is to be an exceptional reporter. To tell people what to do for me and have my name fear, but right now I am just an intern at SBC. I run around like a headless chicken being told what to do. I get payed pretty well that's why I stay with it and don't really have alot of friends. I work for Toni Magame, she's the #1 in the business, you think I'm lucky but she is pure evil. Anyway, it's time for the meeting as everyone sat down. She went off rambling like usually and then she started putting task out for people to get down. One of them was the interviewing with Leon Ditos the most dangerous man in the country.

Toni- Ok who going to do the interview ( Nobody raises there hand) Aaron, you do it.

Aaron- I got to go to a wedding, remember!

Toni- Oh yeah, Naka what about you?

Naka- I got the Olympics interview to do.

Toni- Ok I guess it goes to you Sonia and I won't take no for an answer.

Sonia- Yes miss Toni

Toni- I will have his back story on my desk tomorrow morning; a long with a prison pass

Sonia- Yes

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