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Nina Hannabel Wanjiru commonly known as Nina holds a component that can change the direction of the whole world... that is if she can change her outlook of how she has been lived her life...or someone she thought she would not ever see again comes crashing to her. Theo Finn, a loyal solider and second in command to CT finds out that the love of this life was taken away from him, loyalty is tested and the only thing that is left is...time. Time waits for no one...

Fantasy / Action
Edna Valentine
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10 years ago...

“Nina, come with me...come play with me...come and play hide and seek.....”

“No Alvin, We have to help your parents in the preparation for Christmas. This is my favourite time of the year, in fact, I have a very enticing gift from yours truly...” Nina smirked at him with her hands crossed.

Alvin looked at his best friend with a calculating eye. They were both 15 years, but at times it seemed that Nina was much older in her little mind. At 5 feet, Nina had curly dirty blond hair which at the moment was braided into two plaits, her copper skin which at times looked like it glowed, almond eyes that he was sure that can melt hearts and pink pouty kissable li...

Why am I thinking of that?!! Alvin gave himself a mental slap on his forehead. Nina is like my sister. She could not notice someone like me. He was not as tall around 5.5 feet, a very lanky boy with copper-red hair that reached his ears WITH FRECKLES. That is a major turn off for most girls I have met.

"Nina...” Alvin sighs but before he realizes, he is dragged half-way towards a big pine tree. The winter season was in its peak all through thanksgiving but today a speck of the sun’s orb caressed Atlanta with a warmth that people came out of their homes. After a while, they reached and sat under the tree panting after a tiring match in knee-high snow and gave Alvin a reproachful stare.

Nina did not have a good relationship with her parents for quite some time. Most of the time her parents traveled around the world due to “work” but they were rarely there for their daughter. Though he did want to ask her how she felt about it, he knew Nina. She didn’t like anyone pushing her to talk about herself but if she wanted to talk about it, he will be there for her to vent about it.

Alvin ignored her, stood up, and softly pushed Nina up with a tight hold on her soft hands and said " As the oldest and far much experienced, you should listen to me. Hide and seek has been our game since we met each other 3 years ago. Why are you so grumpy and stubborn with me? We should be a strong team......”

“What if this is not what I want?” Nina retorted immediately. “Come, let me take you somewhere that will be more exciting.” Alvin looked into her almost black-brown eyes and knew she was very serious. He swore he would ever let go of Nina and never let her down. Even though Nina was six months younger, he felt like she was her little sister; being protective of her even if she was capable of handling herself at her age. “Fine. Lead the way, Oh Master.” Alvin muttered while mumbling incoherent words that Nina could not hear.

Nina led the way towards a small opening in the field where there were always some strange shouts; more like commands every morning. The area looked more deserted than occupied and 4 fierce-looking German Shepherd dogs barked 24/7. A chill ran through Alvin’s entire body as he remembered what his parents always told him “Never leave the field towards the hellhole, you will get sucked and your brain will be taken” though exaggerated he knew that his parents were not joking about the compound.

Nina was curious to know what went on in that compound ever since the occupant of the house moved in. Was he a sergeant? Was he a pastor? Did he fly wherever he wanted? So may innocent questions ran through her mind as she moved closer to the opening. Looking back, she saw Alvin a bit frightened and scared since she was told by him about the crazy stories plus adding salt to the wound, the rumors present around the town, but the thrill of not knowing was who Nina was; she could not change that about herself. That was always led Nina into big trouble mostly with her parents.

They care about nothing for me, that is why. She sighed as she thought of her so-called family.

They reached the small opening and started peeking. What they saw sent some lightning bolts in their little bodies. The compound was not covered in snow. That was completely confusing since it was the winter season and snow was prevalent. Secondly, there was a garden present, on the right side of the compound which had various fruits and nuts that they had never seen and were not found in this part of the US. Alvin and Nina stared at the garden with much owe that their eyes could see and practically drooled over the fruits when suddenly Nina crawled inside the compound. Alvin stopped her by her ankles of which Nina gave out a sudden yelp since he was very strong at a very young age.

“What are you doing?!!” Alvin whisper-yelled.

“What does it look like am doing? I am going to get some of those fruits over there. they look so sweet and they could add as an extra treat for Christmas especially those big green fruits” Nina stated as she drooled over the choko fruit

“But what if you are caught by the owner of the house?”

“They will never catch me. Did I think you already knew that? I will puppy-face them and if it doesn’t work I will fight if they dare touch me.”

“I don’t like this plan at all...Please don’t go inside...” Alvin pleaded to Nina as he pulled her back on all fours.

Nina saw some raw emotion in Alvin’s emerald eyes that she had never seen them before and her heartbeat spiked up a bit. He looked so worried for her until she quickly crawled towards Alvin and without thinking planted an awkward kiss on his pale pink chapped lips and immediately left him in the field as she quickly headed her way inside the forbidden compound.

Things will never be the same for Nina and Alvin.

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