Rise of Almighty

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Henry got kidnapped

The funeral was completed in no time, Henry stood under a tree thinking about the time he spent with Timmy.

"He passed away, I know it hurts but you have to move on"

A delicate hand circled around Henry's neck from the back,

"Keep the distance , Miss March Butterfly "

Henry jerked, as he put some distance between himself and March Butterfly

"Oops, Sorry by the way this grandma wants her dress back"

March Butterfly opened up as he put some distance between herself and Henry

"Oh..so that's the reason you have come here"

Henry pretended to not hear the word "grandma" at all.

"That's one of the reason,actually my master wants to have a meet with you"


Henry pondered.

Looking at the silhouette who lost in his thoughts, March Butterfly asked

"What are you thinking?".

"I am thinking about your master,how beautiful could she be?"

Henry replied.

"you pervert!!!!,my master is a man"

March Butterfly remembered that he is the same pervert who roamed naked and he is not sad.

"Don't you got shame?you learn from male master"

Henry refused take the insult.

"What's wrong in it, I just learn from him and nothing more than that"

March Butterfly

"Really?,have you ever thought of kissing him?"


March Butterfly's face turned red as she couldn't find any words to reply.

"Ha ha..ha...look at you, you are blushing"

Henry continued to tease her.

"Shut up, I will kill you"

March Butterfly drew out her bow,

Seeing the bow Henry remembered the day when he was being hunted by the beauty who currently stood in front of him.

"Don't take it seriously, I was just kidding "

Henry reasoned.

"I am also kidding "

As she said, she held bow towards Henry and put an arrow in it, her hand pulled the string


The arrow flew out, it moved towards Henry

"F***k, I swear that I won't try to tease this woman again"

Henry regretted teasing March Butterfly, while Henry was still in regrets, the arrow did not hit him instead it flew past by his head.


the arrow did not hit Henry not anything.

Henry thought that he was lucky that match butterfly is not serious, he kept his hopes up for the mercy but when he heard.

"Get down"

Henry dazed for a while then he sat down in no time.


With a streak, an enormous eagle failed to grab Henry with it's claws.


The eagle came back again trying grab Henry, this time Henry dodged to his right side.

At the same time


An arrow hit it's neck,


The eagle screamed loudly and the area of next where the arrow hit it began to freeze


The eagle began emitting a black smoke then an unbelievable thing happened.

Amidst of black smoke, the eagle disappeared and in its place, a giant gorilla appeared.

Meanwhile, Henry ran some far away and hid on the back of a big rock while observing the them.

March Butterfly felt shock and also Henry.


but the gorilla did give enough chance to March Butterfly to stay in shock,it charged at her.

The commotion from the bird was heard by the villagers and the guests from the city, people approached the scene

"Breaking News"

"A giant gorilla found at Lost Tomb village "

"Currently battle master March Butterfly is engaging with it, she is known as the third strongest battle master in the Palamuru city and also she is a part of team Sahara which recently defeated a guardian"

News and headlines began to transmit from different communication channels.


The gorilla lifted it's hand tried to grab March Butterfly but March Butterfly anticipated it and able to avoid the hand.

March Butterfly put multiple arrows into her bow and fired them at the same time towards Gorilla

There were 3 different arrows, one moving at gorilla's face, other at it's feet and the last at the retreating palm.

The air pressure around the arrow moving towards the palm increased and it dashed towards palm at fastest speed possible.


blood flowed out,the arrow hit the palm and also forced the gorilla to loose balance and made to retreat by lifting one of his legs.

When gorilla about to regain balance, an arrow struck his foot while emitting flames.


The gorilla cried out


The last arrow hit the gorilla's jaw inside the mouth


Gorilla's mouth began to freeze soon it's mouth froze and also the body began to emit icy aura.

"Did you guys see that?It's Unbelievable that giant gorilla got defeated"

"Nothing less can be expected from the strongest battle master of the city"

"Poor gorilla, it seems to hit the rock"

Various channels streamed live with different headlines.

As the people began to celebrate, the half frozen gorilla began to emit black colored smoke.

"What is happening?"

"Where does black smoke comes from?"

The onlookers bewildered.

"Not again"

March Butterfly drew another arrow and fired immediately at the gorilla.


The arrow passed through the black smoke and hit something hard.

In place of gorilla, a large turtle shell can be seen.

"A turtle, where did gorilla go?"

"No...looks like the gorilla transformed into a turtle"

The observers formed their own beliefs regarding appearance of turtle and disappearance of gorilla.

March Butterfly wiped out sweat on her forehead, she was irritated but also relaxed as turtle can only defend but she did not expect the next moment the turtle turning into a swarm of mosquitoes without black smoke.

"There is not turtle, there are mosqui..."

Before reporters could finish their sentences, mosquitoes charged at them.


The mosquitoes covered the all the viewers and began biting them.


There were kids who could not take even a single bite but now their whole body was being bitten by bunch of mosquitoes.

Even March Butterfly was not in any good condition she was able to kill some mosquitoes with her fire arrows but could not completely eradicate them and landed in similar situation as others.

Seeing the awful situation, Henry stopped hiding and shouted

"If you are here for me, please don't harm anyone, I will cooperate."

The swarm of mosquitoes stopped biting and gathered together in front of Henry.

"Brother Henry, don't go.."

Zen who was among the crowd and was standing next to Ivar shouted.

Hearing the loud shout,"Can you wait a moment"

Henry requested the swarm of mosquitoes. without expecting mosquitoes reply, Henry walked towards the little devils

"Don't worry, this brother will go and come back in no time"

"and Ivar, you better learn to be a little social by the time I return "

Henry assured them and walked towards the mosquitoes and said "I am ready"

Black smoke started to be released from the mosquitoes


The mosquitoes turned into the giant eagle and with it's claws it grabbed Henry and flew away.

"Reporting!!! March Butterfly got defeated"

"Expert Henry volunteered himself for saving others"

Various headlines could be seen in various channels and there was a particular headline in a news channel which attracted masses

"Henry got kidnapped"

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